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Signs and symptoms

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Alright ladies, lets get it started!


So I'm uber sensitive to my body, mind and spirit. And I feel and notice everything, pregnant or not. Symptoms start hitting for me, the moment of conception. Of course, they tend to come and go so early and are not severe right away. But I've had pretty much all the initial ones that clue you in to pregnancy. Smell sensitivity, fatigue (going to bed 2 hours earlier at night), waves of tiredness and needing a nap during the day. Hormonalness. Not able to sleep past 5:30 am. Leg restlessness, and on and on. But as I said, they come and go. Today I felt pretty normal except for a few bouts of tiredness.


The one thing that is already challenging and will likely only get worse before it gets better is that nothing sounds good to eat. And I am forcing myself to eat of course, and working on protein, but as soon as I take two bites, it becomes so appealing. And I have this really weird thing going on a night where I'm starving, so I'll finally find something to eat, but then I feel uncomfortably full after only a couple of bites. It's not the same thing as something becoming unappealing; it's as if I've eaten a ton and I'm too full. It's been happening every night for 4-5 days. In fact, I'm feeling it right now. I had to keep eating though, b/c I just haven't even enough today.


Has anyone else ever had that happen. It is new to me in pregnancy and very very odd.

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I'm wracked with fatigue and nausea already, and my food aversions are kicking into high gear as well. With my daughter, I didn't get any symptoms until 8 or 9 weeks along, and by my calculations I am either 4 or 6 weeks pregnant (yeah, we're not 100% sure), so it's surprising to me to have symptoms already. Hopefully they don't get worse and worse!

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I'm having lots pg sxs, which is why I tested(we were not expecting a pg this cycle).   Dizziness was first, then frequent urinating, always my first 2 indicators, now a bit of nausea and a headache.  Oh and some cravings(is that even supposed to start early?).  

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I went vegetarian two months before this pregnancy and never once craved the meat, nor missed it. Guess what I craved big time a few days ago?! Which is fine, I ate some. I'm not trying to be hard core about it or anything. I'm fine with being more of a flexitarian. Although since those couple of days of really craving meat, I've gone back to being able to eat veggie.

Cravings can start anytime, as can any of the other symptoms. I always have to remind my husband that when you get pregnant it happens right away. My body has to start changing immediately..not a few months into it. He can't ever believe how symptomatic I am so quickly. Not even third time in. eyesroll.gif

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OMG. I thought I was the only one with this weird sleep schedule. I fell asleep at 7:30pm last night and right about 5am I was wide awake. I got to work a whole hour early today. I even fell asleep at my hubby's parent's house right after dinner Friday.. I was so embarrassed. I think my MIL knows something is up but she won't say it. I just have to hear some heart tones and they we can tell our families. I dodged wine all weekend (people know I love it).


I have a little cramp on my left side every now and then - heard it might be round ligament pain, I get light headed all the time, I get the occasional waves of nausea and headaches. Nothing severe - so I'm just enjoying all the changes in my body.


I'm looking forward to my phone interview on dec 14th (something my dr's office does) and my first midwife appt on dec. 27th.

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I don't have any common symptoms yet.  I did gain a pound but it was Thanksgiving after all.  I am feeling extremely happy and have for the past week plus.  I am a happy camper by nature but this is a different type.  Probably has to do with the surge in hormones, happy hormones.  

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I was a very, very, very happy pregnant lady last time around, so I am looking forward to that again! Right now, though, I am super lightheaded and nauseous and headachey. I nanny for my niece part time and there is something in her diaper bag that smells like fake maple syrup and it is driving me UP A WALL! I feel like it's up my nose, the smell is so strong. Ugh!

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I am super tired, and definitely have pg nose.  I was nauseous for a few days earlier, but that has gone away (which makes me kind of worried.....).  I had very few symptoms when pregnant before, though!

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I was feeling less than pregnant last night. I got worried. I feel more preggers this morning. Anyone else had their symptoms just disappear and then reappear?

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Yeah, that is pretty common. Right now I have the most symptoms midday, and do my best early in the morning or at night. The worst last time around was when my symptoms subsided around 12 weeks pregnant, and then I didn't show or feel movement until 18-ish weeks. Those interim weeks were SO HARD! I kept taking pregnancy tests again to ease my mind that I was still actually pregnant!

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Ok.. that makes me feel better. I haven't felt my usual lightheadedness. Just a few very brief waves of nausea since this morning and a light headache that started a few minutes ago. I haven't had to pee as much today and yesterday and no cramps. I thought for sure something was wrong. But I guess it's pretty normal - me and pictureframe noticed it the last few days too.


Thanks Cecilia'smom!

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I still haven't had much as far as overt symptoms. Although I think I'm getting pg nose too. I've been smelling mildew everywhere I go today. And there's some weird smell in my house I can't describe. Blech.

I was very euphoric for a lot of my last pregnancy. I had bad days of course but it was like the hormones helped balance my brain out. I enjoyed it a lot.
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Thybyr- That is most definitely normal to go through periods of feeling pregnant, then not; especially so early. I would say that just about anything can be considered "normal" with pregnancy. Every woman is so diff. in what she feels. Twitches, aches, pinches, etc. And I've personally known a few women that didn't even really feel pregnant the whole time. Obviously when the baby gets bigger and kicks etc, they felt it; but they didn't have any major symptoms and signs. It actually weirded them out.  I think that would be delightful. 

Sounds like Ninetales and pictureframe might be like that. Didn't you say on another thread Ninetales, that you didn't feel too much with your last pregnancy, or am I making that up? I know you just mentioned it upthread pictureframe.  I'm curious what is that like? Do you just know you're pregnant, but don't really feel like it most the time and go on about your daily business? I'm intrigued.


In fact, anyone got pregnancy brain already? I do! I would also say that I am having to be careful to eat regularly b/c my blood sugar drops rapidly. It's like this every pregnancy...protein, protein, protein.  Too bad food isn't appealing at all. But working on it.



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During pregnancy I break my "whole foods" diet by drinking protein shakes almost every morning. It's about the best way I can make sure I get protein without having to actually eat.

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I had to do that with my 2nd. So far I'm doing okay, but do plan on getting some hemp protein and start rocking the smoothies on the vitamix or blendtec when I get it!

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Yep, I did say that. I didn't feel much really early on last time. It was a lot like it is now, which is being tired and hungry. If I didn't miss a period I probably wouldn't notice until the sickness started, which last time was around 9 or 10 weeks.

I have to start on the juicing. I'm not doing well on my fruits and veggies.
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I'm super crampy. I think was both of my previous pregnancies too.  It's a little painful to nurse, as my nipples are more tender.  I actually hoped to wean him by the time he was three, but suddenly he's obsessed with nursing, which is funny b/c he wasn't ever very interested as a baby?!  Not sure what to do there.  I nursed my first all nine months of my last pregnancy and tandem nursed until the first turned three or so.

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My nipples are super sore too. Actually, my breasts themselves are really sensitive. When Cecilia pet them while nursing, I normally love it, but it's driving me batty right now!

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Yes!  Then I get all hormonal-crazy and start crying and crap.  And then I get sick again and get REALLY excited that I want to puke!

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I was feeling less than pregnant last night. I got worried. I feel more preggers this morning. Anyone else had their symptoms just disappear and then reappear?


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ainh- I was super achy and some crampy for about three days about a week ago.

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