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Any body else having terrible heartburn?

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I thought it wouldn't hit till later, but this time I went from first term nausea to second term heartburn with no break. I thought maybe I could regulate it with what/when/how much I eat, but no, tonight I have resorted to sending my son out to the drugstore to get me some antacid  greensad.gif

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I'm having some severe heartburn tonight and my throat is raw from this lousy drainage. I actually don't have any antacids, my DH took the last ones last night. I've been watching what I eat and drinking quite a bit of milk to coat my stomach. I also find that if I eat yogurt once a day, I usually have less heartburn. My biggest problem is this congestion that refuses to come out through my nose and instead drains down my throat.... Hope you feel better!

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I was having it a lot in the beginning of pregnancy and it just calmed down over the last month or so. I figured it out that the reason was that I was often lying down right after eating (so tired and yucky feeling back then) and now that I don't do that, it has gone away! I know it will come back in late pregnancy, though.

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I've had it off an on since the 2nd trimester started. I keep the tums nearby or drink a glass of milk. Nothing like the terrible heartburn I had with my first thankfully. I think I went through 6 huge things of tums back then.


I have heard that apple cider vinegar and is it papaya extract can work. not sure how I have never investigated further although I always meant to.

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I have used papaya enzyme tablets with previous pregnancies, they work! I bought some last week but they disappeared in the car, I think my 11 y.o. thought they were enough like candy to scarf the whole roll. I kept forgetting to get more till last night but then they didn't have them at the CVS. I think I also used capsules of slippery elm with my #3, but that was along time ago, so it might have been something else. I will also try not lying on my right side; I couldn't remember which side it was, lying down it general feels kind of crappy, but maybe if I stay off the right it won't be so bad. I would try a cup of milk too, but I can't stand to drink it; I will have some yogurt though. Not sure if I could do the apple cider vinegar, but I'll try it if i need to. Thanks for the ideas :)


cseskywithlove- I recently read that gargling helps clear congestion. Might be worth trying.

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I've had wicked heartburn throughout all my pregnancies.  With my first I ate antacids, tried milk, none of which worked.  With my second I took a Prevacid a day as suggested by my OB.  It worked but it's not without risks.  As well, antacids are not safe during pregnancy as I have come to learn.  Now I find good nutrition is key to avoiding heartburn.  When I indulge in pizza or some other heartburn inducing foods I go straight to a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water or apple juice.  It works in a matter of a minute!  My aunt also suggested enzymes...? but I don't know what type or anything more about it.

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I've never had heartburn before so my only coping techniques so far have been trying to not overeat, avoiding acidic and spicy foods late, tums, and trying to keep vertical until it passes. The strange thing is the same foods don't bother me earlier in the day so I mostly have to be mindful of what I eat for/after dinner. Poor DH is going through spicy food withdrawals.

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Oh yes, awful heartburn every day! It doesn't matter what I eat. The other day I was snacking on dry cheerios and ended up with heartburn. How does THAT happen?

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i had my first big case of heartburn this pregnancy last night.  i couldn't really figure out what caused it either.  it happened probably 4 hours after i had last eaten anything and that was blueberry pie.  i guess that's probably what caused it.  if it's a less severe case of heartburn, i usually go the papaya enzyme route since they worked in my last pregnancy.  if it's a really bad case of heartburn, my go to remedy that works EVERY time is raw almonds.  i learned about them from the midwife who assisted a friend of mine.  apparently there is an enzyme in raw almonds that helps with heartburn.  they have to be raw and you have to chew them very finely.  i think almond milk is supposed to help too, but it's probably better to go with the plain raw almonds.  within minutes of eating a handful of raw almonds last night, the heartburn was gone.  this is my husband's go to heartburn remedy too and he was actually the one who grabbed them from the fridge for me last night.  i swear by them!!!

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I've been getting heartburn like crazy too. What and when I eat doesnt seem to effect it in either directions. Instead of taking meds or antacids, I just dissolve about a tsp of baking soda in a shot of water and chase it with just water. It works INSTANTLY with ZERO side effects. Its the safest AND cheapest trick for heartburn!

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It just kicked in for me, along with a wicked loose pelvis and some other TMI type hormonal surge signs.


I find when even my joints loosen up, that little flap in my esophagus gets loose too.


A Wendy's frosty works wonders for me.

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oh gosh, thanks for the insatiable wendy's frosty craving now!  mmmmmm...

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I find that I get heartburn either when I go too long between meals or have too much to eat in one sitting.  Spacing things out well seems to cut out the heartburn for me.  I am interested in getting some papaya enzymes for the times when I don't plan well, though.  Anybody have a recommendation for the best place to find them?

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You should be able to get papaya enzyme tablets at any health food store / natural grocery. Unfortunately they don't seem to be available at regular drugstores or supermarkets.

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I think I found a cure, and it's even easier than anything else I've tried! Yesterday I got some alkalized water, and have been drinking only it since. I have not had ANY heartburn WHATSOEVER! I even ate black beans with ham, sauteed zucchini and onions, rice and a TON of fried bananas for dinner last night and was TOTALLY FINE! Same today, nothing bothered me! I am so happy I can eat again! biggrinbounce.gif

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My husband suggested this and I really, really thought it would be the worst thing ever: a shot of ACV, straight up. It takes like five minutes to put me at ease.

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Originally Posted by arbybee View Post

My husband suggested this and I really, really thought it would be the worst thing ever: a shot of ACV, straight up. It takes like five minutes to put me at ease.

While this might work wonders for Arby, you might be better off diluting the ACV in a glass of water and sipping on it. That's what I do. I once took a shot of ACV straight and it closed my airway up. I literally couldn't breath in or out for around 30 seconds or so. I didn't time it was but was too long for me to not be breathing.


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