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Bowing out, looks like another chem pg for me.  Good luck ladies!


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Shannon so sorry you had a chemical. Best of luck to you!


I'm Dawn and I just turned 27. I got my BFP on my birthday, Nov. 26th (12 DPO) after trying for a few months! My DH is almost 29 and our only child, DD, is 17 months. We both want a big family and we are excited to be having DC #2 on/around August 6th.


I stay at home and love it! I wouldn't have it any other way. DH farms and works long hours 7 days a week. The only time I know I'll see him is for church on Sunday. :)


DD was born in a hospital with an OB who was very supportive of me wanting a completely natural birth. I also had a doula who is also a midwife. I planned to use her as my homebirth midwife with future pregnancies, but she moved to CA. Another midwife I know in town moved to CO, so we are down to one. I interviewed her, hoping, to like her and be able to use her. So glad that I did! She seems wonderful! She also trained the other two midwives I previously mentioned, so has had a lot of experience.


I'm hoping DD will be able to nurse through this pregnancy and I can tandem nurse. I would also say we are semi-crunchy. We also CD, selective/delay vaccinate, use mama cloth, babywear,cosleep.


I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and hope we have an active DDC!

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Hi all!  I'm Eileen.  I also just turned 27 (on thanksgiving day) and got my BFP yesterday.  I'm currently in my last year of graduate school and will be graduating in June.  This is all pretty new to me as this is our first pregnancy.  DH and I live in Chicago for my schooling, but we long to return to Oregon to be near family.  


We are hoping to have a homebirth either here in Chicago or in Oregon (we hope to move right after I graduate). We're a little nervous about starting prenatal care here and then switching to someone else during the third trimester though.   We'll see how it turns out.  


We're very excited and a little stunned.  We got pregnant on our first try! After 8.5 years of being together and 1.5 years of marriage we're excited for what the future wil bring!

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How awesome that so many of us got our BFP's on or around our birthdays!


Justchanti, both this pregnancy and my last one were on our first try. It's like I tell my body, "Okay, we're ready to go here," and it happens! lol.gif

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Welcome everyone!!! Congrats on your BFPs!


Dh and I got preggers our first try too. My OB (now using a midwife) told me to be prepared to try for 6 months to a year. Guess my body is ready too. I just turned 30 in October and we decided to try and get preggers on our delayed honeymoon. It worked!


I'm excited to be able to share with you ladies. We haven't told our family yet because I had a blighted ovum back in '08 - and we're waiting until we see before we tell our parents.

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Hi ladies!!! I am due by LMP end of July, but since I have AMAZING midwives who actually yanno LISTEN to me and the fact that the hubs and I only BD' ONCE in November... I'm really due the 3rd of August. 


I don't know where I fall on the crunchy spectrum. I'm still breastfeeding my 19 month old through this pregnancy (and hoping he doesn't wean), we coslept until he was night weaned (did it about 2 months ago, I was getting severely ill from the lack of sleep) and we do extended rear facing. We eat i'd say 80% organic and when we can, we get raw milk. I had a garden this year which my son adored because he could "shop" in my tomato patch and eat his fill of tomatoes all day long!  However, I have a predilection for Starbucks iced eggnog chai and oreo cookies and oh CHipotle, i wish I could quit you! I'd say we're crunchy on some stuff, but not on others. I do vaccinate (I did to research), and pretty much every major parenting decision i've made has been fraught with tons of research and nail biting. Everything else I follow the "fly by the seat of your pants" parenting model. Kid ate dirt? eh, probably will be ok. 



I'm planning on a natural birth in a birthing center attached to a hospital- my 1st birth, my son's was planned to be all natural, HOWEVER, he was asynclitic and after 30+ hours in labor, I begged for an epidural because I was so exhausted I just wanted to nap. Got my nap for 2 hours, woke up, fully dilated and crowning. Pushed him out in 6 pushes. My midwife said basically, with this birth, it will be an epic cakewalk of easiness because if I could get him out, badly positioned with a cocked head, in 6 pushes WITH an epidural, I could probably push ANYTHING out. 


I have 2 dogs that are probably minions of the devil. Scratch that, I KNOW they are minions of the devil. The male just stole and ate an entire loaf of bread. CORGIS! 



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I think we sit pretty firmly in the middle of the crunch spectrum, too. We vaccinate too, though we used a delayed schedule to ensure our daughter didn't get more than 2 vaccines at a time to track for reactions. We eat pretty well-- most of the time! Last time I was pregnant, my DDC here was incredible. It was made up of spectacular ladies who were respectful and non-judgmental in spite of our parenting differences, and I am sure this DDC will be too!

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Can I join?  My name is Emily, and I got a ghost of a positive line on Nov. 20th and then a real positive with a digital on Nov. 21st.  I've been lurking in both the July DDC and the August DDC waiting to see if the bean sticks around, but I decided I should jump in and keep hoping for the best.  I am technically due on August 3rd (which is the day before my Dad's birthday and 8 days before my sister's birthday -- Not quite sure what my family is going to do with another Leo in the mix!), but I went a week early with my DS so I may not actually make it to August.  


DS is 31 months and becoming quite the opinionated little man.  We still nurse occasionally -- mostly just in the morning and at naps on the weekend.  I am actually hoping that my milk does dry up some and he self weans before the baby comes because I don't know if I have the patience for tandem nursing, and I would rather have him "choose" to stop nursing than force the issue right before the upheaval of a new sibling.  Of course, I generally take the parenting path of least resistance, so if he doesn't self wean, then we may end up doing tandem after all.  


DS love taking care of baby dolls and helping with the younger babies at daycare, so I'm hoping he takes well to being a big brother.  However, we went to meet my new 3 month nephew this weekend and I got some very sulky looks when I was holding DN.  I would love tips from anyone who's on # 3 or more on how to make this a happy transition for all of us!  My mother in law still refers to the birth of her DD as the "dethroning" of my DH.  I had trouble even convincing DH to try for a second because he didn't want to upset DS life too much.  He and his sister are clearly not all that close, so he saw mostly draw backs rather than the benefits of a sibling.  


I grew up on the very crunchy end of the spectrum (hippy parents, born at home, house without electricity etc.), but am more towards the center now.  Sometimes I wish I could give my children some of the things I loved about my childhood, but I hope our kids will also have wonderful memories of their own upbringing.  I teach high school science at an inner city school, which is a challenging.  I took a year off when DS was born and hope to again with this one.  I much prefer BF on demand without having to worry about pumping and getting DC to take a bottle, and all that.  


DS was born naturally with midwives at a community hospital after an unexpectedly quick labor.  My mom was in labor with me (her oldest) for 30 hours, so I was all set to go for the long haul, and then DS decided to come after 3 hours of clearly active labor (I was mildly contracting all morning, but they didn't feel any different from the braxton hicks I'd been having for weeks).  Since I hear second labors are even quicker, we are switching to a new midwife practice that delivers at a closer, easier to get to hospital.  I promised DH last time he would not have to deliver the baby on the side of the road and I want to try and  honor that promise winky.gif.  My mom kind of freaked him out during pregnancy # 1 by giving him an emergency delivery guide so he would "be prepared." 


Look forward to being part of this group, and hope we all have long healthy pregnancies with easy uncomplicated births.

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Eveningstarmom, I totally get what you mean about the loving memories of childhood! We were really poor growing up and were vegetarians who grew all of our own food. We used a wood-burning stove in the winter that always had a pot of soup on top of it, and I can still remember the smell of soup permeating the house all winter long. It's no wonder I am a soup addict now!

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Congrats to you all!  I'm here too.

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So sorry, Shannon!  hug2.gif  Peace to you....

Originally Posted by theycallmemom View Post

Bowing out, looks like another chem pg for me.  Good luck ladies!


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Hi ladies!  I was so excited to see this group spring up!  I lurked when I first got my BFP on the 20th at about 11dpo, but there was only one other person talking about an August baby at that time.  :) 

I've been married for 10 years to an amazing man and had one DD, who is 16 months old.  My EDD is August 1st with this baby, so if all goes as planned, my kids will be almost 2 years apart exactly.  I'm still breastfeeding my DD and don't have any plan to stop; I'm hoping my body agrees and I get the privilege of tandem nursing. 

We didn't prevent for a cycle or two and then were a little more concentrated and got pregnant with this little bean!  This one was actually conceived on a surprise getaway my husband took me on for my 30th birthday!  We went and saw The Civil Wars, so we joke that this baby will be named "Barton Hollow".  love.gif


I work part time doing various things and then work full time cleaning up after my little destructor.  I haven't been too sick this time, which is a blessing because last time I was sick from one week after ovulation until I gave birth! 


No one knows about this pregnancy, so if you do happen to know me or read my blog or just be a creeper, please don't say anything.  smile.gif  We plan on telling everyone over Christmas; it's got me nervous as all get out, but DH really wants to surprise everyone then, just like we did back in '09.  I'll only be 8 1/2 weeks at that point, so we wouldn't have even heard a heartbeat or anything.  Can't quite seem to be at peace with telling that early...

I birth with a CNM in a hospital.  My old CNM was a beast and was all about natural everything.  She basically told everyone where to stick it if they pressured any of her patients.  She just retired, but she took over a year to hand pick her replacement.  I met the new CNM this week and was impressed.  Homebirth isn't an option because a hospital birth is paid for with my insurance and a homebirth isn't.  I had an amazing waterbirth with my DD and caught her with my own bare hands and everything.  I'm hoping for the same thing this time around too!

I look forward to getting to know you all!  Congratulations and here's to the next 9 months! champagne.gif  

(Oh, shoot, make that non-alcoholic champagne!

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Hello everyone joining in. I love that the idea that women are finding out every day that they are pregnant and making their way to this board to join in the August birthday fun!


This will be my first and only summer baby, and I'm looking forward to that!


LoveWins- I'm going to miss champagne during this holiday season. I'm not a huge drinker in general, but I admit to liking alcohol during the holidays. Some merry cheer :) But it's not the first pregnancy I have to give it up. I'll buy some sparkling cider instead.

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Yeah - I'm all geared up for my sparkling grape juice this year. Cheers ladies!


Congrats and welcome to the boards! It's nice to be able to share with so many expectant mothers. I just turned 30 too - in October.. so my BFP was kinda just a late b'day gift too.

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Thank you ladies, I really appreciate your words :)

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I just got my first ever positive test yesterday morning. I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but what the heck. My name is Amanda. I'll be turning 30 in February. We just got married in October and this was our second month trying to concieve. I'm probably about 2 weeks along? Not sure how to calculate my EDD because I just don't keep track of dates that well. I'm thinking August 11, 2012. This is my first pregnancy, but I've literally been prepping for months.


We'll probably interview a few midwives, but I've kinda already picked out a free standing birth center about 30 miles away where the midwives also attend homebirths. We want to have a homebirth sooo much. My husband actually came up with the idea way back when we were dating. At first I thought he was crazy and I laughed. But then I became kinda impressed and flattered he thought I was capable of doing it. He had faith in my body before I learned to. Overall, I'm pretty fortunate we're on the same page with what we're looking for in terms of pregnancy/birth/co-sleeping/attachment parenting, etc. Most of the time he comes up with suggestions (co-sleeping for instance) like it's duh, common knowledge. Whereas it takes me hours upon hours to research the same types of issues, only to come to the same conclusions. It's a funny balance. He also gives me the green light to go with my gut on most things pertaining to pregnancy/motherhood, so we're off to a good start.


So far, I've only told my sister that I'm pregnant. Mostly because I needed a second opinion on reading my test. smile.gif I'm not sure when I will tell my mom/dad. The in-laws especially are super anxious for a grandchild, so we'll be very particular when that time comes.


Other than that, I'm just reading up on nutrition and trying to get prepared for what's to come!

Thanks for creating this group already!

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Welcome and congrats Willovia. It's an exciting time! joy.gif

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Hello everyone!


I'm Josie. I turned 29 on November 9th and indulged in a little romance with the husband that evening. Despite an IUD, the Paraguard, I got pregnant! It wasn't that a third baby was out of the question for us, but more that the timing wasn't quite right. My youngest will be 2 in January and my son is 7. My husband and I would have liked to wait another year to try for a third, but looks like the universe had another plan! 


My husband adjusted quickly to the new plan and is going crazy coming up with names already. It is actually awesome that he is getting excited so quickly. It makes it easier for me to get excited!


I had the IUD removed on Wednesday morning and have had no issues or complications. My pregnancy symptoms always kick in early, so the exhaustion and nausea have begun. The joy! wink1.gif


It looks like I will be due around August 1st. That means my husband won't be the only Leo in our house. :)


My oldest was born at a free standing birth center and my littlest was born in hospital with CNMs since that is what insurance covered. I wanted a home birth so badly last time around, but we just couldn't afford it. This time I'm just doing whatever it takes to stay home. One of my closest friends is an intern midwife and she has already agreed to do the birth with her preceptor overseeing. She is who I mentored with when becoming a doula, so I know our birth philosophies are in line and we practice as doulas in very similar ways. It will be such a relief to not have to go anywhere when I go into labor this time! I am kind of dreading being full term in the heat of the Summer though. Good grief it is going to be hot, hot, hot!


More about me... I'm a doula and full-time student. I am Women's Studies major with a focus in feminist philosophy. I am wrapping up my undergrad and plan to do a graduate program afterwards. How that will look with three kids? It is going to be a trip! I know that much!


I'm looking forward to sharing the upcoming months with all of you. 





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Hey! I just got my positive test this morning. I had a loss in October at about 11 weeks, so I'm surprised I got pregnant so quickly. This is my 5th pregnancy, but will be my second child. I have a 2 1/2 year old DS who keeps me extremely busy! I know this sounds weird, but I knew I was pregnant pretty much right after we DTD. :) I don't have too many symptoms at the moment, but they don't usually kick in until 6 weeks or so. I'm really hoping that this babe sticks, so I can remain a part of this group! I look forward to chatting and ranting with you for the next 9 months!

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Welcome Willovia, Josie and Sallyrae!!! Congrats on your BFPs.

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