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I don't have a lot of symptoms yet: frequent urination and brown discharge tipped me off to being pregnant, and once I tested and found out for sure, I realized that it explained my late night cravings (after eating so well all day) and my restless sleep (which actually might have something to do with eating right before bed).


My first pregnancy I had morning sickness 24/7 the first 7 months, never quite bad enough to go to the hospital because I could always eat right after throwing up, but still, annoying. However, the ms has largely been replaced more and more each pregnancy with heartburn, so that baby number 7 I think I only threw up once but oh, the heartburn was so bad! So we'll see with this one.



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I pee every 10 minutes. It's going to be hard to sit through meetings and act like nothing is going on.

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The only things I've noticed considerably were a few headaches last week, and cramping all weekend. It worried me a bit, but after I read a lot of other people's symptoms, it seems pretty common. On a scale of 1-10, it's a 1 and it was also accompanied by a LOT of gas. blush.gif

I started to get even more nervous, though, when my sister told me I should not be carrying heavy things. So I stopped doing that immediately. (Sorry, hun, I can't carry the groceries OR the laundry.) Not sure if there's much truth to that, though.


I have noticed a dull appetite. And the only things that I want to eat are whole foods (not so much snacks or sweets). Oh, and the frequent urination. So far, no real noticable differences, but I'm still pretty early.

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Food aversions and cravings have definitely kicked into gear here. Same as last time-- the smell of meat makes me sick, rich foods are wholly unappealing, and all I want are simple foods, especially potatoes, eggs, milk and cheese (which, incidentally, was basically my childhood diet).


Moms who have had more than one pregnancy-- in your experience, did symptoms kick in waaaaaaaaay earlier with pregnancies after the first one? Some people tell me that it's my body knowing what it's doing already and that's why I feel now, at 5-6ish weeks, like I did at 10-11 weeks last time. But I can't help but have some worry-- I have two friends who have fraternal twins, and both have told me (separately, they don't know each other) that their symptoms with the twinners kicked in much earlier than their other pregnancies. I don't know how I feel about that! ROTFLMAO.gif

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I'm super early still, but I've had some twinges, headaches, breast tenderness (particularly while breastfeeding - ouch!). I've also been rather light headed and absolutely starving. Morning sickness doesn't usually kick in until 6 weeks, so I'm eating as much as I can now. :)

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More symptoms now, peeing all the time and I think someone smashed my breasts with a mallet.  Still extremely hormonal, in a very happy way, if that makes sense.  

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Weirdest symptom so far: the fluttery cervical twinges went away, but last night I was watching America's Funniest Home Videos & anytime someone did something physically painful, like fall off a trampoline or get kicked in the crotch, I got a... queasy feeling in my cervix?! Such an odd sensation! And not one I can really recall having before.

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Hello All August DDs,

I am new to the forum, will be 6 weeks on Weds. This is my second pregnancy, but my son is finishing his first semester at college so a lot has changed since the last time around! I am really excited about being pregnant. My partner and I tried for over a year and about 2 months ago I started having serious pain in my lower left abdomen. The doctor said I had a cyst on my ovary and the ultrasound showed no blood flow to the left ovary. We thought for sure it was not going to happen. But then the day after Thanksgiving - yea! positive test.

So... symptoms. Like CM and Sol, I am super happy (not sure if hormones or just joy :) ) and waking up earlier than ever. I remember having a very positive experience the first time around so hopefully it is a repeat. What I do not remember is having to pee -- all day. I went for a walk yesterday with the dogs, peed before I left and had to cut the walk shorts a mile out because I had to pee again. I know it is only suppose to get worse as things continue but I cannot imagine having to pee more often than I do.  I am also feeling much more bloated (jeans are tight already) than I remember. I did not show until I was about 5 months preg first time around and already look "bigger" now at 5 weeks.

I have my first doctor phone call tomorrow and an ultrasound on Weds (follow-up for the cyst). I will be six weeks exactly according to LMP dating so it might be possible to hear  or see the heartbeat on the vaginal ultrasound. I am a bit nervous because I still have intermittent left lower abdomen pain so hopefully the ultrasound will tell us something.

It's been great reading about all of your experiences and thoughts and I look forward to continuing to get to know you all as we "grow" together :D



also, can someone fill me in on the acronymns used here?  I see alot of DH, DD, etc.  thanks!

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I think there has to be a thread somewhere that has the definitions for acronyms, but I'm not sure where it is. DH is darling husband; DD is darling daughter; DS is darling son; SO is significant other; DP is darling partner, etc. 

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And the symptom of nausea has officially taken over my life.  I'm hoping this time it ends sooner than 9 months.....  But if not, the reward at the end of it all is SO worth it!

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Intense crazy dreams going on here. And one thing that keeps happening is that the last person I see, talk to, check on fb etc, is who I dream about all night long. There are usually other intense dreams mixed in, but that person sort of stays in the background. It's strange. Guess I should start being particular about who's on my mind before I go to bed.  lol.gif


It's also starting to get uncomfortable sleeping on abdomen. Not b/c I'm big, but the lower area is starting to feel uncomfortable with pressure on it. I sleep in every position every night. I don't look forward to when it's the one side option.  I'm laying in all my positions as long as I can!!


Also, I woke up this morning and all I can think is "What smells, what smells??!!!"

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lol Jaime.. I'm with you on the dreams. They've just been sooooo crazy lately. I don't actually know any of the people in most of mine though. It's soooo odd. I also have uncomfy abdomen - I've started sleeping with a pillow between my legs - it helps a lot. But most nights I toss and turn ALL night long - I'm not sleeping very well these days at all.

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I'm also having super crazy dreams. I think that's usually my first real symptom. The other night there were all of these kittens I was trying to save. I think there were also some chickens involved. :) 

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This was the first month since ttc that before I tested I had dreams that I was pregnant. I wonder if my body actually did know and was giving me a heads up, or what. My first real clue was very slight spotting Friday night--just a very light dots in my underwear and lightly colored discharge on the toilet paper. Since I had a history of spotting that had been resolved for about 5 months, I wasn't sure if it was that returning or implantation. So glad it was the latter! Nothing since then but some clear or white cm.


I've had light nausea, but it has mostly been similar to a feeling in the pit of my stomach. But also lots of hunger. I'll eat a meal and feel hungry a few hours later. I just ate breakfast and I am already hungry. This morning I woke up at 4:30, fed the cat, drank some water, and could not fall back asleep in bed because I was so hungry. I kept reviewing what I was going to have for breakfast in my head, hoping it would lull me back to sleep, but nope. I am making sure that I am getting more protein than I usually eat and hope that this hunger doesn't mean I am not getting enough nutrition.


I am getting twitches and twinges in my ovaries and cervix area. This gets even more pronounced when I am sitting on the couch, for instance, with my legs out, when I feel a slight burning or ache in the ovaries.

I am trying to take it easy and not stress out or fixate on symptoms, since I know it might make me more paranoid. We are so happy, but also feeling reserved about this, since we know there is so much that is not in our hands at this point. What I am not looking forward to is real m/s because I have a bad phobia around vomiting. I am going to have to overcome that before baby comes, I know!

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lol. Andaluza - your symptoms sounds really similar to what I experienced just last week. I'm not as hungry and fixated on food this week - but last week it was insane. My DH thought I was nuts - he said that I said - "I'm starving" at least 30 times one day.

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This one is interesting: normally I am freezing at home and the office when it's under 70 degrees. I just noticed that my office is 66 and I feel great. It was 61 in our bedroom last night, dh was cold, and I was fine. I am liking this!

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yup - I sleep in a tank top and our hour hovers around 65 degrees. I barely wear a coat most days.

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Hoooooo boy, round ligament pain when I got up off the couch too quickly today! Wow, didn't miss that...

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Ok, this one is weird, but I did an internet search and found some mention of it (then it must be true, ha ha): air bubbles exiting my vg?  This has happened occacionally over the past few days.  It seems to be just like one at a time and totally inaudible (thank goodness!).

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lol.  I don't have that one.

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