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Hi everyone! I've been lurking for the past week or two, but I just got my BFP last night, so I am thrilled to jump in! I have a 3 year old son and a fantastic DH, and we have been trying to conceive #2 for a year and a half. We finally succeeded on our first IVF attempt! We transferred two embryos and I got a very strong BFP on day 11 and not even in the morning, so I am thinking there is a high probability of twins.


We are not crunchy at all by this board's standards, I have to say. I plan to have a hospital birth (especially if it's twins!), we vaccinate and don't co-sleep, and I cannot bring myself to wash cloth diapers. But I did breastfeed my son for a year, and would have been willing to continue longer if he hadn't lost all interest. We also are very into Montessori style parenting, including the floor bed. My son goes to a Montessori school, but we are considering homeschooling after he turns 6. I'd also like to learn more about babywearing. It didn't work well with my very wiggly first son, but I can see how it would be very useful with the new baby while following my older one around.


I'm really happy to be here, and looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Hi! This is my second....


A bit weird, because my period is late and I'm queasy, tired, and tender, but the HPT was negative last night.


I think I drank too much water or it was too early, I'll try again in a few days. If I'm not pregnant, I'll eat my hat.


In terms of crunchiness, we're a little bit. Co-slept for awhile, hospital birth with an awesomely helpful doula the first time around and this time. We vaccinate. Breastfed for 1 year + 1 year (bedtime only).

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Greetings everyone.  I am excited, albeit a little shocked, to be here.  I just celebrated my 36th birthday on 12/11, DH is 37 and this is our third.  I got our BFP yesterday, faint but there X's 2 (I'm a testing freak).  We have a 2 year old (DS) and a 10 month old (DD).  We were wanting a third but not quite yet.  I guess a higher power had other plans, because one night of WTH resulted in a BFP.  I will be due August 26th which is my sisters birthday and two days after my Dad's birthday so that's kinda cool.


I am excited and nervous about having three young kids to take care of.  I am a working Mom and love my job but wonder how I will juggle it all.  Perhaps working part-time is in my future.  This will be our last so while not expected, I am going to languish in all that is good about carrying a new life.  My last pregnancies were uncomplicated so I am hoping for the same with this LO.  The birth of my son ended up being an unplanned c-section.  The birth of my daughter was a natural VBAC in the hospital and a wonderful experience minus the healing from a third degree tear.  I am on the fence about this birth.  I would love to have another natural birth but had a bit of a prolapse from the vaginal birth.  I have no symptoms but I am scared to make matters worse.  So I am weighing my options.


Here is hoping for sticky beans for everyone and a healthy/happy nine months.  I look forward to getting to know you ladies.

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I'm joining!  I found out early this week I'm due at the end of August and it's still sinking in.  This will be my 3rd.  My first are 3 and 1 right now.

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Hi Honey693! I'm excited to share the DDC. orngbiggrin.gif

Monterssortof - congratulations on successful IVF!!!

And welcome Simonsez and Madelaine - I hope we all get to stay.
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Hi everyone :) I just got my BFP this morning so it looks like I'm joining you all. I'm a little nervous because I miscarried last year, but I am queasy already and am taking that as a good sign. I'm 29 and this is my 4th pregnancy. My oldest daughter just turned 5 last month and my baby will be 3 in February. I miscarried last December at 8 weeks. My husband is in the air force and I am a new breastfeeding peer counselor with WIC. I just got my first 2 clients this week. Interesting timing. Our oldest daughter was an unmedicated hospital birth and our second was born at home. Because of where we live and what our insurance requires it looks like this one will be another hospital birth. I'll just labor at home until the last minute and make the best of it. We are kind of crunchy. We have solar panels on our home, we cloth diaper, garden, line dry, and are selective with vaccines and delay the ones we choose to get. My youngest is still breastfeeding a little bit. Just a few minutes in the evening most days.


Congratulations and good luck to everyone!

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Welcome everyone, glad you are here!  Honey, your avatar is hilarious! 

Chica, hug2.gif

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Hi Everyone!


I'm still in shock but I guess I'll be joining you wonderful ladies.  I had a feeling I was pregnant after a vivid dream and a strange craving for grapefruits.  A test yesterday confirmed.  Best guess is that the little bundle of joy will arrive at the end of August.


A little about me.  I'm happily married, I work about 60 hours a week, and have a delightful little boy.


I'd probably be more crunchy if I had the time.  I daydream about making bread and going to farmers markets and building our house.  In reality I just run around trying to keep up with my life.  I do co-sleep (though we are transitioning him to his own bed slowly), breastfeed on demand (when I'm not a work), and had a wonderful but long and difficult homebirth.


Looking forward to getting to know everyone!







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I'm Julie.  Mom to two, one girl, one boy.  I'm very shocked to be expecting #3, due August 18 by lmp.  We are an AP family, co-sleeping (may have to get a king size bed now, we are crowded with four in our queen already), babywearing, cloth diapers, ecological breastfeeding, and very anti-circ.  I'm glad to be here.

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Hi everyone!

Nice to see a lot of new names here, I look forward to getting to "know" you all :)


I got my BFP two weeks ago, I'm a chronic POAS kind of person.


This will be our 4th baby, we are officially crossing the line into CRAZY land! I find it funny how much more acceptable 3 children are in a family vs. 4 or more. Thankfully we have a few friends with 6-8 children, so we don't seem so odd in comparison!


Our other children are 5yrs, 3.5yrs and 1.5yrs, and I believe I am due around August 11th.


We live on a farm in Ontario, Canada, where we have a large flock of dairy sheep and other livestock.

I'd say we are pretty crunchy, it started with being frugal, and now it's just the most logical thing to do. We have a large garden, we grow most of our own meats and the only processed foods we eat are when we are away from home.



I guess I should go update my signature as I took a break from MDC. But I'm happy to be back :)

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Hi everyone!


I'm also due in August 2012 (around Aug 25).  Still a bit shocked by the news, to say the least!  My friend Jamie has nudged me to join this group. smile.gif


I'm Anne wave.gif.  I'm divorced, and in a very new relationship.  He's been 100% supportive, and I'm sure we can do this.  Now that the shock is lifting, I'm starting to see what a wonderful surprise gift this will be. 


I currently have a 4 1/2 year old son, who I think will love having a baby in the house.  I'm fairly 'crunchy'...I'm studying Homeopathy and Holistic Nutrition full-time.  My son was born in the hospital, but with midwives, and I hope to do the same this time around.  Hopefully without an epidural this time though.  I'd like to do cloth diapering and lots of babywearing again, and will likely do selective and delayed vaccination this time around.


Still trying to process everything...and taking one day at a time.


Nice to 'meet' all of you, and share this wonderful experience! :)

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Hello all, I'm Melissa and we are expecting our second, our son David is 5. I am a stay at home mom, and my dh works for the border patrol as an auto mechanic. We are or used to be pretty crunchy, David was cloth diapered, and coslept and breastfed until 2.5. He really reallly really wants to have a baby, so he will be super excited when we tell him, we have had 14 losses, so we will keep quiet for awhile. This pregnancy feels different then the others, so I am taking a chance and joining you all. Let's hope it works out. Oh we homeschool too. Glad to meet all of you!
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Hi everyone, just joined the group.  Not sure if it's too early for me, since I just found out I'm pregnant 2 days ago (due date is August 26).  It was a complete surprise, and we're still warming up to the idea...we're getting married a week from tomorrow, and this certainly wasn't in my Wedding To-Do list!  We want kids, but were planning on getting started next year.  Instead...here we are.  I'm totally freaked out and everything is still very unreal!  Looking forward to chatting more with all of you as things progress!

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Congrats pennywhistle! Marriage and a baby in one week! That's a lot for someone to handle! Either way, I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months and look forward to chatting with you as well!

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Hi everyone!


My name's Rebecca and I just got a BFP yesterday (just in time for my birthday today) on our second month of trying.  It's super early (about DPO 13), so trying not to get too excited yet, but still figured I'd jump in.   My best guess is an August 31st due date, although I definitely could end up with a September baby. 


I have one DD who is 23 months old.  She's still nursing a lot and co-sleeping, and very attached to both. I really don't want to wean her yet, but I'm trying to keep an open mind and just see how things go.  Excited to be in a group with others who are pregnant and nursing, especially since I expect push-back from my DH and mother about continuing to nurse through the pregancy.


Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Well, happy birthday!  What a nice present.  My daughter is just a little younger than yours.

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I just wanted to let everyone know that we had a viability ultrasound today, and we saw TWO babies! We are going to have TWINS! I am just over-the-moon, this is such a surprise! Twins don't run in the family and we weren't using anything to get pregnant, so it is a shock, but we are so grateful! We know our little angel Mateo is watching out for us...

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Originally Posted by ceriserenee View Post

I just wanted to let everyone know that we had a viability ultrasound today, and we saw TWO babies! We are going to have TWINS! I am just over-the-moon, this is such a surprise! Twins don't run in the family and we weren't using anything to get pregnant, so it is a shock, but we are so grateful! We know our little angel Mateo is watching out for us...

thumbsup.gif  That's so amazing.  Congratulations.  I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out and that we'll see pictures of TWO beautiful babies in August.  

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Congratulations, ceriserenee, sounds like you got a wonderful extra surprise this holiday season!!

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