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Haha so I totally missed this thread already and posted a early symptom thread but I will go here too. I am no joke 12 dpo and my boobs are about to bust out of my bra. This happened with my first too just not this early. I also had morning sickness this morning and had to lay down and cuddle my sparkling water. I also have a small bump (crazy!!!) and heartburn in the evenings.


Cecilia's mom: It was driving me nuts because I kept thinking I recognized you from MDC before and I just realized that we were in a due date group with our firsts!! My DD#1 (stillborn unfortunatley) was born March 24, 2010. It's nice to see you again. Its so funny we're in a due date club again. wave.gif

Pregnancy brain! lol.gif


I'm so sorry to hear that your first daughter was stillborn. Very glad to see you again!


I picked up a pack of Sea-Bands at Walgreen's today, and actually, I think they are helping! I just took them off to see if I get nauseous again soon.

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How much were the sea bands CM?

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I hope you find some relief soon, Thebyr! 


So far I've been pretty good fingersx.gif Just a seasickness/hungover feeling and extreme thirst when I wake up. I have noticed that despite still having a lot of hunger, I am not as excited to make or eat meals, although once I start eating I enjoy it. 


I want to keep track of how much I drink today because, despite being someone who tends to drink a lot of water, and despite drinking a ton, I still feel as though I could drink glass after glass of water all day long.


The boob symptoms are developing: from sore swollen nipples to a lump (growing gland?) inside one breast so far.


I do wonder what is going to happen to my cholesterol with my increased egg consumption (I've been trying to use the healthiest eggs I can find), but I have been eating one or two a day. I am a little miffed at the lack of non-soy proteins I'm finding around here (big city, no less). I hope that Qorn stays in business, but now they are at Target, so it seems like a good sign. I was going to buy some seitan from Whole Foods the other day, but ALL of the different brands use soy sauce!  What's the point?! I don't want to overdo it on the fish, although I do use the mercury calculator and only eat low mercury fish.



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They were ~ $10.

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I learned today that automatic vomit = fish sauce spilled all over the fridge. I thought I was going to die. Sorry if this is enough to make someone else sick. 

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Just thought I would pass along some further MS advice: apparently, vitamin B6 can help, although it's supposedly better for moderate to severe morning sickness than mild morning sickness. According to Medline, the recommended dosage is 10-25 mg 3-4x a day. I've started on that, sort of, and it seems like it might be helping. The only trouble I ran into was that the smallest dose I could find (both at Walmart and Walgreens) was 100 mg. I haven't yet had a lot of luck cutting it with a knife, so I may have to give in a buy a pill cutter.

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No MS here yet, but boy I'm so tired and cranky. And my patience is a lot shorter. But I was able to successfully negotiate DS onto a potty this morning joy.gif (after he peed a bunch on the bathroom floor eyesroll.gif).
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The seabands helped me.  They aren't a total cure and I am not sure how they even work, but they do help some.  Another thing that helps is eating crackers in bed when I wake up just to get something in the stomach.  Followed with a glass of icy cold orange juice in an icy cold mug.  

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lol Sol - you make ME want this ice cold orange juice in an icy mug now!


Thanks Andaluza.


Today was actually a good day - probably because I got out of bed, had my preggy pop on the way to work, ate a trailmix bar when I got here and went for a yummy naturally decaf tea latte and scone soon after. As long as I keep something in my stomach - I seem to feel MUCH better.

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I'm so glad to see this thread so active. I like a good active thread. I tried the sea bands when I had hyperemesis and they didn't work but even water gave me heartburn then, so...


I had slight MS today but I think it was from too much tea and not enough solid food for breakfast. I have been trying to quit coffee and have kicked the everyday habit but I still seem to think I need some when I am running errands. Then I'm all jittery and hopped up half the day. It tastes good but I don't even feel good 10 minutes after drinking it. It also raises my blood pressure temporarily so I should  know better.


There was something else I was going to ask on here today but now i can't remember what it was. Oh well, maybe I will think of fit later.

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I had my first experience with morning sickness today.  So far it's only been food aversions and some very minor nausea here and there that goes away when I eat or exercise.  This morning though I went out to the kitchen for breakfast and my husband had left a bowl of cold minestrone soup on the counter.  I had to make him put it away.  It was repulsive.  Ugh. 

I was congratulating myself that maybe I wouldn't have much m/s because my mother didn't have much with us, but it looks like I'm in for at least some.  Oh well. 

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BaileyB - Try drinking decaf. I switched to decaf when I was pregnant with my son (3 years ago or so) and I don't miss the caffeine at all. I also don't notice a different taste or anything. Decaf mochas are a definite treat for me. When I have a few sips of caffeinated coffee now, I practically bounce out the door. :)

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so..I crave olives when I'm preggers.. but then they make me terribly sick. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? I was having such a great day too.. now the under parts of my eyes (upper cheeks) are sweating.. that happens when I'm severely nauseated. Oh my - an hour left of work. I think I can. I think I can.


Sidenote: I gave up coffee - it will be one month on the 18th. I'm so proud of myself. I had heard that some decaf is processed poorly - so I just stay away from it altogether. That first two weeks are really painful without my morning cup. I tried a naturally decaf chai tea with cream - made me SO sick. Today I had the african autumn tea latte from biggby - EXCELLENT! It's cranberry and orange tea - totally naturally decaffeinated - and YUMMY!


Excuse me while I go gag.

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I haven't had many symptoms yet.  My other pregnancies were fairly tame in the symptom department except for the super nose and sheer exhaustion.  It's really early for me but I am already TIRED.  I had some boudin this morning but had to eat it without actually looking at it and I LOVE boudin!

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I do like decaf too but am being super anti-chemicals etc lately although I don't really have any "facts" about decaf. I think I felt yucky enough after the coffee drink today that I will be avoiding more easily now.


I still can't remember my other question...derr frustrating.

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I've been drinking Teeccino as a coffee alternative. I like the organic chai flavor when made in my espresso machine and the hazelnut flavor brewed normally.

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I did hear teechino was safe - did you get it at wholefoods? I think I may stay off it permanently now though - it was no fun going through withdrawal those first few weeks.


I'm back and feeling a little better. I didn't want to go in the bathroom and purge - because you can hear it in the offices next door.. besides - I'm really bad at vomiting, like - I need a class. so sad.

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Teeccino has no coffee: it's ground chicory and other such ingredients (almonds, figs, etc). I got my first packages at Whole Foods and Sprouts, but it's cheaper on Amazon in 3 packs. 


I am terrified about vomiting at work. My office is near that of several very gossipy ladies and we have no private bathrooms, so I couldn't vomit silently in either place. Ugh. I also haven't vomited since childhood, so I have no idea what it sounds like when I do.

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I have been drinking a lot of tea as coffee replacement. Herbal stuff. Sometimes I think its more about a warm coffee cup for me than anything. I have been drinking the traditional medicinals Pregnancy Tea.

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From what I know, water process decaf is fine. They don't use chemicals to get rid of the caffeine (I get mine at Dunn Brothers).

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