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early pregnancy vs pms signs

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Just a few months ago I met someone amazing (yeah for me, single mom for 5 years!) and although I have always charted loosely for my own personal knowledge, it's been a wild ride and some things have slipped.  I am experiencing some new and much EARLIER symptoms of PMS.  I am on day 21 of my 28ish day cycle, and have been insanely moody, constipated, gassy, ravenous and have a yeast infection- which I maintained all through my first pregnancy and haven't seen since.  The new symptoms coupled with how early they are makes me wonder if/ what the difference is between pms and early pregnancy?  would I be experiencing pregnancy symptoms before expected pms? I know, the real answer is waiting, but I already feel pretty kooky over here and so any consolation/ advice is welcome with open arms.  


wise mommas discuss and thank you!

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Probably not what you want to hear, but I started experiencing what I thought were PMS symptoms about 1 week after I conceived my DD.  After 2 weeks of PMS, it finally dawned on me that I was actually pregnant.  You may wonder what kind of idiot would think that PMS would last 2 weeks, but I had weird cycles ;)....I will forever be suspicious PMS because of that experience!

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Same experience here. This one is a total surprise, I started getting a clue when what would normally be 2-3 days of mild PMS breast pain became several days of serious pain.

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Thanks ladies!  

Although we are not ready at all to start another leg of family here, it does help just talking.  I wonder if anyone experienced earlier symptoms?  this seems to be the big standout from PMS- the timing is off... well that and the constipation.  All I remember from my first pregnancy was being constipated and bloated for three months :), this is something I rarely deal with and never with PMS.  My breasts do not seem to be tender, they are enlarged, but not sore.  My libido is gone though, and that usually doesn't happen until I start bleeding, it stepped out about a week ago. No nausea though, although yesterday I ate dinner three times, also pretty unheard of (which might explain the bloating).  So I'm still waiting.  3 more days until I can take a test.  I told SO about it and he was so mellow, almost TOO mellow.  I am panicking a little, and trying to gather information.  He just says, "well we'll have to wait and see".  This is a sensible response, but who feels sensible regardless if it is PMS or pregnancy? 

Thanks for listening.

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