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I got a Boba Carrier!

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So, I'm waaay up here in Canada but I managed to take part in some of your black friday shenanigans. I got this Boba for 65 bucks! That's a steal! joy.gif


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Great deal! Is that the G3 one? Where did you get it from?

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Sweet!  I'm jealous!

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YAY! congrats!

We were able to use a Black Friday coupon to buy the infant insert for our Ergo. Couldn't be happier with the price. redface.gif

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Is the Boba better than the Ergo, or are they comparable? I have the Ergo on our registry, but I'd like to go down to Goore's (baby & kid's store) to try on some different models. It helped a lot last time to figure out what we wanted.
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I guess it depends who you ask. Ergo is up there among the catillacs of all carriers. But I know a lot of people who love their Boba.

This is not the g3. Either g2 or original, I forget.


The site I got it from is bippydiapers.com. Looks like they still have their sale on but I got the last one that was $65.

She's also throwing in a free gift (I'm getting a pocket diaper, but there are 3 other options,) and if you find her hidden coupon code you can get 5% off.

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I have an Ergo and a Beco (another soft-structured carrier like Ergo and Boba). If you have the opportunity to try them on in person that is best, especially if you are very tall, very short very petite or big busted. Though the basic structure is the same, there are some differences in rise and thickness of the straps that can make one or the other more comfortable depending on the body type. 

And then there are price and style differences (and extra non-critical features), of course, but no matter which one you pick, I'm sure you'll love it!

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I used a ring sling when DD was tiny and didn't buy the Ergo until she was over a year. So we really haven't used it too much. But it is very comfortable. That said, bought a Boba when Zuily had them on sale a while ago but haven't really used it yet. I think it's all personal preference. Each child/parent will like something different. DH loved the Bjorn which I absolutely hated. He hated the ring sling that I loved and used until I really couldn't do it anymore. Try them both out and see what you like.

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DDCC from April to say that i've heard the Boba has a taller back, which would be nice for a taller toddler who likes to try to flip herself out backwards.  I'm totally jealous, OP!



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Haha thanks! I'm 5'9 so that's great if the boba fits taller women better.

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i have a boba and an ergo. they are both really nice. the ergo seems to have slightly thicker padding on the shoulders and the pocket was awesome. my ergo was my errands carrier b/c of the pocket. it stays in the van and i still use it with my 2 yo. the boba is great too. i got it last winter when they were on sale at zulily. my DH likes it better than the ergo. he is 6ft tall. the higher back makes it more comfy IMO than the ergo once your LO gets a certain height. the boba also has the foot stirrups, but my LO never used them. i don't think you can go wrong with either of them. if the boba had a pocket, i would recommend it over the ergo b/c it fits better once you are carrying a 12-18 month old. HTH! 

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