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I know this thread is on the old side, but I really enjoyed reading everyone's responses and wanted to add my own. It's helpful to know there is no one way to sleep!

My baby is 8 weeks old.  She sleeps in an arm's reach cosleeper on DH's side of the bed.  She goes to bed around 10pm and wakes up around 6am - 7am.  She wakes up usually once a night between 2 - 4 am (slept through the night only one time. Sometimes she wakes twice a night, but not very often lately).  When she wakes up, she is hungry and wet (rarely crying). DH changes her diaper, and gives her to me to nurse for around 30-60 min. He gets me water, loads up the woodstove, and then does another diaper change (if necessary) before swaddling her and tucking her back in. While we've both been on maternity leave of sorts, when DD wakes at 6 - 7 ish, I nurse her again, DH does diaper duty, and then she sleeps with us (usually on DH's chest) for about an hour. I'll miss this time when we have to go back to work! My partner is very helpful and I sometimes feel guilty about it, even though I shouldn't.