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Plugged Duct HELP!

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Quarter size swollen plug duct that developed into Mastitis, I felt so sick I went to the ER, got an abx, but the duct is still clogged, what to do!?  I've tried all the Kellymom stuff.  6 mo old still EBF, and I can nurse on the abx which is good.  Any advice/encouragement appreciated!

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Ibuprofen really helped me to unclog a stubborn duct plug. Together with all the Kellymom advice about massage, heat, ice, lots of nursing etc.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I know it must hurt like hell, but when I get plugged ducts (fairly often due to oversupply) I have found that massaging the duct towards the nipple during feeds helps. And yes...Ibuprofen, it's the only reason I'm still breastfeeding now!!! Good luck mama.


Oh, and a thought, some moms have used lethicin supplements to help with plugged ducts, might not hurt to look into it?

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Thanks ladies.  I'm massaging the hell out of it and it's not helping in the least!  I just had a hot compress on it with a hot rice pack (to keep it hot) for like 10 min's, than hand expressed all the milk I could out of it massaging the duct towards the nipple, kept shooting milk out as if the duct was getting unclogged, but nope, still there, just as big!  arrrrg. 

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