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Late joiner here.  Hi!


Due August 13th with #2. Slowly coming out of the closet, as it were...mostly I have been pretty mum on the whole thing. Some people know, but not many.  


Pregnancy was a total and complete surprise.  Happy to detail all the whys, but it is a long ass story. LOL


Anyway, hello!!

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Hello everyone!  Been posting on some other threads for a while and figured it's about time I introduce myself on this board (finally read everyone else's introductions - thank you all for sharing!)....


My name is Joy and I'm 39 yrs old, married to DH for almost 2 yrs and this is our first child (due Aug 3).  We started ttc before the wedding (my bio clock's ticking!) w/quick results, but had early losses in Feb'10 and Dec'10 (the latter immediately followed by a chem. pregnancy).  Got our current BFP right after Thanksgiving and since we both lost our grandmothers during Christmas, we announced the news to our families sooner than originally planned (prayers to our Grandmas for their protection!).


I am from MA, my husband is from MI, and we are currently/temporarily living in Winnipeg.  We move around A LOT (every 12-24 months for DH's job) and are slated to relocate to Manhattan in late fall.  We've exhausted all measures to obtain a midwife and have been having a very difficult time finding good prenatal care here in Winnipeg, so where and how we are going to have this baby is up in the air right now.  There's a good chance we'll end up moving to Chicago this spring to have the baby there....


I'm probably middle of the crunchy scale: strive for organic & local, chemical-free, bf, no-circ, babywear, fraught w/indecision about vacs, will someday settle down on a farm.  Taking an employment "break", I'm home online ALL day, reading up on such things and keeping in touch w/our family & friends from afar.  


Very excited to be a part of this DDC and to meet you all on these great threads!  Blessings and good health to all!







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Welcome AdinaL and NewMumJoy!  We've crossed paths on a couple other threads already, I think.  Exciting to have so many August babes!

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Welcome.  Adina would love to hear your story sometime.   Your avatar is pretty funny. 

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Originally Posted by AdinaL View Post

Due August 13th with #2. Slowly coming out of the closet, as it were...mostly I have been pretty mum on the whole thing. Some people know, but not many.  



I didn't realize you're due a week before me!  How awesome!  orngbiggrin.gif  And yeah, your whole crazy (surprise) story is pretty darned neat!

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Thanks for the welcomes!  I've just decided to embrace the extra USs and monitoring and to try to quit worrying about stuff (good luck with that, right?)  So far, with the exception of a visit to a perinatal center, this pregnancy has been totally normal and I'm not even going to start the extra monitoring until I'm about five months along.  Since I'm leaving the 1st trimester behind, I'm looking forward to actually "enjoying" my pregnancy and I don't want to ruin the experience with excessive worry.


Welcome and Hello to everyone else!

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Hey everybody.  I'm new here.  My due date is August 30, and we're still in the closet.  I've been having spotting off-and-on, and I really don't want to have to un-tell anybody if this pregnancy doesn't stick.  I'm having an u/s this week and if all looks good, we'll probably be spreading the news this week too. 


I have a short cervix, so I will be having extra ultrasounds.  My last pregnancy I was on bedrest for 2 1/2 months to prevent early labor - my dd ended up coming 8 days late.  I'm hoping to avoid the bedrest this time.  My midwife told me I did have to wean my 4 year old though... that was really tough for me and it's got me down lately. 


We are considering a home birth this time.  With my dd, we barely made it to the hospital in time - my labor was under 4 hours total - and I was put on my back during delivery and wound up with an episiotomy (despite being adamant throughout my prenatals about no intervention) and my dd was taken from me in the middle of the night b/c we weren't allowed to cosleep.  The best hospital near here is still pretty unfriendly for natural birth, though I don't know what the standard is in other areas.  They require IV and EFM, no food/water - I'm afraid to ask what the time limit on labor is.  There is no birth center near us, so I'm deciding between the one and only legal midwife around who will do home birth and the hospital. 


Anyway, I'm excited to be here and look forward to joining in!



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Welcome aboard, Soon2BeMom!

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Thanks NewMumJoy!  We're officially out of the closet now.  Had an U/S yesterday and everything looked fine, so we spread the news last night for Valentine's Day.  Dd is so excited!! 


I was really unhappy with the midwife visit though, so it looks like the homebirth midwife may be a better option for us.  Just need to call her references and my insurance company before committing.

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oops, double posted.

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Hello everyone!  I am joining a little late, but I am excited to be part of an online community, I feel like I have finally found one that I can relate to.


I have been married to my husband for 4 years, and we are pregnant with our second baby.  This is however, our 4th pregnancy.  Our first pregnancy was 6 weeks after our wedding day.  That ended in a molar pregnancy and D&C at 11 weeks.  I monitored my hCG levels for a few weeks and then found out that some cells (from the molar) had moved to my lungs, and I had lung cancer.  From a pregnancy, which was just so weird to me.  I was on chemo for 6 months, and 8 months after that, found out we were pregnant with our daughter.  She is now 2 and perfectly healthy.  We had a miscarriage and D&C in October 2011, and found out we were pregnant again 9dpo in December 2011.  We are very excited for baby #2, and this pregnancy seems to be flying by!  And pretty surreal. 


Hope that made sense and didn't sound too rushed.  I am now 13 weeks and feeling great. 

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Hi kayandbee, nice to meet you (virtually!).  You've had quite the journey..... great to have you here on this DDC!  Look forward to sharing our experiences and support over the coming months!

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  I couldn't find this group for a while.  But here I am.  I am due Aug 14 with #4.  Crossing my fingers for a healthy baby girl.  I'm still nauseous so chances are good.  I'm 15 weeks now.

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Hi Everybody,


I'm new, just joined today. I am 17 weeks pregnant with our first child. It's a boy :) I'm 33 and my husband is 32. We live in Brooklyn with our little dog. 

I am home resting today after an amnio yesterday. My blood tests showed a high risk for Down's Syndrome, 1 in 45. I should get the preliminary result today or tomorrow... anxiously awaiting the phone call. We will be keeping the baby regardless, still it's a lot to think about...\


Nonetheless excited to be pregnant and to be joining!



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Hello Mammas! My doula suggested I find support and hang out on a due date club on the Mothering forum. 


I am 13+ weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughter is almost 2, and we just weaned from the breast. I would've kept going--we were loving it--but I'd rather not tandem nurse a toddler and baby, though admire those that do. 


First pregnancy was a planned homebirth with a midwife but ended up with a c-section after I got very high blood pressure (180/150) in labor. (And 5 hours of pushing and no progress). So I am with an OB now going the VBAC route in a rural hospital in Southern MN where I live.


I've been on progesterone injections for nearly a month now. The high doses made me very, very ill. The lower does I am on now seems to agree with me.


I really miss midwifery care. There is no emotional or spiritual support in OB care, so I am hoping to connect with some moms in my area who are pregnant and natural-minded, as well as moms on this forum.


BTW, my due date is Labor Day, but since I couldn't find a Sept club I thought I'd put myself in August because Baby could come then, too. 


My dream is to labor in water (and resign myself to a land birth once I start pushing since I'm VBAC) but my doctor doesn't think the nurses will know how to handle me laboring in water. Grr. . . They even have a nice large whirlpool tub. Any suggestions on how I can get the staff to support laboring in water?


My daughter wants to get up so bye for now. I'll be back. And best wishes to all of you expectant mommas!


Melissa in MN

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Welcome, welcome!! bouncy.gif


Molita - Best of luck with your test results. Glad you are here! There's tons of great information and support in these forums.


Mommamelissa - I recently moved from Minnepolis. Love MN! I hope your waterbirth will work out. It really is a huge comfort for moms. I was hoping for a waterbirth as well. Coming form Mpls where it's increasing in popularity, I was disappointed to find that it's much less available where I am now in MD. I may have to settle for a nice big shower. irked.gif Ah well. I'm wondering why they are so unfamiliar w laboring in water if they have the tub? It's fairly straight forward as long as they have the proper equipment, water proof doppler, etc.

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I don't think I have joined this thread yet, at least I hope not because I can't remember.


This is my 2nd pregnancy, my daughter Maya is 3 years old, born in January 2009.

She was born at the hospital, naturally with the help of a Doula. I was hoping for a Homebirth but ended up with Gestational Diabetes, and my midwife didn't feel comfortable delivering at home.


This time I am going for the Homebirth, and found a midwife who is comfortable even if I do end up with GD again. I am feeling pretty good about it. My first labor was textbook smooth, and I have wonderful memories about it.


I live in Northern California, and am 15 weeks today, due August 24th...or somewhere around there. We will not find out the gender until his/her Birthday :)


I am glad this Forum exists, even though this is my 2nd and I somehow know what to expect, it's still nice to communicate with others in the same situation.



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Late to the party but hello all! I'm Abigail, a stay at home mom to 20 m son and joyfully expecting another at the end of August. I have just found this forum and am really excited to chat with like minded moms. We are planning to UC and UP with this baby and it would be amazing if there was anyone else sharing this journey with us! Best, Abigail
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Hi my name is Tallie!
I'm here in So. California.
I just found this group:). My "guess" date is August 2, 2012.
Anyone else on this date? I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter
who was born at home with a midwife. We still breastfeed daily.
Potty learning is still in process, but we also use only cotton cloth
diapers. We are Vegan and eat almost 100% organic food.
I plan on homeschooling, but I'm trying to decide between
Waldorf curriculum and unschooling (anyone else doing one of
these methods?). Anyway, I look forward to connecting with
everyone !!! Have a great day and a healthy pregnancy & birth!!!
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