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Okay, these names are "way out there", but I frickin' love em. I want opinions and suggestions,...

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We are doing a non-medically assisted (UC) home birth.... bebe is "due" in Feb... we anticipate an Aquarius, but it could be close. I am just a radical momma looking for connection and friendship right now. 


I want input, suggestions, ideas, and participation, please :) Pitch me some more names and please give me all thoughts on what I've come up with so far! Our other children's names are Zion Elijah Wolfe (male) and Sora Artemis Cascade(female). We are looking for suggestions for first, middle, and last names.... the kiddos all have their own last name. :)


Sol - I lovelovelove this
The Sun, or Sol in Latin and other languages, the star at the center of the Solar System. Sol, in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Sol Emeralds, in the Sonic the Hedgehog.  Sol (mythology), a Roman sun god.... Sól (sun), a Norse sun goddess...... Sowilo rune or Sol, a Norse rune... and my favorite association.... SOL means Shit Outta Luck
Allin - "All In" I like it written as Allin for a name. Looks cool
Roxas - It fits in with our theme of Zion and Sora. I like it as a middle name and as a girl's first name.
Exodus - I am really warm towards this as a first or last name. 
Fusion - I like this as a first, middle, or last name. 
Merlin - I like this as a girl's name








Revolution (Revvi/Revvy)







These names are particulary versatile, could be first, middle, or last very easily.
Darkstar - It could be for either boy or girl, but I really like it for a girl. 
Chinacat Sunflower - I love how this looks written this way, as a name
Cloudkicker - like this as a last name!
Morning Glory
Captain Dangerous
Captain Dangerous Cloudkicker
Captain Dangerous Treefrog

Samus Aran is the protagonist of Nintendo's Metroid video game series. Samus is also the female variant of the Celtic first name Séamus. Here is a link to Samus' "bio"

Samus is the coolest video game girl ever. The fact that she is a girl makes it iconic. She was attributed qualities like athleticism,  intelligence, and independence (she works alone).  Her story through the Metroid games is totally epic. (http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Metroid_Prime for example)

Shamash (pronounced Samus) 
(Akkadian Šamaš "Sun") was a native Mesopotamian deity and the sun god in the AkkadianAssyrian and Babylonian pantheons. Shamash was the god of justice in Babylonia and Assyria, corresponding to Sumerian Utu. Akkadian šamaš is cognate to Hebrew שמש šemeš andArabic شمس šams.
Both in early and in late inscriptions Shamash is designated as the "offspring of Nannar"; i.e. of the moon-god, and since, in an enumeration of the pantheon, Sin generally takes precedence of Shamash, it is in relationship, presumably, to the moon-god that the sun-god appears as the dependent power. Such a supposition would accord with the prominence acquired by the moon in the calendar and in astrological calculations, as well as with the fact that the moon-cult belongs to the nomadic and therefore earlier stage of civilization, whereas the sun-god rises to full importance only after the agricultural stage has been reached.
The attribute most commonly associated with Shamash is justice. Just as the sun disperses darkness, so Shamash brings wrong and injustice to light. Hammurabi attributes to Shamash the inspiration that led him to gather the existing laws and legal procedures into code, and in the design accompanying the code the king represents himself in an attitude of adoration before Shamash as the embodiment of the idea of justice. Several centuries before Hammurabi, Ur-Engur of the Ur dynasty (c. 2600 BCE) declared that he rendered decisions "according to the just laws of Shamash."
It was a logical consequence of this conception of the sun-god that he was regarded also as the one who released the sufferer from the grasp of the demons. The sick man, therefore, appeals to Shamash as the god who can be depended upon to help those who are suffering unjustly. This aspect of the sun-god is vividly brought out in the hymns addressed to him, which are, therefore, among the finest productions in the entire realm of Babylonian literature
220px-Star_of_Shamash.png Version of the ancient star/sun symbol of Shamash

Shamash was historically associated with the planet SaturnMorris Jastrow, Jr. identifies Shamash with the planet Saturn.

In both the manga and animated series Shaman King, Shamash is the god-class spirit of Iron Maiden Jeanne, the leader of the X-Laws.



was an ancient, legendary Sumerian king of the city of Kish, and was, according to the Sumerian king list, one of the kings who reigned after the deluge. He is listed as the successor of Arwium, the son of Mashda, as king of Kish. The list also calls Etana "the shepherd, who ascended to heaven and consolidated all the foreign countries", and states that he ruled 1560 years (some copies read 635) before being succeeded by his son Balih, said to have ruled 400 years.


Babylonian legend says that Etana was desperate to have a child, until one day he helped save an eagle from starving, who then took him up into the sky to find the plant of birth. This led to the birth of his son, Balih.


In the detailed form of the legend, there is a tree with the eagle's nest at the top, and a serpent at the base. Both the serpent and eagle have promised Utu (the sun god) to behave well toward one another, and they share food with their children.


But one day, the eagle eats the serpent's children. The serpent comes back and cries. Utu tells the serpent to hide inside of the stomach of a dead bull. The eagle goes down to eat the bull. The serpent captures the eagle, and throws him into a pit to die of hunger and thirst. Utu sends a man, Etana, to help the eagle. Etana saves the eagle, but he also asks the bird to find the plant of birth, in order to become father of a son. The eagle takes Etana up to the heaven of the god Anu, but Etana becomes afraid in the air and he goes back to the ground. He makes another attempt, and finds the plant of birth, enabling him to have Balih.


Here is a link to the whole translated Myth of Etana. Wow!


There is a lot of reference to Shamash in there....


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I think Sol Ember Trainsong is rather interesting... conjures up images of solar embers and such. Brave choices all, good for you!

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I think my fav combo is Sol Creek Rainsong. I really like Rainsong as a last name especially for a girl :)

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Rainsong is very apropos, considering we live in Oregon... And it is the title of a song I really love. 


Someone on Facebook suggested Horizon as a name, and that really clicked with me. I like it! It has all of the letters of my 8 year old's name in it (zion) and he would get a kick outta that!

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I think our tastes are pretty different, but my favorites from your list are Devo and Sparrow.  Cosmos, Ember, and Escher are fairly good, too.  I would avoid Allin because it looks like a misspelling of Alan, Windy because "wind" is a euphemism for ... , and Bliss because it conjures up some negative images for a female.

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Odin Rogue Fox for a boy and Sola Ember Rainsong for a girl.  (Is Sola too close to Sora?)  Horizon is awesome for a boy or a girl, too!  :)

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Boy: Sol or Devo

Girl: Sora or Samus are my favs but I like to pair a more unique name with a slightly tamer one too...

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I like Exodus, Escher and Sol.  What about Genesis or Sena (girls)?

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I like Sola and Sparrow for a girl.  Horizon is good all around.  I also like Rama, Creek, Odin and Fox. 

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Awesome choices! I love original names & the idea of giving each kiddo their own last name is pretty cool too!


Here's my votes...



#1 Choice = Merlin Escher Rainsong

#2 Choice = Merlin Sparrow Rainsong



#1 Choice = Sowilo Guru Cloudkicker (you could call him "Sol" for short)

#2 Choice = Etana Odin Cloudkicker


Good luck to you during your pregnancy and birth in Aquarius :)



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Oooh, fun!


I really love the name Sparrow.  Someone mentioned Genesis...Sparrow Genesis Darkstar.  I like that. :)


Also, not on your list but I love the name Soleil. 


I know you have a pretty long list already, but here are some more you might like:




















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I like Etana better for a girl, it's a Hebrew girls name, the feminine of the name known as Ethan in English.  It's not a common name but I've known a couple over the years.


Etana Sol  Darkstar would be lovely for a girl.  (I don't really have an opinion about the last name though.)


Odin Felix Cloudkicker I like the idea of a happy god kicking clouds. 


I would not use Feral, that's not a nice thing to call someone, I've mostly heard it used as an insult. 

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