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Hello! Come introduce yourself!

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Welcome to the August 2012 Due Date Club! Right now, it's the end of November 2011, so there probably aren't a lot of people who know yet if they're pregnant with an August '12 baby, but here's to hoping that picks up soon! winky.gif


Anyway, my name is Aimee, and I am mama to Cecilia, who was born in April of 2010. She'll be about 27-28 months when the newb comes next summer. I can't wait for her to be a big sister!! I got my BFP on my 33rd birthday (November 23), and I couldn't be more excited!!


As for us, we're a happy little family living in the desert (that part isn't what makes us happy, though). We're surrounded by lots of family on both sides, and we feel so lucky that our kids get to grow up with their cousins! We are pretty natural-minded folks in many ways, though I would put us in the middle of the "crunchy spectrum." We practice co-sleeping, extended rear-facing, extended breastfeeding (still going now, though some days I want to crawl out of my skin. It feels like nails on a chalkboard!), natural family planning, eating locally and organically grown food, minimizing processed stuff (Trader Joe's frozen foods are about the most processed stuff we eat), and respecting the environment.


My husband works for a major software company as a data analyst, which sounds dreadfully boring to me, but he loves his job. He's good with numbers! I used to work for the same company, but I left to stay home with Cecilia. I love being home with her! Currently I also nanny part-time for my 4 month old niece.


Anyway, that's good enough for now, I imagine! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in here!!! energy.gif

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Hi Aimee!

I just wrote a lenthy intro for myself and it got eaten. Too tired to write it all out again.


In brief I'm Jamie. I'm married to an amazing man. This will be our third child. I have two boys, 6 and 4. Both were home birthed, and this one will be as well.


I'm super excited to be here and sharing the journey! Welcome everyone! grouphug.gif

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I'm Abi.  I live in Michigan with my husband and 21-month-old daughter Elsa.  And two mildly annoying cats.  ;)


I too am lucky enough to live close to family.  My in-laws and my mom and stepdad live in the same town as us, and my sister-in-law and sister live just a few miles away with their families.  My sister has a little girl who's only two months younger than mine, and my sister-in-law is due just before Elsa's second birthday.  Soon we'll be crawling with little ones.


I would put us in the semi crunchy camp.  We do extended breastfeeding and rear facing, and we have a family bed.  I've been making changes to our lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly - we cloth diaper and recycle, and use glass and cloth rags when we can.  About the biggest non-crunchy part of our life is food.  We're getting better but it's still a struggle for us to avoid sugar and processed food.  We've done well getting rid of HFCS and dyes so far.  Baby steps.  We also watch a fair amount of tv.


I got my BFP on the 21st.  It was a bit of a shock because while we were "trying" I didn't expect it to happen on the very first month.  Elsa was a year of trying.  I chalk that up to the intensive chiropractic treatments I've been getting for the past six months.  Hopefully continuing getting work done will have a positive effect on my pregnancy and labor.  I suffered from a lot of back pain, SPD, and what ended up being long painful back labor and ended up in a c-section because my little porker wouldn't descend.


I've only told my best friend, because she doesn't know any of our families or other friends.  I'm dying to tell the immediate family but my husband wants to hold off a bit.  I can't get him to articulate exactly why but it's killing me.  I know it's so early but I'm really excited and want to talk about it.  It's so weird that there's this huge thing going on in your life but no one else knows it!

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Hello!  Can I join?  I'm Katie, mama to DD (21 mos) and DS (9 mos) and just found out we are expecting again at the end of July/beginning of August! 


Our little family recently moved away from everyone and everything that we know for his work, so this is kind of a challenging time for me - finding new friends, places to take the kids, and now a new midwife, etc.  We will be having another homebirth (assuming all goes well!) as we did with DD.  DS is adopted, but that's not a label I use to identify him - just to let you know that I'm not just 9 months out of the gate of birth and nursing.  I am still nursing my 21 month old, though.  (We attempted adoptive breastfeeding, but it didn't work.  Donor milk was a true blessing.)


I got my BFP on the 17th, after days of BFNs (I was sure something was up!) but I wasn't charting so I"m not exactly sure how far along I am. I told my mom and sis and a few friends as well.  We will be telling the rest of the family around Christmas, and I'm not sure when I am going to make it 'public'. 


I'm pretty worried about miscarriage, even though I don't have a history of it.  Makes the first tri seem loooooong and looming - I'm glad to have a DDC to participate in!

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Hello! I am Jeanna, and I tend to lurk more than actively post but i'll be here the whole time! This is my 4th baby, and last. We were up in the air about having another and somebody decided for us :-) We have 3 girls already so Im pretty sure odds are good for another girl! I got my bfp on the 16th, crazy early but I guess after 3 pregnancies you know whats what. I was driving the kids to school one morning and got nauseous, so I stopped for breakfast and instantly felt better which made me wonder... so the next morning I took a cheapy test, saw the faintest line and bought an frs that was very clearly positive love.gif Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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I got a BFP this morning, with a due date of 8/9. We've been trying for four months. I'm Jen, and I'm 29. My DP is 30 and our only child is DS, 9 1/2. I'm pretty excited and terrified of miscarriage.

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I am so not sure of EDD at this point. I was charting (halfheartedly, I will admit) and had most of the symptoms of ovulation around November 13-16 or so-- lots of EWCM, and positive OPKs. But I wasn't charting temp like I should have then. I was charting temp back at the beginning of November and had a spike around November 1-3, but without much corresponding EWCM. So my guess is that I conceived during the 13-16 range, but there is that sliiiiiiiiiiight possibility that it was the earlier time. So, I will be getting a dating ultrasound to be sure.


I should mention a few other things-- I am a full-time diabetic, and therefore cannot have a midwife assisted birth of any kind. It sucks, to put it plainly. I would love a homebirth, but unless I go the unassisted route, which my husband is adamantly against, it ain't happening.

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Hi, looks like I get to join here too, faint bfp this am, due Aug 11th.  My lp's are short so that's why I tested so early.   I've had several very early losses though, so won't feel like it's *real* until past the 4 week mark at least.  Feeling pretty crummy though..

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I O'd early, but will go with what the due date calculators say because it will give me extra time. I will also not be homebirthing, it is illegal in my state and I don't feel comfortable with it. I do plan on having a doula and going for a natural birth in the hospital.

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Homebirth, assisted or otherwise, isn't in the cards for me either, as much as I'd love to. There's a wonderful freestanding birth center not far from here but we just can't afford it this time. Plus I'm gun-shy after the transfer with my daughter. I'm going the OB route this time and it's so foreign to me I feel like a first timer.

I have a short luteal phase too. I got a BFP at 10 dpo. I should be due the 3rd of august. That's from my o day, which I'm positive of. That was day 19. A late ovulator with a short luteal phase - it's a wonder I get pg at all.
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I remember you posting in LWAB when I was posting in there a lot too, Ninetales. orngbiggrin.gif

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I've done hossy and homebirths(both assisted and UA, but now prefer assisted).  I'm not sure what we will do this time around though b/c there appears to be only ONE homebirth midwife in my area and I've heard she's *strange* (we JUST moved, you know new house, new job, new BABY, ROTFLMAO.gif ) 

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Hey ladies! I got my official BFP on Nov 25th. It was our first month trying - so we weren't expecting it to happen so fast. I had a mc back in 2008 - so I'm a little anxious to see a little heart flutter around 8 weeks. Just made my appt with the midwives for Dec 27th - I'll be about 8 weeks.


I'm also in Michigan Ninetales! This will be our first baby. I'm so excited! Congrats to all of you!

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Hi all.  I am Jeannine and this will be our baby number 3.  We have a 7 yo dd and a 16mo ds.  We were not "trying" for this baby, total surprise!  I would not have counted out a 3rd baby, but would have liked a bigger spacing.  I will be turning 40 during this pregnancy, so, hmm, not sure how I feel about that!  I have had one hospital birth and one homebirth, I will be planning a homebirth for this baby too.  This will be my first pregnancy where I will not be MOVING!  YAY!  During ds's pregnancy we were building a house and moved in about 6 weeks before he was born, that was hard!  Especially nerve wracking when planning your first homebirth. 


I have not been having any symptoms and my other pregnancies were healthy, uncomplicated and with pretty fast labors.


I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband and we live on a farm in So. Illinois.  Having an August baby on a working farm is not the best timing!  My husband has a full time job as well as farming part time with his uncle and brother, so our summers are pretty busy already.  I mentioned in another thread that this is also my first pregnancy while nursing another baby.  My 16 mo is not planning to wean any time soon, so I really hope my supply stays around.  We are also cosleeping with him, so we will probably be transitioning him to another bed during this pregnancy.  Ugh, so much to think about!  It does make me sad to feel like he is still a baby and he is going to be bumped, so to speak, out of that baby spot!  It hurts just thinking about it!  Anyone here been through this before, feeling not ready for a baby because your youngest is still a baby?  I know it could be much closer and lots of people have gone through this, shoot, my oldest brother and sister are 11 months apart!  Just feeling a little unsure about it all, sorry to vent, we are happy about this pregnancy, just still a little surprised.



Welcome all and congratulations on your pregnancies!

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We've talked a lot about the sleeping arrangement here too. Currently Cecilia sleeps in my arms most nights. We have a sidecarred crib that she used to really like using, but she was sick a few months ago and needed to be close to me, and hasn't really gotten back into sleeping in the crib. So, chances are that over the course of the next 8 or so months, I will work with her to get her back to being happy to be in the crib. That way she's still right next to me and can snuggle me if she needs me, but we can have the newb between us in bed when she gets here.

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My EDD is the end of July, but the baby will most likely come the the beginning of August. I'm the mom of two (this baby is our 3rd). DD is 4.5, DS is 21 almost 22 months. DS was my only child bore at home. I'm so excited for another home birth. I really want an unassisted birth but DH (great guy) just isn't ready for that and I don't want bad birth vibes. So I'm looking for a new midwife (the one that delivered my son got married, and stooped practicing). 

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Bowing out, looks like another chem pg for me.  Good luck ladies!

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Originally Posted by theycallmemom View Post

Bowing out, looks like another chem pg for me.  Good luck ladies!

I'm sorry, Shannon! greensad.gif hug2.gif

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Congratulations to everyone!


My name is Brianna, I am 30 and live in California.  I just got my bfp Friday the 25th!  This will be my first child and I couldn't be more excited.


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So glad to be here!  This is our first.  

Cecilia's mama -  I too have medical issues.  I am also upset the birth will not be a home birth as planned, but I am happy to still be able to get the care I need to make sure baby and I will be OK.   

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