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Oh, LilyTiger, I'm just suffering with the yeast now, as a result of the medication for the uti. Uti is long gone, and I never had any symptoms, but since I have an appt and have to give urine on Tues, I want to be extra sure that there's nothing in my urine!


Thanks, Intime0, for the grapefruit seed advice. I hadn't heard that before. Does the fruit itself do anything?

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Gosh I was worried there was something in the air in my house because I have on three separate occasions had headaches that left me in bed for hours.  I should have just read here first since many of you are also experiencing them.  This pregnancy thing is no joke.  It's not bad, but there are things I was not prepared for:  constipation, gas, headaches, indigestion, crazy mood swings, hip and back pain. I knew these were part of pregnancy but honestly all I remember from last time (granted 20 years ago) was enjoying it. 

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I am feeling super uncomfortable already, like there's not enough room in my abdomen for all my organs, or like the baby is sticking her foot in my ribs, but that's obviously not possible yet. I don't remember feeling this uncomfortable so early with my first pregnancy! Anyone else feeling this way?

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 yes Moremadder, I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable too, and was just thinking that it seemed so early to already be so uncomfortable at times. The following thought was "oh man, there's still a long way to go, this is going to be a long 5 more months."


But it's not all the time. And, I need to figure out how to help myself feel great as much as possible. I have a lot to do before this baby is born. First trimester really slowed me down, and I need this 2nd trimester to be in high gear and hopefully through as much of 3rd trimester as possible. My first pregnancy I worked on my feet right up until birth time basically. I felt really good. I'm voting for that again.


Things I notice help me; LOTS of fresh air and nature. Me and my kids got out in 30 degree weather. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and it felt soo good. Also movement. I sit a lot for my work now, unless I'm teaching workshops. So I really have to counteract that.

And wheatgrass shots. Two of those yesterday perked me right up.


I have to be feeling great. My lifestyle does not afford me otherwise (and I'm not talking money, I'm talking about the million plates I spin at any given time). I have to pull it together!

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moremadder, I'm feeling tight in the abdomen like there's not enough room too.  It gets worse as the day goes on.  Part of it for me is probably just slow moving digestive tract, but whatever it is, it's not comfy.  Last night I was sitting up in bed reading and I had to keep stretching out my torso because everything felt totally squished.  If it's like this at 15 weeks I can't picture what it will be like at 30.  Yikes.


Andaluza, I knew the uti was over...  I don't know where my brain went.  I think I was off on my blueberry tangent and got confused.  It sucks you're dealing with this though.  Hopefully your body just needs to reset itself and the monistat will help.  If it was the antibiotics that triggered it, then maybe it won't be a recurring problem.


Jamie, I've been tracking my moods and they completely follow the sun.  I woke up today ready to write and feeling productive (I'm heading out now to do work, I swear!) and just realized it's because it is sunny.  On cloudy days (most days around here) I just feel lethargic and tired.  Really weird.  I've been so sensitive to cold though that I haven't been able to get outside unless the temp is above 45 or so.  Fortunately, we've had a mild winter, but I really can't wait for spring.


mcampa, I wasn't really prepared for how each week brings a new set of symptoms.  Last week was "Headache Week" and the week before was "Evening Nausea Week".  This week hopefully will be "Feeling Normal Week".  The hardest thing for me is that toward evening I just feel off.  Not sick, just off.  It's a weird feeling and makes me feel like I don't have control over my own body, which of course I don't.

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yeah Im feeling it too moremadder I am sort of in a panic when I realize there is a long way to go still.. gulp.



Im still SICK with this cold. Sorry to post that, Im sick of talking about it :(

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ugh. My nausea won't go away!!!!


So sorry to hear about your infection Andaluza - but it sounds like it's clearing up nicely now.


I drink tons of cranberry juice now - since my UTI. I keep meaning to buy some blueberry.

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Hi - I'm new here and 12 weeks!  My symptoms so far: very tired, emotional, nausea and indigestion constantly, sore breasts, want to be alone, off-and-on spotting, excess saliva, loads of extra stress about the baby coming, painful "stretchy" feeling in my uterus area when I move too quickly.  Also I just noticed a spot of tinnea versicolor - I got it with my first pregnancy too and it took a couple YEARS to go away after that.


Like moremadder, I feel like everything is cramped in my abdomen.  My stomach/digestive system feels so slow, like everything I eat just sits in my stomach and doesn't move at all and wants to come back up.  Ugh... it's terrible!  I don't want to eat anything and I usually feel better when I don't eat for a while.  Totally opposite my last pregnancy, where I had to eat constantly to keep the nausea away.


Where are those good symptoms I've heard about, like joyful exuberance and rosy complexion, lol!

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I am 13 weeks today, and I am dry nursing my 22 month old DD.  She doesn't want to wean and I'm not going to make her.  BUT - my breasts hurt SOOOOO badly. Not just the nipples, the entire breast, both breasts.  Sometimes I tell DD that milkies need a break because it is so painful.  Does this get better? I don't really recall this pain last time, but then I wasn't nursing then either. 

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Still dry nursing Cecilia too, here. I have it limited to bedtime (she doesn't nap anymore) so I just sort of brace myself...it has gotten better, though, compared to about a month or month and a half ago when it was sheer agony.

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We're still nursing as well... and I'm not dry nursing far as I can tell. My supply has tanked some but she's still getting somethign and I still feel the occasional let down. My LO will be 15m tomorrow though and I think that has a lot to do with my supply still being there. My problem is she started really refusing my right side, which is my low producer anyway, and so now my breasts are so lopsided. I think ALL of my supply is in my left breast, my right breast has the salty pre-weaning milks so for my nursling I think she did this because of the milk change. I'm waiting to see how things go with her... I nursed her sister throughout her pregnancy and it was AWFUL. So awful I really wasn't sure I'd do that again... but getting unexpectedly knocked up when the baby just turned 1 I just don't feel like I should deny her the ability to nurse... she's still so little, you know?

What got me through my last pregnancy was not looking ahead at our nursing relationship at all but taking it one day at a time. Because she was 2.5 I was able to set forth limits and expected her to follow them, we no longer nursed at night because that was so uncomfortable for me and we only nursed a few times during the day. I was able to explain to her that her nursing made me uncomfortable and that I was sorry but I couldn't just nurse all the time anymore. I was hoping to successfully tandem nurse and I did for a few months (with a small break in there) but around the time my littlest one turned 8m (and my big girl had her 4th birthday) I had, had enough. Her latch was awful and I quite literally wanted to toss her off my lap whenever she latched on. I figured it was best to stop, lol.

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Oh boy, the joys (and pains) of nursing..... I'm gonna have A LOT to learn in that dept. (being a new mama and all).... yikes!

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Andaluza, I took it as a supplement.  It was really cheap at GNC. I think I read about it on Dr Newman's site.  Or maybe Kellymom's?


My 2 year old has told me twice now that the milk is yucky. But maybe it was because she thought the baby was there?  Because last night we sorted out that the baby was in my belly.  :)


This morning I dry heaved after wiping my 4 year old.  Oh man, I wanted someone to help me.  I just couldnt bring myself ot ask my teen to do that job.  So I held my breath and looked away, once I stopped throwing up.  He didnt even notice. LOL. Boys.

1 timer, I dont recall it getting better unitl a few weeks before delivery...but perhaps you could try some natural remedies for increasing milk supply?

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Im again SUPER exhausted. I cant tell if its the pregnancy, or the fact I am still sick or if its due to DS not going to bed until 12-1am most nights again..  I just really am exhausted, I could nap at my desk if I didnt think I would be caught.



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I too, have less energy than last week, surprisingly.  I'm back to sleeping terribly through the night again (taking forever to fall asleep, waking up w/brain that won't shut off, awake super super early.....)  


On another note, how are all your complexions doing these days?  My skin really turned nasty with my BFP - it became worse than the worst of my teenage years (and I used prescription creams as an adult).  4-5 new deep cysts/eruptions daily, on top of the existing pepperoni pizza landscape - ugh.  I was in serious disbelief of how bad my skin was getting - and how it could possibly end up by summer at this rate - but really didn't want to resort to harsh chemicals on my skin!  So last Monday I tried a new regimen:  Morning - rub fresh lemon juice on my face and let dry for 5 minutes, then cleanse with a mixture of raw honey and virgin coconut oil (I made a batch of this in advance and because the honey had crystallized previously, it had a nice "scrub" consistency).  I didn't need any moisturizer after rinsing, due to the coconut oil residue that remained.  At night, if I had makeup on I'd wash that off first with a mild soap then proceed with the lemon juice and honey/coconut oil, again needing very little (if any) additional moisturizer after rinsing.


Well, I'm excited to say that IT WORKED!!  I had heard of the antibacterial properties of lemon, honey and coconut oil (individually), but didn't expect such great results (I was just desperate last week) .... I have had zero new pimples since I started!  My skin is now clear, tone is evened out and my face is glowing - like that "pregnancy glow" I had always dreamed out!!


Sooo, just wanted to share this with you all in case anyone is at their wits end right now with their skin - and hopefully it'll work for others too!  BTW, I still have the same "new" acne continuing on my back (where I have not used the above ingredients), which is another way I know that this new regimen (on my face) is working!

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I would not recommend that regimen if you have dry, sensitive skin, but it sounds AWESOME for oily skin! 


I do highly recommend the oil cleansing method to anyone who asks me about my skin (which is generally very clear). It works SO WELL for me, and it can work for pretty much all skin types. The basic gist is that like calls to like, and when you wash with oil, you draw oil and impurities out of your skin. You can use pretty much any oil you like. I recommend jojoba or grapeseed usually, because they're the ones I have used and that have worked best for me. Depending on how oily your skin is, you do some of it as castor oil. I have heard up to half castor, half other oil, but apparently most people start with 1/4 castor, 3/4 other oil. For my quite dry and sensitive skin, I did NO castor oil.


I used OCM for several months, and then at some point, just stopped using anything but water once a day. OCM actually fixed my skin. The only time I use anything more than water now is when I have makeup on, and then I use oil again.

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YES, me = oily skin my whole life (but manageable, up until my BFP).....  I was hesitant about using coconut oil, for fear of worsening the breakouts, but I am now seeing that some oils can help an already oily face....  I'm almost ready to try the "removing makeup" stage with oil as well (instead of soap) - thanks for the great link!


Should also be careful about putting lemon juice on your skin before going out in the sun as it can make our [already pregnancy sensitive] skin even more sensitive.  I think I'm ok, as I'm rinsing it off really well before applying the other stuff (and it's the dead of winter and I'm indoors all day)....  :)

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I'm glad that your regime has worked for you, Newmumjoy. I have given up, I think. It's bad no matter what I do--take time off from makeup and cleansers or use makeup when I need to be in public. But the acne has left my back and chest , so at least that is a good sign for now. Maybe when I don't have to be in public for a while I'll try it. How did your skin do in the past with oils? I ask because mine never reacts well with any kind of oil or cream, which is what makes me wary. And when I tried honey on its own, not good:( This pregnancy is teaching me patience.

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My skin has stayed the same, but I suddenly have crazy dandruff.  Like, huge flakes coming off.  It's disgusting.  And I have dark hair, and it's primarily around my face, so it's so obvious.  Any tips?  I have thick, curly hair, so I usually only wash it every 4-5 days to keep it manageable - not sure if I should wash more?  or less?  Argh.  So gross.

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Does your shampoo have sulfates? I would stop washing it with shampoo altogether and try using an apple cider vinegar rinse. My dermatitis all but went away when I stopped using shampoo, and then when I got the rare flare up, using a tea tree oil rinse helped.

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