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Keep us posted, littlest birds!
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Thanks, guys!  More of the same today.  High temp, closed cervix, fat boobs, not quite late for AF yet.  Still giddy feeling.  12dpo and I'm thinking of testing sunday.

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Littlest Birds!!! It is so nice to see you! I totally get wanting to come over here to talk about it! I think it sounds really good. I am hoping to see you over here and have you be my pregnancy buddy!

It just happened for me after 2.5 yrs. So it CAN happen! I am hoping Sunday is THE day!!!


AFM, I have had 3 instances of spotting (brown), that have scared me half to death. However, nothing since Tuesday, so I'm just holding on for dear life over here, and praying that everything is going to be ok. I'm still nauseous. I am basically resting as much as possible. When I start to feel crampy, I lie down. It's just scary. I am almost to the point where I was at when I lost the last one. Of course, I don't know if I will feel much better about things until after 12 weeks. I think after my first ultrasound that will help too, if it is all good news. I guess I'm saying, pray for me girls!!!

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That would be so delightful lilmom... I do hope we both make it to that point, though it's certainly feeling less likely for me.  I did just read an old thread by ladies who had some spotting or bleeding and it turned out okay.  We know it happens--but seeing blood is so disappointing and scary.  Fingers crossed for you. 


I have also been spotting.  All pinkish to a little red in color.  Not really normal for me for AF but it probably is after all.  I was feeling so sure since I had spots at 10dpo and then nothing more and made it to 13dpo.  My temp is down slightly today though still quite high, my cervix is still closed but I am spotting anyway.  AF would usually come yesterday or today.  I felt like my body gave me a BFP already it seemed that clear to me.  (Gullible! LOL)   So for some reason my cervix is even now very different than the many other cycles I've monitored it, but I am pretty sure I'm out.  Maybe my cervix is a little swollen or irritated (and that's why I am only spotting instead of starting because it's not open enough yet), maybe I had a low-grade fever, maybe my progesterone was a little higher than usual.  I will always think it's likely to have been an early loss but I'll never be sure.


I'll still test if I have a high temp  and no AF but I am expecting to be brokenheart.gif tomorrow with both a low temp and full AF with no need to face a little blank white test window as well.  Anyhow, thanks for the support and kindness, gals! 

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Oh, Littlest Birds! I'm so sorry. I hope everything will take a turn for the better tomorrow. Let us know the results of your test! It is so awful to have that feeling of just *knowing* something was going on and now it isn't, and not really knowing. But I really hope it is your time. Hang in there, either way.



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Originally Posted by lavatea View Post


I have one! Our little girl (4 weeks old) rolled over for the first time yesterday. smile.gif She's eating well and is already up to 4kg (from just over 3kg at birth).


Anyone else?

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Wow, sweet.bee - rolling over already?? Sounds like she's a nice chubby baby, too!


AFM, had my second mw visit last Friday, and baby is doing great! Strong heartbeat, tummy growing like it should, gained a bit of the weight I lost earlier back. I just passed the 13-week mark, so I'm feeling a lot more confident about this pregnancy. We announced it to the world on Saturday, which has been fun. I still throw up every morning, but I usually feel better later in the day. Hoping to some day get past that point!

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Lilmom, how are you?

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Hey y'all, it's true I was in fact out.  Reminded how much I wanted this :(   What a bad day that was for me.  Sorry to crash the thread with my OT TTC TWW stuff.  You're truly great gals!


Lilmom, I very much hope your little bean is sticking with you.  I loved reading that you had a BFP after 2.5 years.  It does make it feel so special, and ready to perhaps forgive the universe for making your journey so long after all.  I felt a taste of that long-awaited joy and I want desperately for you to have it.  Be well, BSLs.  May your futures be filled with all the best blessings. 

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littlest birds- I'm so sorry. I hope it happens for you soon!


rcr- I'm hanging in there. So far my bean is still with me. I go in a week from today and I think they will date the pregnancy and do an ultrasound. So, I can hardly stand the wait right now. I don't feel as sick as I did with my DS and that sort of scares me. I'll feel better after I see the doc. I'm trying to take it pretty easy. My DS was sick today and I'm praying I do not get it!!!! I'm just trying to hold it together I guess. I think I'm 5wks 5 days today, so I am officially past the point where I lost the last one. But still scared!!! It's so early. I haven't had any more spotting though or anything to make me freak out, I just want it to be ok so much.



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littlest birds - Sorry you are out. :(


lilmom - Still hoping and praying for you! I think being sick at all is a good sign! Hoping for good news next week!

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Fly by stalking to check on y'all...

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Hello Ladies

Monkey- Yeah for passing the 13 week mark.  It is a relief to get past that first trimester.

Lilmom-glad your bean is sticking!

Sweet.Bee and Lavatea-Hope all is going wonderful with your little ones.

Littlest Birds-sorrygreensad.gif  We will keep sending you dust.gif

Hi Milkshake!  Hope life is good with you.



20 week ultrasound showed we have another little girl on the way.  She's developing well, but she didn't want to cooperate with all the additional pics they wanted since I am over 35.  My DD turned 6 on Tuesday.  She is over the moon about having a baby sister.  We are having a Bday party tomorrow at a park so I hope the weather holds.  We are also in the process of moving, so every day we are not working, we are working on the new house.  Life has been incredibly busy, which, all in all, is good for me because I have less time to be anxious about my growing LO.  She is moving a lot now and that is a big comfort.


Hugs to you all.grouphug.gif


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Sweet.Bee: So cool she has already been able to roll. AND is chubbing up beautifully! (I love squishy babies.)


monkeyscience: I'm glad the baby is growing well and that you are feeling confident. Maybe the vomiting will one day stop? One can only dream . . .


littlest birds: hug.gif


lilmom: Hang in there--it's all really scary, isn't it? But don't be too freaked over spotting: I had a bout of spotting at 11 weeks, horrible bleeding at 13 weeks, and the spotting from that just stopped Monday, and today (16 weeks) I started spotting again, very faintly. It's been different all three times, but it's always been ok. The first two times I had ultrasounds immediately and the babies were bouncing around like crazy, and today I can still feel both babies moving. The doctor's office today when I called said that a little spotting was totally and completely normal, from stretching, from over-doing, or from cervical changes. So definitely try to relax between now and your appointment. (And yeah, right, sure you will, I know. But still, try.)


Hi, Milk8shake! I hope you are doing well.


CA Country Girl: Congrats on the little girl! And on the big, six-year-old one, too. You've made it halfway!


AFM: 16 weeks today. I've been feeling small movements for the last couple of weeks, and now I know that they are for sure baby movements, since they've gotten stronger. Also, there are occasional thumps that can be felt from the outside. So that's pretty cool.

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SweetBee - Glad your little one is doing so well.

Monkey, welcome to the second trimester. I wish the whole pregnancy could be like the second trimester.

Littlest, sorry about the false hopes. No need to apologise, we all get it. goodvibes.gif for you, and rcr, and Milkshake.

lilmom - Not that I have personal experience, but I understand that different pregnancies in the same woman are often very different. I don't think feeling better than your last one means anything. I know it's impossible not to worry though.

Kinza - I loved that part, feeling movements all the time is so reassuring.

CCG - Congrats on the girl!

AFM - 36.5 weeks, term in 4 days. Yikes. I finished up my contract for work yesterday, so that's a load off my back. They might still ask for some corrections, but I can stop worrying about baby coming early and making me miss the deadline. The last part of the prenatal class is today. I'm not learning a lot since I've done so much research already, but I'm glad DH is learning it too now. No pregnancy news really, just I'm really uncomfortable and can't sleep. Just waiting to see when he will arrive.

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Kyamo, you look so cute (and also like your lungs are squished).

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CCG- Congrats on another girl! That is so cute that your DD is really excited for her to come. I think my DS is going to be absolutely thrilled when we tell him.


Kinza- oh my goodness, I am sorry you've had so much spotting/bleeding, but SO glad everything is ok. It is really such a comfort to feel those babies moving around in there! I am just a nervous wreck. I am trying to not worry but it is not easy right now not to! I can really tell when I overdo it, which sadly, doesn't take much. Thanks for the encouragement! I will definitely keep everyone posted on Thursday!


Milkshake- blowkiss.gif hope everything is going ok!


Kyamo- you look fantastic! You're sooo close!! I'm so excited for you. I've always heard first babies usually come late. (It wasn't true for me though.) But nearly everyone I know went to their DD or beyond with their first. Unless you are already dilating and contracting? With DS, I was dilated to a 2 at my 36 wk appt and then had him at 37 wks. He was just ready. Oh also, my mom keeps telling me the same thing about different pregnancies in the same woman. Apparently she was insanely sick with me, the oldest, and then not really sick with the others. So hopefully I'm just taking after her in that way.


Has anyone heard from LTB? LTB- are you ok? Thinking of you.





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Thanks for thinking about me, lilmom. Here I am, with not much to report. (I am very excited for you, thinking of when you tell your son. Our dd was so happy she cried.) I am 21 weeks now and feeling quite well.


The only problem is that I am becoming rather obese. Knowing that I managed to gain 20 lbs last time while nursing tons is making this harder than it would be otherwise. I am rather upset about how much I have to watch my eating (always had, since childhood), having many friends who eat what I would like and lose all the pregnancy weight right away and never gain outside of pregnancies. This is rather depressing, to be honest. I am happy to be on thyroid meds, but wish I had been given better genes when it comes to that. My mom and aunt are also hypo. That's about it here... Blessed to have got this far along!

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Originally Posted by lilmom View Post

I've always heard first babies usually come late. (It wasn't true for me though.) But nearly everyone I know went to their DD or beyond with their first. Unless you are already dilating and contracting? With DS, I was dilated to a 2 at my 36 wk appt and then had him at 37 wks. He was just ready.

Yeah I know I'm likely to go past due date, but I also know I can't assume that will definitely happen. Dilating and contracting? I have no idea about dilation. My midwife doesn't check that until labour, and I can't reach my cervix anymore. My vagina is a lot longer now than it is while not pregnant for some reason. For contractions, I have BH contractions, but I have had those since around 20 weeks so I don't think they mean anything.
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