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Thanks for the reassurances, everyone!


As far as cravings go, I just sent my wonderful husband to Wendy's for a cheeseburger with extra extra pickles.  I do not eat or crave fast food normally, but for some reason I needed that.  eyesroll.gif

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My cravings have been egg mcmuffins. Around 3 a day.

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Egg  mcmuffin sounds good!!!  I just really, really, really want a taco.  A normal, Taco Bell taco. 


I dont have many symptoms. I feel a litlte sick sometimes.  Yesterday we had McDonalds and it upset my stomach. Drank some of my voodoo medicine and felt great after a few minutes. BTW, it's fruit salt. Still havent taken a picture, though.


Got SO MAD at my DH yesterday.  Which is weird, because I just don't get mad.  But I was MAD. Kept me up for the longest time. Still mad today but not as bad.

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I'm always super tired by 7:30 or 8:00 pm (I'm a nightowl by nature usually - I have always had trouble being sleepy before 1 and 2 am!) and now I wake up every morning no later than 5:30 am. sometimes more like 4:30 am. I am really hormonal and sensitive. Not just about things that concern me, either! The other day I watched an animal video on the computer where a tiger was reunited with his family and I cried for an hour. haha. Meantime, I haven't had any trouble with food whatsoever. And no morning sickness. I have heard I should "feel lucky" about that but to be honest it makes me nervous that something's wrong with my pregnancy. It's my first pregnancy so I don't know what to expect really, but all my friends with healthy babies and full term pregnancies seem to have experienced at least some morning sickness.

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I've got the pukies and they are getting worse rather than better. :( I woke up around 2 this morning feeling queasy, no bueno. I think I'm around 7 weeks... so hopefully we'll peak soon and I'll be on the way to getting better. Really hard to hide a pregnancy when you feel like crud all day long.

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Thanks to the Egg Mcmuffin comments, that's what I made at home to eat this morning!


Sorry you are feeling worse Demeter. I told dh the same thing this morning; that we are likely to have to tell his Mom sooner rather than later b/c I don't feel super great and I'm already showing. So far when I'm around her I'm wearing sweatshirts or something that covers me up and I do my best to suck it in. But if I don't feel good on Xmas eve, what's a pregnant girl to do??

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I'm really surprised I've not totally popped out yet because I usually do... I can palpitate my fundus just above my pubic bone already, so I'm growing. I think what's different is that most of my pants were all too big on me because I'd recently lost a bunch of weight so it's hiding things better. :) That's my saving grace right now.

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What should have been my first clue, for this surprise pregnancy, I was craving pregnancy tea the week after ovulation.

Then during the week of my missed period I was bloated, irritable, and falling asleep super early. I got my BFP on the afternoon of day 4.

I have nausea, most of the day. Fatigue, I'm useless are 3 pm. Hypersensitive nipples, making it hard to nurse my 22 month old. And tons of pubic pressure as baby grows fast.

Getting at least a quart of pregnancy tea, eating high protein and fat meals/snacks every 2 hours +, and light exercise every day makes a huge difference for me!

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Nothing sounded good today until I read about the egg muffin.  So I am making biscuits, will add egg and cheese when they are done.  Of course I am going to have that with a huge glass of icy cold OJ in an icy mug.  

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Great, now I really want a big burger with extra pickles! eat.gif  I'm bread-free though, so I can't have one.  *sigh*


I'm the opposite of all you hot flashing ladies.  I can't seem to warm up!  I'm normally a little thin skinned in the winter, but this year it's much worse.  Other than that my symptoms are numberous, but pretty mild.  A couple of bouts of very slight nausea, but no real sickness yet.


Is anyone else having lower abdominal pain a lot of the time?  It's hard to nail down where it's coming from, and it's not exactly dull, but not really sharp or crampy either.  It's like it's just on the edge of my awareness all the time.


Whoever sad they can feel their fundus - how do you do it?  I tried feeling for mine, but I have no idea what it's supposed to feel like.

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I have some occasional abdominal twingey pains... I chalk it up to uterine growth. :) I can feel my fundus if I lay on my back and press lightly over my pubic bone. It feels kinda spongey... different.



I want a steak, a big juicy steak... medium rare, closer to rare than medium. Caramelized onions and some mashed potatoes. Really I think I want to go to TGIFridays and let them do the work, lol.

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We had steak the other night and I ate the whole thing. Normally I would've only been able to eat about a third of it. I am having a lot of lower abdominal pains too. I can't quite figure out what they are either. Its like low pubic/pelvis acheiness-ish.

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Feral Fox, I've definitely had some abdominal "something".  Not exactly cramps, just something's there. 

My food aversions were much better today.  I'm going to try to keep up with my super smoothies and hope they were doing the trick.

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LilyTiger, what do you put in your smoothies?

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I have had no symptoms all weekend!!! What the heck???!!! It's freaking me out, but I am trying to keep my cool and not worry too much.

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I've been having that lower abdominal weirdness too. Not cramps but like... quivering? It was starting to scare me but I guess it's normal! 


Im not even going to try to feel my uterus yet, since it's tipped pretty far back & is under a layer of chub. I probably won't show for awhile which works well with my plan to avoid telling my coworkers as long as I can. 

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I'm chubby but can feel it.


Having the achy pains too.

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Oh my GOSH - Wendy's sounds so so good.  Dang.  


I am unfortunately starting to become averse to Chinese food.  Which is unfortunate as I live in China.  We had quick takeout tonight after I got home from work because my husband had to go to rehearsal, and it was... how shall I say... DEEPLY UNSATISFYING.  :)   


Do you guys feel like this?  Like, if you eat something other than what you're basically craving... it throws you off big time?  Now I pretty much feel cruddy, and I'm pretty sure I'd feel better if I had just concocted Mexican-ish something from our fridge with cheese/beans/rice/sour cream/salsa.  


Eating is not that much fun for me right now... which makes me cranky because I love to eat.  My tastebuds have gone to pot and can't be made happy apparently.  


Hopefully this aversion to Chinese food goes away or it is going to be a LOOOOOONG 9 months ;).  


Oh, and I now can't make it from out of bed, to the bathroom and to the kitchen for a soda water and a rice cake (about all I can tolerate first thing now) without wanting to vomit.  My husband joked that he should get me a minifridge for next to my bed and I think that's brilliant!  I wish!

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I cannot feel my uterus yet.


Lizbiz- that really sounds like a problem- being aversed to the food of the country your living in! that would really suck! I sincerely hope that changes for you.


Dovemama- I'm sure you're fine. I promise, it can be totally normal to go in and out of symptoms.



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Feral Fox, this might not work for many, but I blended 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup OJ, 1 cup frozen mixed fruit, and 1 serving kale.  The result (give or take a little extra OJ and milk) tastes just like an Orange Julius.  I don't know if it was the protein or all the vitamins or what, but having one of these for breakfast yesterday helped with feeling awful.  I managed a workout and a Christmas party with minimal gross feeling.


LizBiz, I have the same problem.  My wonderful husband made a bunch of food for me to eat on the assumption that I wouldn't eat crap if I had healthy alternatives around. The problem is that if I don't eat what I'm craving, I feel gross for the rest of the day.  I can choke down some of the stuff in the fridge, but it just makes me feel gross.  And I am a BIG fan of food, so this stage is really really difficult.  I have carrot cake in the fridge, usually my favorite, and I have no interest in it at all.  Now that's a tragedy.

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