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Sibling Gifts?

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Does anyone else do gifts for older siblings? What have you done or will you do?


Mine are 4 and 2


I am planning to get them each a backpack with characters on it that they are into. I think they will enjoy having new backpacks (DS2 does not have one and DS1's is old and falling apart and he no longer cares about the character on it); PLUS I can put their clothes in there for daycare/preschool so I only have to carry the baby and her bag...(is it wrong that this is partially for me lol??)


When DS2 was born DS1 got a stuffed animal and a couple other small toys.


What are you doing?

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I've never personally done gifts for my older kids, but it seems that most of the people I've heard of who do keep it "big brother/sister" themed.  So maybe a shirt or stuffed animal announcing the siblings' new status?  Or a book about how important they are as the big bro/sis. 

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We don't have any older siblings yet, just a puppy (who... actually, yes, is getting a new toy... he's spoiled... lol).  But I like the idea of doing a book, or something like Amanda did-- she knitted or crocheted, I don't remember, matching hats for everyone. I like that when they're still young enough to appreciate it. Or maybe it could be matching lovey blankets or something like that-- just something in the same material for each of them, but tailored to each child. 

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The store I manage sells Big Brother and Big Sister t-shirts so I'll probably pick one of those up for DD to wear to school after the baby comes so she can show off. I know she'll love that. We'll probably get her a little something else too, I'm not sure what though.

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When #2 was born-- she liked Angelina Ballerina so I got her the plush set back when American Girl sold it.  She sold Angelina at a garage sale.  Still kicking myself to let her!  I also gave her a ballet DVD so she'd have something to do when I was nursing the baby.


When #3-- everyone got cat stuffed animals purchased right before I gave birth (hospital gift shop).


With #4-- the "baby" asked what they wanted; they got stuffed animals based on what they asked for.


Now I am sticking with small stuffed animals.  Was going to get little personalized lockets but just too $$. 


We do NOT need another stuffed animal around here, so I am annoyed at myself for bringing yet more in, but could not think of anything else as inexpensive.


If I knew we were going to have so many kids, maybe I would have bought each child 1 small wooden animal instead.  That would have been nice, small, and inexpensive.

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I did for #1 when I had #2, and he really didn't care about it. He wanted the REAL baby, lol. I am not planning on getting them anything for this one. My 4yo is just so excited about his new baby he won't care about a toy. My 2yo really doesn't know what is going on, so we'll play that one by ear, I guess.

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My LO is under 2 so I don't think a gift is necessary. But if I had an older child I would get something because I am very sensitive about younger sibling/older sibling issues and I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out.


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We will definitely have a "Baby's Birthday" party after the baby is born, as usual:  the girls may make a banner and draw pictures, depending what they feel like doing while I'm in labor.  And birthday cake, of course!


Last time around, Grandma got the big sisters (3 & 5) necklaces and bracelets.  They're still part of the dress-up stash.  I'm thinking of making big sister necklaces with the girls the day we make my belly cast ...  I might write/find some big sister poetry to read while we put the necklaces on.  2yo will get a [new!] copy (with no missing/colored-on pages!) of What Baby Needs .  I'd like to get them all big sibling shirts, but with Christmas gifts to purchase and DD#1's 8th birthday on 12/16, I don't expect to get around to it ...

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I have "keep brothers busy bags" made up with treats, new small toys, colors, etc.

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I just found some more books to add to my sibling gifts:  On Mother's Lap By Ann Herbert Scott and The New Baby By Fred Rogers.  I'm so excited to read them to my girls!  love.gif

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