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Thebyr, do you have a recipe for that whip?  I have a thing of cocoa butter that it totally unusable because it's so hard.  It would be nice to figure out a way to make something with it that's easier than microwaving chunks of cocoa butter before every shower.  I'm loving the coconut oil though.

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Thanks, everyone, for all the great constipation suggestions. I really appreciate them and am trying them. It's not something I can ask my friends here about that easily. I do just feel kind of gross knowing that all that food is stuck inside me. yuck.


I"m off to make a lemon drink and do some squats. Any other suggestions are very very welcome.

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man, that one time I was constipated was TERRIBLE. I feel for you.  Whatever i took, recommended by a crunchy nurse friend of mine, worked within 24 hours and I felt better.  But my poor bum was sore for days.  I tried not to go for a while to give it time to heal. 

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I love the EVCO!  It's getting crazy expensive now, but it's soooo good for you that I think it should be a staple in every pantry!

Buying from the.store of is crazy expensive! Last time I bought some (Rhos time last year), I got a huge jar of organic EVCO. I think it was around $45. Still spendy, but I.have enough to last us a few more.years!

I add it to Smoothies, make salt scrubs, mix essential oils with it, awesome foe diaper rash, and more!

However, EVOO is an awesome oil too!
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Originally Posted by Thebyr View Post

forgot to mention coffee - it saves LIVES. I have a half of cup. I use a lactose free milk or nondairy creamer.


I made and organic shea butter/cocoa butter/EVOO and coconut oil whip for my body - I put it on after every shower or bath before bed. NO ITCHIES. And I have HORRIBLY dry skin otherwise.

I would likeyour recipe also... I would need to get some coco butter, and I'm out of EVOO. However, it sounds delightful!
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I would also love that recipe.  I have been using a bottle of Burts Bee's Mama Bee oil.  

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Sure -

1/2 lb shea,

1/4 lb cocoa butter

3 cap fulls of EVOO

2 cap fulls vatika oil (this is what I used for coconut oil - reg. coconut oil is fine)

*you can add peppermint oil or lavender if you like


I put all the ingredients in a bowl and sat that bowl on top of another bowl filled with hot water (instead of microwaving). I changed out the cooled water for hotter water every 10-15 minutes until everything was melted.

I used my hand mixer to the medium setting to whip everything. Next I added cold water to the bottom bowl and whipped on my mixer's highest setting until the mixture went from clear to light white (more opaque). Spooned mixture while still soft into a plastic container with a lid. Store in a warm room - like the bathroom.


Took less than 30 minutes to make. That made about 16 ounces. I ordered my shea and cocoa butters from http://www.butters-n-bars.com/

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oh man.. that recipe looks amazing.. making me wish I could easily find that stuff in Switzerland :(



Anyone suffering reflux? Im having it pretty bad at night still, not sure what to do.

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Yeah, I have reflux. I have heard that chia seeds, swallowed whole, really help but I haven't tried it myself yet.

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I havent had any luck finding chia here :(

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Chia saved my life. I used them for my acid reflux and to break my omeprazole dependency.


my friend found them at a health food store in South Africa for me when we went in November - they gotta be somewhere in Europe - perhaps they call them something else? Maybe you could try asking the health food store to order them.. I'd ship you some - but I know there are all kinds of rules about exporting seeds.

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ithappened: - check this out - this Swiss woman imports them from France - her email is on her blog: http://blog.simplyraw.ch/?p=351


looks like iHerb.com is really popular for the Swiss - just keep your orders under $80. Hope that helps.

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MsZelda, when I had the severe constipation issue, two things helped me.  It had been like a week, and in a dire situation I  used an enema at the suggestion of my sister, 5 minutes later and I wouldn't say I was all good, but I could function.  Prior to that my DP had picked me up Milk of Magnesia after Googling Zofran, constipation, and pregnancy. It's not good for regular use, but I guess it is okay every once in a while. I took it before my sister suggested the enema, and while it didn't work for my immediate issue, the next morning I was all cleared out.  If you use it at night (which I suggest) just don't have plans in the morning.  What a relief too, I was afraid I'd have to go to the hospital or something.  I was super scared of the enema, but honestly, it was such a relief afterwards.

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Veritas, you are a brave woman trying an enema. But I know, it feels like anything is better than the constipation.


No chia seeds here either.  I've never heard of them for reflux.  Need to read more on that.

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I usually get my chia when I am in the US since its half the price there...  Unfortunately last time I was in NYC for work it was a 3 days trip and I was so nauseated and exhausted it didn't occur to me to do my usual stock up.. and man, I regret that now mostly for my wallets sake :)



I will check out iherb.. thanks for the link/tip!!









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thebyr- !! thank you so much for that iherb recommendation! As long as the order is under 4 lbs, they can ship it for 4-6USD and it arrives in 10 days or so.. Great! Thank you, I plan to use them again while in Switzerland!! :) Now I just wish they shipped to Austria

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yay!! so glad I could help. duck.gif

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super excited!! wishing I was here a bit longer, Id order more stuff eat.gif

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sorry to be spamming this DDC..






hemorrhoids whistling.gif

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I can sympathize. Ohhhhhh, believe me, I can sympathize!

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