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Giving up caffeinated beverages is so hard for me too. I love tea, and drink it (when not pg) all day long. Not herbal.


Anyways, I have never heard about Teaccino...will be interested to look it up!



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Uh oh.... what is wrong with decaf?  Is it really that bad?  We usually can't buy it reasonably in China (coffee is expensive as is and decaf is more rare) - but I found a good deal recently and stocked up as a Christmas present to us (neither of us are caffeine drinkers). 


Although, truth be told, coffee doesn't appeal to me as much this week as it did last. 


I had my first cold, sweaty, sudden bout of nausea this morning.  It made me SO happy because I had a lower temperature this morning and that can be a sign of impending miscarriage. 


I also totally lost my temper (I can be a bit feisty, but usually my self control is higher) with my husband yesterday and had a moment where I'm pretty sure I sounded like a wild animal to him.  Oops.  I was pretty embarrassed.  It was like I was watching myself lose my temper and wondering who that crazy lady was while it was happening.  innocent.gif



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I've only had a couple very brief bouts of nausea so far, but the food aversions are kicking in. I had nausea with my first, but hardly any with my 2nd. I'm hoping for little or none this time too, as long as everything stays healthy.


Another one having a hard time giving up the caffeine here. Cutting back to one cup of coffee a day hasn't been that big a deal on my days off. But I work 12-hour overnights a couple times a week, and trying the first overnight sans coffee the other night was ROUGH. sleeping.gifOn the bright side, I usually have issues with insomnia on the nights when I don't work, and now that I'm all sleepy and uncaffeinated, I'm actually sleeping a normal amount on my nights off.


I'm only 7 weeks, but I feel like I'm already starting to show a little. I remember with my 2nd I had quite a pooch by 8-9 weeks. By the time I told everyone last time, it was pretty obvious.

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I'm not sure what all is wrong with decaf just that most of it is chemically processed or something and I think well...one less thing to buy then.

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Lizbiz, it's because coffee doesn't naturally come in decaf, it's chemically processed to be that way.  Some people shy away from it because they don't want to be exposed to the chemicals used.  All thesame, I'm drinking it.  I'm a coffee junky, so I can't give it up completely.  The risks of caffiene in pregnancy are pretty widely accepted, while the risks of decaffienating chemicals are not.  I'm choosing the lesser of two evils.


My symptoms - I'm a little scared that I have more than one in there, which would really not be a good thing.  I started having a lot of abdominal pain and fatigue at 7dpo.  By 9dpo I had a very clear BFP.  Now I'm four weeks and I have a big bump, I'm so tired I can't think straight, I'm having major cravings and heartburn, and pregnancy brain is in full swing.  Twins do run in my family - my mother has twin brothers, though I have no idea whether they're identical or fraternal, as I've never seen a picture of them.

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FeralFox, what is the risk level for coffee in pregnancy? With my first I was told I could drink 1-2 cups/day. Then with my second it was 0 coffee. I've heard conflicting things with alcohol too although I know it is more unknown what amount is really ok with alcohol, etc. I'm not a big drinker and both coffee and alcohol dehydrate me and I have to constantly remind myself to drink water all day anyway.

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I've always been told that drinking 1-2 cups of caffeinated coffee is fine in pregnancy. It all depends on how strict you want to be. I guess I'm just not extremely concerned about all of the "no-no's." I know the obvious things I should avoid, but I'm not going all crazy about it. I wasn't very strict with my first pregnancy either. I figured that if I wanted it, there was a reason. I didn't want coffee or alcohol at all, so that wasn't an issue. If you have something caffeinated every once in a while, I think you'll be fine. I mean, everything in moderation is what we're always told (about everything). If we really worry about everything we ingest, we'll go absolutely crazy!

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Hmm...what is it??


I do not know...it's in Chinese.  Little green bottle.  The cashier recommended it when my husband told her his stomach hurt and he needed medicine. We've had it for over a year. Still full. LOL  We use it all the time.  LOL


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Feral Fox - thanks!  I think I'm going to stick to my one cup of decaf for now until it makes me sick. It's a huge treat after a year of herbal tea - which I also love... but well, it's just not coffee! 


Just spent 2 hours proctoring an exam... got so sick standing up I had to call in a favor and have someone bring me a Sprite.  I didn't lose my lunch after all, whew!


Intime0 - If you'd like, you can take a picture and post - I can translate the medicine name to English for you ;).  Still, might be something they don't sell in the West.  I read a bit of your blog - beautiful family you have there!  I aspire to so many kiddos... :)

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LizBiz, do you speak Chinese?


I will try to remember to take a picture!




To the mom who had a stillborn, so sorry!  This must be an exciting, yet scary time for you.


The sea bands work on pressure points...acupressure.  Which is big over here...alternative medicine is big over here.


I once read on a blog that eating lots of beans helps with morning sickness...seems like it was In a Shoe.


One thing that's super hard is having cravings and not being able to eat them.  Like, I really just wanted Sonic and Doritos yesterday.  LizBiz, how are you faring in China?


Nothing really sounds good to eat and nothing really tastes good when I eat it. But no morning sickness, so I can deal with the aversions and lowered appetite. Hungry though.  Um, did I say I had 3 sandwiches for lunch.

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Hi ladies! This thirst has gotten out of control when sleeping. i woke up 3x during the night with cotton mouth and need to drink/pee a 16 oz glass of water. I wrote down all the liquid I consumed yesterday and it was a total of 186 oz. (10 16 oz glasses of water, one 8 oz glass of juice, one 18 oz mug of teeccino/milk). 8 oz = 1 cup, 23.25 cups of liquid! It seems impossible to me that I am somehow dehydrated.  

Is this normal or is there something off? I did eat cheese lasagna for lunch and dinner, and I'm sure it had a good amount of sodium in it, but I thought that with all the water I had consumed, it would have counteracted any excess sodium (which I think we need anyway, being pregnant). 

I did not exercise yesterday, either. I am just a little concerned about how parched I was when I woke up during the night. I will obviously drink as much as my body requests, but I don't want my electrolyte balance to go off.

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I would increase your good salt intake (sea salt). Salt food to taste. You may need to be adding a bit extra. You're cells cannot absorb all that liquid properly without salt. I'm guessing your electrolyte balance is off as you suggested. See if salt helps.

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I have the excess saliva. I had it with both my girls too. Awful symptom. Lots of twinges, some of them pretty sharp. I'm a little queasy, but not bad yet. That usually hits me around 5 weeks and I'm only 4 right now. I was babysitting yesterday and had to change 2 awful diapers that almost made me gag. I'm not usually sensitive to smells. I'm really hungry and I'm sure will put on weight fast. 

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I'm experiencing extreme thirst too. I think it's because our bodies need more water to make extra blood and amniotic fluid. I also have a persistent bad taste in my mouth, like fried food cooked in old grease. I only get nauseated when hungry which is rough due to that bad taste. Watermelon usually hits the spot though.
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Bloody noses started for me yesterday. I don't remember them being this early with my son. 

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Originally Posted by jennyf917 View Post

 I also have a persistent bad taste in my mouth, like fried food cooked in old grease. I only get nauseated when hungry which is rough due to that bad taste.

Oh man, that can't be good. Sorry for that one!

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We can add increased CM and emotional down for me now. I think I have cried 3 times in probably 12 hours for minor things like not knowing where the butter is...Sheepish.gif

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Really emotional, dry mouth, sensitive gums.



Today, after late parent teacher conferences, SOOOO tired. I feel hungover or like I just pulled an all-nighter but I didn't.

Any ideas for natural energy getting through this fatigue?

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About decaf tea, I read somewhere you can make it yourself by brewing it at a colder temp and shorter time, steeping the tea bag only 30 seconds or so.  Not sure if that works.    

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Thanks, Jamie and Jenny! I will keep consuming salt throughout the day. I love the idea that I'm making more blood and amniotic fluid heartbeat.gif Come on baby, grow and be healthy!


Hi Boots! Yes, the hungover feeling is pretty much how I feel every morning. As for energy, maybe do a few stretches to get your blood flowing? Drink some hot water with lemon? Hope you find some energy soon!


Yes, Sol_y_Paz, I've heard something similar; apparently the caffeine leaves the tea in the 1st 30-45 seconds. I used to do that when ttc: brew the tea normally for 45 seconds, put the used leaves in new water for me and give the caffeinated cup to dh! Comes out quite good. I just haven't been desiring a cup of tea or anything hot after my morning teeccino.

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