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6.5 year old boy and Christmas ideas needed

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My kiddo doesn't really have any major wishes for Christmas which is great but I'm feeling rather stuck. We are not really a Toys r Us type family-

Any great suggestions? He's over legos and playmobile. more into rockets, robots, space, board games and he loves dogs.

What are you giving your 6.5 year old??

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Does he have any interest in, or need for, a new bike, scooter, etc?  Or something wintery like a pair of skates, cool sled, etc?


What about a membership to the science museum (if you have one where you live).

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Stomp rockets were big hit around here at that age.


What about sports or outdoor equipment? Rollerblades, scooters, baseball gloves, nerf football/basketball, stilts


There are a few science kits that he could do that would be fun. Make sure they're age appropriate though, as some of them really are geared at older kids, and it's not much fun if they can't do them themselves.


Board games are a good choice: My son liked :Cranium Cadoo, Sorry, Monopoly Jr., and some of the Family Pastime games (sorry can't remember which). It's a good age to introduce checkers or chess if he might be interested. (Our son wasn't.)


Would he be interested in a marble run?


Kids this age often like 'projects' they can do  -- building a bird house, painting a plate, weaving, etc.





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Maybe Hexbugs would work for your DS?  Or a build-your-own soda can bug kit?  It "walks" by vibrating, and can be a little loud.


My 6.5yo DS isn't yet over his Lego fixation, so he'll be getting more of those this Christmas, as well as a Sid the Science Kid DVD, a book, at least one game (probably Bingo, but maybe Chutes and Ladders), a Nerf-style foam dart gun w/ target/dart board, a clearanced Wii game, a slinky, and a sled (unless we get lots of snow before Xmas, and then we'll give it to him early).


Board games we already have that DS enjoys:  Battleship, Sorry Sliders, Monopoly, Rush Hour Jr, Yahtzee!, Chess, Mancala

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Mine wants Pokemon stuff.  He is getting a Ripstick for Easter since we won't spend much of winter outside-too cold and rainy.  Other than that he wants video games.  I may get him a few harder jigsw puzzles and some more art supplies.

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Science kits?  R/C vehicles?  We liked KidGalaxy brand "Morphibians" because they could drive through puddles.  Tons of fun.  My son loved things like marble runs, too.

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My 7 year old has just started reading some of the horrible history books. There is a horrible science series too. I haven't read any of them but they could be worth a look.

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I'm giving my just-turned 7 y.o. nephew a set of Snap Circuits.


The manufacturer recommends them for ages 8 and up, but he likes science kits and automated stuff. I figure his parents can help him at first to build some of the projects and as he plays with it, he may become more interested in learning the electronics. 

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