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I've gotten to the eat tiny meals stage, too. Lunch has become three litttle snacks, dinner seems to be less of an issue oddly. I'm running a 5k this weekend, we'll see how that goes. I haven't been doing much running, so I'm sure it'll be fun.

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Is anyone else itchy BEYOND ITCHY. LIke, I want to fill my bathtub with chilled benadryl cream and lay in it. Worst is under my boobs and my scalp. OH my goodness. No hives or anything just ITCHY AS HECK.



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Yes!  I find myself scratching all night at work, which I'm sure looks really gross.  And it's not just my belly, either.  My butt cheeks itch like crazy, and my boobs do a little bit, too.  That's what I get for growing all over.

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Yep, last week (when I hit 20 wks) that morning I was saying "yaaay I'm already halfway there!!"..... by that evening, with my usual fullness, fatigue, girth and insomnia I was saying "omg, I'm ONLY halfway there!!"

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Yep, last week (when I hit 20 wks) that morning I was saying "yaaay I'm already halfway there!!"..... by that evening, with my usual fullness, fatigue, girth and insomnia I was saying "omg, I'm ONLY halfway there!!"


hahahah.. me too!


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Yep, after reading this thread yesterday, I realized I was itching like crazy last night.  You guys' fault, I'm sure. LOL.

Not able to eat quite as much, but able to eat a wider assortment of food.  Hooray.  Back to having fruits. Of course, I can also eat chocolate again.  Oops. 

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Ugh! Another bad headache. I'm supposed to be working from home, but with my head pounding and the related nausa all I want to do is lie in a dark room.

For those of you also suffering from headaches, the good news is that my OB told me on Monday that while they are very common from 18-25weeks, for most people they go away after that.
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thats great news about the headaches rebecca I always try to suffer a bit wit them but last week it got so bad I ended up taking some tylenol because I was almost not able to function..


I also started to get nausea today.. it would hit really hard and then right when I felt like I was going to puke would die down.

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Anyone else getting varicose veins? I think that's what's starting to happen on my legs-- veins that sort of stick out.  Does anyone know why I'm getting them, or if anything can be done to prevent them?  Will they go away after pregnancy?


I could consult Dr. Google, but thought I'd check with you ladies first :)


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Yes, I'm getting them too.  I got them the first time.  From what I remember some people are just prone to them.  You can elevate your feet when sitting, make sure to not sit too much or stand too much (figure that out), wear circulation stockings, and I think lots of water is supposed to possibly help.  Most of mine went away but not all.  They suck.

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I've complained about this everywhere else, so I guess Signs and Symptoms as at least the proper place for it.  Heartburn!  What the heck.  It's not reflux or anything, but I have a burning pain under my ribs and serious discomfort when I sleep (burning belly pain).  Yesterday was particularly bad since I ate a ton of fatty food (whoops), but even when I haven't eaten anything bad I'm uncomfortable sitting with this burning pain under my squished ribs.  Ugh.  I'm planning on incorporating chia seeds into my diet daily and seeing if that helps.  I've been taking Tums here and there just so I can sleep.  I also probably should focus on much smaller portion sizes.

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yeah the 'riods are terrible.. my doctor gave me some medication for them and they go right away as long as I take the medication.. as for the heartburn or acid reflux- i found the chia seed didnt do anything for me.. I found it was best if I stopped eating 3-4 hours before going to sleep and then additionally sometimes take a tums to sleep and not wake up with a raw throat.. both are horrible.



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Lilytiger - A friend of mine had terrible reflux, too. Her FIL(a gastro) put her on Zantac, small meals, low fat/acid, and no meals after 5p. Also no drinking w meals. I think it helped a lot even though it wasn't super fun. 


Lakeruby - I've been concerned about vericose veins, too. I already have some spider veins and my mom, aunt and grandma have them. Genetic predisposition is a big factor. From what I've read daily exercise, elevating your feet whenever possible, compression hose all help. They are no fun! :P


I've been having BH sporadically. I also seem to have one almost everytime I use the rest room. Does anyone know if this is a 'normal' occurance? It just seems strange to me. And yesterday evening it seemed like my belly was contracted for about 2 hours after a walk, nothing too strenuous or anything. I was drinking lots of water, too. It was just so tight!! Not sure what that's all about.

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LeAnn, I have that tightness after a walk too, though I've always assumed it was just the ligaments and everything stretching uncomfortably.  Similarly, when I pee a lot I get pain -- it's almost like everything is falling down into where my bladder was, causing pain.  I assumed those were all ligament issues and not uterine related.  For me it's like kind of sharp gas pains.

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I talked to my midwife yesterday about the pain/tightness I get after physical activity (mostly low & in my hips but sometime all over) and she said it was round ligament pain, and that basically the ligaments spasm and take awhile to relax again - kind of like when you get a leg cramp and it takes forever for it to go away. 

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The RL pains are BAD.  You can really feel them when you sneeze and you are in a strange position or when you get up too fast from a strange position.  It's like a BAD cramp, I second that.


I walked to church on sunday and had cramps for about an hour.  I know I need to walk more!  But I think it's pretty normal.  Not had any when going potty.

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LeAnn, usually I'm fine on my walks but the other day my whole belly was tight and uncomfortable during a walk. It felt normal again as soon as I sat down.


LilyTiger, I get the uncomfortable feeling when peeing occasionally. I didn't know what to attribute it to.

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yeah the 'riods are terrible.. my doctor gave me some medication for them and they go right away as long as I take the medication.. 

I got an uncomfortable one over a week ago and started taking blackstrap molasses (in hot water, sort of as a morning coffee substitute) and it's gone. 

I think I am getting plantar fasciitis pain in my right heel or maybe it's just a regular foot pain. It doesn't bother me in the morning, but it does at the end of the day.

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Thanks for the input ladies! Maybe it is RL pain. I hadn't associated tightness w RL pain but the spasm exlpanation makes sense. It just feels like there are drawstrings being pulled tight in the lower half of my abdomen, more discomfort than pain at this point. I'm going to ask  my MW about it later today as well.


I haven't dealt w hemroids yet (fingers crossed!!). I'm so glad that you've found a good remedy, andaluza.


I woke up this morning at 4, when DH got up for work with a nasty allergy attack. Yuck!! I guess 6hrs of sleep will have to do for today. Happy Thursday! upsidedown.gif

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I cannot stop eating ice. . . like Im obsessed with big cups of ice which is weird because I never want ice in anything.

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I would have the doctor check your iron levels if you are craving ice.  It's a sign you may be anemic.  

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