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We can add increased CM and emotional down for me now. I think I have cried 3 times in probably 12 hours for minor things like not knowing where the butter is...Sheepish.gif

Glad Im not the only one. lol Last week I helped my mom move to her new place and I asked if we could stop at Subway for a veggie sub and she replied she was in a rush and couldnt. I welled up with tears like I was a 6 year old whose mommy said I couldnt have a new toy.

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OK, this is really weird. I nanny for my niece in the afternoons a few days a week. I have felt like I've had "afternoon sickness" (instead of m/s) since my symptoms have kicked in. Yesterday, I didn't have any nausea at all, and that was my one niece-free day this week. Today I got her early, at 11 instead of 2, and by 11:30 I am feeling my nausea. What gives?? Could her laundry detergent or something be setting me off? This is really odd.

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anyone else having intense hot flashes?? sometimes i feel like my head is going to burst into flames... you can seriously feel the heat radiating off of me from like a foot away. I remember this from my others but I always forget just how uncomfortable it is for me.


Aimee, you are probably doing more and forced to be more active with 2... I know sometimes the more active I am the worse my nausea is. It seems when I eat the nausea is worse... if I don't eat, beyond hunger I don't get sick. I'm focusing on proteins but it's not really helping. I tend to skip breakfast because nothing sounds appetizing and then when I eat in the afternoon it gets progressively worse until after dinner and in the evening where I'm miserable. This is making keeping this secret (for now) very difficult.

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Intime0 - Yes, I do speak Chinese - not perfectly... but I can read with a dictionary and work in an all-Chinese environment -  I understand academic lectures, and occasionally give a lecture in Chinese.  Sometimes I feel like a 2nd grader though :).  I'd like to be totally fluent, but with the kiddos and life and well... other interests too... I fall pretty far short!  But that's one of the reasons I really enjoy living here... all my life growing up in Wisconsin... I wanted to get out there and see how people live (and communicate) on the other side of the planet.  


As for cravings - I miss a lot of things, but I'm pretty adjusted to what's offered here, and we've either forgotten what we miss or have figured out a way to make it here.  I miss cottage cheese and just convenience foods!  Like bags of washed lettuce that I don't have to labor over to disinfect or frozen spinach that I don't have to de-stem/wash or food bases like easy soup mixes - I have to pretty much make everything from scratch here.  I miss Trader Joes because, well, who wouldn't!  :)  I don't eat much fast food - but when I am prego - I eat McDonalds at least a couple of times... and luckily we have that here.  Oh!  I miss Kashi Heart-to-Heart cereal!  Uh oh... I'd better stop here or I'm going to think of more...


Happily, we're headed home for the Chinese New Year, so I'll have a good fix of American food for 5 crucial weeks during the 1st trimester... not looking forward to the jetlag or the airplane rides... but it will be good to get home.


OK - I'm going to try get my lazy bum out the door for a run ;).  It seems like a joke - as I am currently queasy... but here goes! 



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One thing that has really helped me in previous pregnancies is liquid iron supplements.  I can't think of the  name brand but Mothering used to advertise it all the time.  Within a few days I felt like a new woman.  I never had my iron tested but we use more of it when prego.  So I must get depleted.


Singapore is quite modernized so I dont have to worry about that type of stuff...they jsut dont have all the American food I miss.  Awesome about CNY.  Jet lag is the pits.  We went home this summer and I don't want to do it again any time soon.



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Demeter- Yes! to major hot flashes. That was one of the first things I started having at around 12 DPO. It's been insane. But what's even stranger, is I still get really cold sometimes. I know pregnant women tend to run hot, (that's never been a huge issue for me), but I'm getting freezing cold and then burning hot. I can't seem to maintain any one temp.

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Jamie, I am the same! I have been freezing a lot, and it freaked me out a little, but I also do get unbearably hot too. I think my feet are my barometer, and I go barefoot much of the day (under my desk at work - I do put on shoes to walk around!) which keeps me cooler, so if I've got my shoes & socks on for my commute or I put slippers on at home, I warm up really quickly. I've always been this way, it's just more extreme right now. 

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Eluthia- I find it so strange b/c you never hear about pregnant women being cold!  And of course, when I get all bundled up, or warmed up in whatever way I do so, then it goes to the opposite extreme and I have a major hot flash and start burning up.  Aaahh...the joys of pregnancy!

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Hello everyone,

I know I'm probably just overthinking things, but my symptoms have gotten better, rather than worse over time.  I'm exactly 7 weeks today, and morning sickness isn't really a problem (though the thought of food is kind of icky and I have some serious food aversions) and the breast soreness that was ROCKING earlier is now pretty much gone, just a little here and there.  Has anyone else had pretty mild symptoms?  I don't get an ultrasound or anything until Jan 5, so my only other option is to continually take preggo tests!  In my heart, I know it's still there, but in my head I keep questioning things.


My mom did say that she had very little m/s with her son but a lot with her daughters, so maybe it's a boy?  Who knows.  The suspense is killing me!  Counting down to Jan. 5....


(And for what it's worth, I do feel pretty lucky compared with friends of mine who had terrible m/s, so I'm not taking it for granted, I'm just a little worried)


Oh, and to second what a couple of you said above, I cannot get warm!  Freezing all the time.  Ugh.

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Totally normal. thumb.gif

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I've come to learn my rhythm with this pregnancy. It's kind of nice it's so predictable b/c it helps me figure out how to get stuff done when I feel best. I have waves of feeling yucky and short times of feeling fine.  Morning's start off yucky for a couple of hours. Then I seem to have about 2 hours of feeling okay in which I take advantage and get the kids out and do what we need to do. But all that doing, then gets me super tired and yucky feeling by 12:30 and I absolutely have to nap at 1pm. Just for about a 1/2 hour. Then, although I feel less tired after the nap, I tend to feel worse physically. Like I'm achy all over. That lasts for about an hour. Then by about 3 I have another couple of hours I can really accomplish things. But by 5:30 I'm worn out and I'm cranky and super tired again. The rest of the night I'm fairly worthless unless I have to do something/be somewhere, then I'll push myself. Last night hubby took me to the ballet and although I really wanted to just go to bed, I really enjoyed it (and managed to stay awake through it).


Anyone else got there schedule down?


My challenge will be today. All the activities are during crummy feeling times. Starting with kids bday party at 1 pm. I'm about to go take a nap now to help avoid myself being a complete mess. Here's hoping...

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I'm also having moments of feeling super cold and then super hot. I feel like I'm getting sick or something. To make matters worse, I woke up super nauseous at 3:30 am. My neighbor just went through a pretty bad bout of the stomach flu and there's no way for me to know if I have m/s or flu because I'm pretty good at "controlling" when I throw up. :-/ In any event, I couldn't move without wanting to throw up. I really hope this is just a fluke. 


As for a schedule, I don't really have one yet. I'm 6 weeks tomorrow which is generally when m/s kicks in for me (though I think it started today), so maybe this next week I'll have some sort of schedule figured out. I'm not looking forward to feeling ill over Christmas. What is everyone else planning to do? Are all of you planning to tell family and friends that you are pregnant? If not, how are you going to hide your nausea? Maybe I could say I have the flu? 

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LilyTiger, my symptoms so far (I'm at 6w1d) seem to come and go. It's almost like my body gets used to a certain level of hormones or size of my uterus or breasts (so I feel more "normal") and then things reach a tipping point or growth spurt or something and I feel queasy/tired and my pelvis/hips are sore and my breasts are tender again. And my symptoms aren't that intense yet - no true nausea or anything. BUT I had an ultrasound on Thursday and there's definitely a little blob flickering away in there! I hope that's reassuring and I hope January 5th comes quickly for you!


I've had a headache since yesterday afternoon. Right now I'm drinking a tiny can of Coke in the hope that a little caffeine will do the trick, but if I hit the 24 hour mark, I may need to give in and take a tylenol. I *really* hope this is not going to be a regular symptom for me. I do go to my acupuncturist tomorrow and hopefully she'll be able to help. Usually I'd be consuming/covering myself in peppermint everything, but I've read that peppermint oil/extract/etc isn't safe for pregnancy. I do have a huge bag of dried lavender so maybe I'll cobble together a lavender rice sock & stick it in the freezer to lay on my forehead for awhile. 

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Eleuthia - Where did you hear that peppermint wasn't good for pregnancy? I've actually heard and read the exact opposite. I have a list of "herbs contraindicated for use in pregnancy" in my "The Natural Pregnancy Book" and it doesn't list peppermint anywhere. I used peppermint all throughout my pregnancy with my son! 


In any event, I hope your head starts to feel better soon!

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I am wanting to hide my pregnancy until later but today we have a family Christmas party for my husband's side of the family and I went shopping yesterday for new clothes, and when I tried them on I was like, "Ummm, I look pregnant." I am really bad at hiding my nausea too. I have felt pretty good so far but this morning I slept in and I was sooooo hungry when I got up that I almost passed out! I had to sit down in the middle of making pancakes and now i feel like I am totally dragging. Hopefully I will perk up soon. Party is in 1.5 hours!


Anybody else not being able to take a poop? I was taking a magnesium supplement but had to stop because my gag reflex won't let me swallow pills.

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I've had some constipation, which is crazy for me because I'm pretty much always the exact opposite. Been eating dried fruit to try to kick things into gear. lol.gif

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Yes, BaileyB and Cecilia'sMom, I hear you. Despite drinking prune juice and eating multiple prunes a day, eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking fountains of water....today is day 2 and....nothing. 

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Well apparently I ate too much dried fruit yesterday. irked.gif

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Ha, Cecilia's mom, things also worked themselves out comfortably here. I was beginning to worry that prunes no longer worked for me. They do.


As for the coldness/heat discussion, I tend to be very cold all the time. But now, I can feel that my hands are cold, for instance, but it doesn't seem to penetrate me or make the rest of my body feel cold. I'm enjoying it, since we leave the house at 65 in winter.

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