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Astraia, oh goodness, you need more sleep! Your 3 year old does too! I wonder what is going on...does she sleep with you? If not, would just having her in your bed get her to relax and sleep longer? 


persephassa, I'm jealous of your feeling the baby all the time. I want to feel mine so bad


I forgot to mention my newest symptom ~ tailbone pain! ~ I've had it off and on the past couple weeks but it has been mild. Now, after I've been sitting for a while, when I get up, my tailbone really hurts. The pain doesn't last longer than 20 seconds but I've started to dread getting up after sitting for a while. It mainly happens after I've been sitting on a hard surface/chair - it isn't as bad after sitting on the couch, but it is still sore after sitting anywhere. 

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Name: Choco Mom

Weeks/Days along: 14w, 5d

Appointments: Next one on Dec 9th

Symptoms: Still vomiting... I had a run of 4 days without any throwing up and thought I was over it. Alas, it was not to be. Now I'm averaging just once a day, really can't wait till this symptom disappears. I'm still fatigued alot of the time...

Food: The smell of most things being cooked especially fish and meat (I'm veggie) is unbearable. I'm still eating tiny portions and don't desire much in terms of 'real' foods which is a complete contrast to my normal pre pg diet.

Exercise: Um.... what is that again?

Body changes and other milestones: I still think I just look a little fat in the tummy area, not really pregnant, I am looking forward to my baby bump becoming more pronounced.

Thoughts: After hitting 14 wks I told my church family and did my Facebook friends about the pregnancy. The positive response has been great and it feels good to just be free and not feel like I'm walking on eggshells or having to conceal it if I suddenly feel a little tired/queasy, etc. I'm feeling anxious to see the LO again, hopefully at my next appt at which point I'll be 16wks and potentially able to have the gender determined! I felt the baby move for the first time this week, with my hand on my tummy. It was so amazing... There's a little person in there!!!
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I have a sono tomorrow afternoon. The doc at our college clinic (where I work) was willing to order a sono for me. My midwife is out of town this week for a funeral otherwise I would have just gone to see her. Praying for something good tomorrow.

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Erin - I'll pray with you also. ((Hugs))


Meredith, I hear you on the tail bone pain. dear lord I ache and feel about 90 years old all of a sudden when I get up from the couch etc.



Choco - I am not a veggie but chicken & fish soooo gross me out this pregnancy. Ground beef doesn't, but it isn't appealing to me. I am eating a lot of pb & j. I am almost healed from dental surgery & then - I am making salad rolls. I have been craving them and some thai iced tea for months now,


Grace - maybe try a small dose of melatonin as a last resort? you need sleep and she does also. Just use it same time at night to establish a pattern vs. using it as a 'sleeping pill' which it is not.


Bubble - I hate to admit I have dodged jury duty 3 times now. Last month being the latest.

Yes, you may all throw unpatriotic tomatoes at me- I do deserve them.


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Name:  Cris

Weeks/Days along:  14 weeks, 2 days

Appointments:  None - I really need to get off my duff and hire a MW already. 

Symptoms:  None, really.

Food:  Whatever appeals.  This morning I made GF pancakes and eggs, but by the time I got to sit down to them the eggs were cold and revolting.  I'm just glad I stayed interested in dinner last night long enough to eat it - so many times i make it and then find it revolting. 

Exercise: HAH!

Body changes and other milestones:  I'm fluffy, so unless you're really looking you can't tell.  The bottom of my belly is still saggy and floppy, but the top, right under my breasts is firm and rounded out.  In some maternity shirts it's really obvious, and in some it just looks like I'm fatter than ever. 

Thoughts:  I'd love some sleep.  DS decided this morning that 4 am seemed like a good time to get up.  He and DH both woke up about the same time, not sure what woke them, since I didn't hear it.  But instead of DH coming out and relieving me so I could get some sleep, he laid in bed reading while I got more and more pissed at DS' refusal to lay down, calm down and go to sleep.  I really have a short fuse when I'm sleep deprived.  About 6 I decided I'd take advantage and go take a shower before DH had to get ready for work, and it gave me the time to make a pancake breakfast for the whole family, but here it is 11:30 and DS hasn't fallen asleep yet.  I'm afraid nap may wind up being a fight, like it has been the last 2 days, and I just don't have the energy for that.


On the other hand, I just peeked over the back of the couch and realized DS is passed out on top of the iPad he was playing with.  Glad I changed him 5 minutes ago.  Guess I'll go take my nap now.  :)


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I'm sad so many moms here are still feeling icky. greensad.gif I'm so curious to see the breakdown of boys vs. Girls...with dd2 I felt crappy until well past 16 weeks but this time I started feeling amazing around 11...still feel pretty awesome, if a little tired.

16 weeks tomorrow, seeing mw for second appt tomorrow as well. Canont wait to hear hb again. I haven't had an u/s yet and I'm super tempted to ask her to just peek. I just want to see the little one...Historically, I've opted out of the 20 week anatomy scan but I'm still trying to decide this time. Dh is more comfortable not doing it, I'm still on the fence.

Feeling good aside from a little wiped out. I've been getting lots of Braxton-hicks lately, I'm not too worried...but they seem to come on when I'm feeling stressed and with two little kids and a pretty hectic life right now...it's hard to avoid stress. I sort of got lazy about meditation (which I was really consistently doing in early pg), but I did it last night just for a few minutes and it felt so great to just clear my head. Need to do it more to help manage the stress.

I can feel lots of tiny kicks, which confuse me because the kicks are coming from places where I don't think the baby is...I feel more pregnant than I am and have to remember that the baby is still the size of small fruit and not a large cantelope. smile.gif

Things I need to do: resist the urge to eat three eggs plus sausage and toast for breakfast every morning (I am ravenous in the mornings!!), exercise more (feeling like a creaky old house), remember that after the newborn comes the toddler>preschooler>child>growing human and not to get too starry eyed about babyeeez. smile.gif I'm so excited about the baby part, I feel like I need to reality check myself once in awhile that it won't be all rainbows and unicorns. Is that weird?

Oh also - something historic happened for me: I ordered our family Christmas card yesterday instead of waiting procrastinating until Dec. 20th like I usually do. Hopefully they turn out ok!
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Originally Posted by lightheartedmom View Post

Things I need to do: resist the urge to eat three eggs plus sausage and toast for breakfast every morning (I am ravenous in the mornings!!),


Why would you resist that?  That sounds like a great breakfast!  Much better than a bowl of cold cereal or something else with little protein and tons of sugars in it. 

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Short update...I got to hear baby's heartbeat again today at an unexpected Dr. appt.  This time it was in the 150s.  Dr. said they tend to settle down to the 120s-160s at this point.  I think my girls were usually in the 160s so it has me wondering maybe boy.   My cat bit me yesterday when I rescued him from being stuck in the fence.  His leg got stuck between slats as he was climbing over and he was hanging from one leg.  He is fine but my hand kills and is very swollen.  Typing 1 handed.  I got a strong antibiotic & pain killer.


Next Fri is my appt to see baby via u/s.  :-)  Can't wait!

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Name: Maggie

Weeks/Days along: 15 weeks 5 days

Appointments: Had my second appointment with the ob/gyn last Wednesday and got to hear the heartbeat finally. This made us really believe there was a little bean in there. Next appointment is Dec 21, and then Jan 4 for the anatomy ultrasound. Looking forward to that as it is my first and most likely the only ultrasound I will have. 

Symptoms: Still very tired, and usually in bed by 9 at the latest. Grouchy with my students (they are grade 7s) which I am really not, I usually have alot of patience... sore boobs still, nausea if I am hungry or eat too much. 

Food: Loving clementines and other fruit, bread. Not loving anything with different flavors. Drinking alot of water, and digging the Earl Grey tea more then ever (but limit myself to a cup a day)

Exercise: Walking my dog mostly. I have laid off the yoga I think maybe for the rest of the pregnancy. I am still coaching basketball, so I do a bit of exercise with the girls at those times. 

Body changes and other milestones: My belly has really started to pop out. I am still wearing most of my own pants, but with a hair elastic and bella band. Shirts are still not  problem as I am pretty short, and I layer tanks with shirts anyway. I have some hand me down mat clothes from a few friends, which is nice to throw in the odd time. 

Thoughts: Can't wait for the ultrasound. It seems like time is flying by. We haven't even really talking about the nursery, although I have been looking into co-sleepers. Any suggestions about where to look? I live in Canada, in a small town, so would most likely have to buy online anyway. 


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Name: Sky

Weeks/Days along: 15 weeks 5 days

Appointments: Had apt with nurse midwife this morning, Heard HB againstillheart.gif

Symptoms: tender bbs not as tired as I was in the first 10 weeks.

Food: wanted cranberry sauce all week (home made by me) YUM!!!!

Exercise: 3-4X a week gym cardio, will be starting yoga soon smile.gif

Body changes and other milestones: nope still the 11 lbs lost, (lost with other two as well, and no popping yet probably won't until 6-7mths just how I carry

Thoughts: Can't believe I'll be 4 mths in a few days YAY!

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Name: Jennifer


Weeks/Days along: 15 weeks 6 days


Appointments: Had apt with the intake person- ugh.  I tried hard to get out of it, but they insisted.  So I drove 30 min there, 30 min back for her to ask me 5 questions and give me a lab slip.  I'm an L&D nurse at the hospital and teach childbirth ed and know all the providers.  Waste of time.  Oh well.  I have an appointment with my midwife next week.  :)


Symptoms: Crazy tender nipples when DD latches on!  :(  Otherwise, not many at all.


Food: Eh- I'm feeling less picky, so that's good.


Exercise: Will be starting preggo pilates soon, honest! smile.gif


Body changes and other milestones: My milk supply has absolutely tanked.  Right when I hit second trimester.  My 18-month-old is nursing like a newborn and it's just killing me.  I so wish there was something I could do to boost my supply!


Thoughts: See above about breastfeeding...  plus random thoughts about delivery and really wishing that I was feeling the baby more.  I don't feel so many preggo symptoms right now and I worry a bit...


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Originally Posted by hollyann View Post

Name: Holly

Weeks/Days along: 15W on Thursday

Appointments: I met one of my midwives, she was wonderful, so reassuring and answered all my questions, I don't have another appointment till 19 weeks, 6weeks since the last one (anyone else have that much time between appointments) she said the next one after that would be 4 weeks later, and the 2nd trimester ultrasound would be at week 20, seems like a lot of waiting!

Symptoms: My hormones are going nutso, I've cried like 5 times in the last week. Starting to feel some baby flutters, still feeling a little nauseous between meals and my skin is breaking out a little.

Food: eating more like normal, but still don't have a huge appetite.

Exercise: We stayed in a hotel with a pool over thanksgiving and I did laps for about a half hour, It was great! going to yoga this week. Still walking everywhere.

Body changes and other milestones: My belly is growing and I think its starting to be more noticeable, breasts seem to have stopped growing for the time being, but my nipples are so itchy, I'm assuming its dry skin.

Thoughts: We told our family and friends last weekend at Thanksgiving, since then I've been more emotional, and really feeling pretty scared,  I'm considering being a stay at home mama, and the idea of all the changes that will come with that are really overwhelming, We always wanted for me to stay at home, but now that the reality is here, I'm worried about feeling lonely or isolated in my new role and how my relationship and dependency on my husband is going to change,  these fears are compacted by the normal fears of having a healthy baby, giving birth ect. I guess now that we know that the baby is healthy, its giving me the opportunity to worry about all the practical issues.

Holly - I can totally empathize with your worries about becoming a SAHM. I had those too, with my first son. Even after 18 months, I'm still adjusting to not having any of my "own" money, which is silly in many ways because my husband and I joined economic forces even before we were married so it's not like there's ever been a "mine vs yours" accounting. It's still a little weird for me though, mostly in terms of spending money on myself. My husband looks at me like I'm crazy when I ask "permission" to buy myself something.


As far as the social isolation and loneliness goes, Brooklyn is a wonderful place to be a SAH parent! I'm sure some neighborhoods may less accommodating than others (like if you live out in Bushwick or something, for example), but I think most neighborhoods are full of things to do and people to hang out with. I met a lot of SAHPs through my neighborhood's (CH/FG) new baby listserv. We would meet at the park each week to hang out, talk, nurse, etc. Not only have I met lots of casual fellow-parent acquaintances, but I've made some close friends too. There are playgrounds and parks galore in most hoods, and lots of great, free activities to do with babies and kids during the day.

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Maggie - check Craigslist for cosleepers. I've seen then in our area for $35 - $100, which is a good deal cheaper than the $150+ they retail for! 


We're supposed to close on our new place in two weeks, which I'm super nervous about. My husband has been drawing these adorable robots for work, and I'm trying to convince him to do a robot wall mural for the nursery/playroom/whatever.

Tubby Robot 


We started telling friends/family, and most people are pretty excited. So far no one has scoffed at our decision not to find out the gender. My mom did make a weird comment. She said "oh, if it's a boy we can bring up all your old train sets for him." Uh mom, those were my toys... why would only a boy like them? ;)


I'm still having trouble getting up the will to eat much, nothing is very appealing and if I eat too much at once I feel really sick. I did finally gain a couple pounds, so I think that's a good sign. On the one hand I've only gained a few pounds since getting pregnant, but on the other hand I was about 5 lbs up from my normal weight when I got pregnant. So I think it's evening out.



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Love the robot pic!smile.gif

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I just need to whine to you mama's for a second... last night, I was getting off the couch and as I was stepping onto the floor, I forgot about a tall drinking glass that I had left there and my foot crashed through the glass and the glass sliced in between my baby toe and the second toe in. There was almost no pain so I wasn't too worried until I saw the crazy bleeding and then I realized that the crazy bleeding wasn't stopping. DD was fussing upstairs (she's 5) and I yelled up to her that I couldn't help at the moment and I called DH at work. DH is a police officer and he has been off all month and went back to work LAST NIGHT (sooooo our luck). He was on his way to a call but they switched him off it and popped home. I had to climb down a large flight of stairs to get the front door open for him (and left a bloody mess). He came in and cleaned up the blood and checked on the kids and grabbed me a bra and sweater so I could go to the hospital. He had to go back work so a neighbour stayed with the kids while my dad dropped my mom and I off at the hospital. We live in Ontario and because we have free health-care, our wait times can be horrendous (like 8-10 hrs) but we went to the smaller of our two city hospitals and they took me right away. I guess the cut went straight down to the bone and opened up a wound that wraps around from the pad on the sole of my left foot up and between my baby toe and the next toe. The funny and awesome Dr (he really was) shoved 3 freezing needles into the wound and it took 40 stitches through three layers of inside foot stuff to get it all closed up. What a DISASTER! I feel like such a moron! Anyways- it felt just fine while I was still frozen (hahahaha- dryly) but when I woke up to pee, it was horrible pain. We don't have a main floor bathroom- its 10 stairs up or 10 stairs down and I have my 3 and 5 year olds to take care of! DH works straight until Thursday but I have a friend coming over tonight to get my kids to bed. I am also worried because I haven't felt any definite fetal movements in 2 days (unrelated to the cut foot) and now I am laying in pain and I just want a big baby kick to give me a little joy. Thanks for listening- I am sitting here, staring at the walker that my mom rented for me to push around, feeling pretty sorry for myself and I just needed to whine especially because I can't have any actual wine to get me through this. I am sitting here thankful that this is "all" that it is- it could always be worse.

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Oh, ouch!  That's awful!  Last pg I dislocated and broke my pinkie toe at 7 months, and it really messed with me.  Yours is WAY worse than that.  Baby yourself and let yourself heal up!  (And, can I suggest, while on my "chiropractors are amazing kick" that you are careful about your limping posture, or go see one after you heal up.  Since the ligaments were all loose from pg hormones, and I was walking funny with my sore foot, I think it really made my back issues much, much worse last time.  Just a thought, something to keep an eye on.)  Rest well...I'm full of sympathy for you!


We've been traveling again, and speaking of chrios, I am anxious to go tomorrow.  I've had a headache off and on, mostly on, since last Friday (a week now). It wakes me up at night, and just generally makes me feel disoriented and sick.  Blech.  Some stretches she showed me to do help alot, tylenol does nothing.  If I can't get it to abate a bit, I get to start throwing up.  Joy.  I'm glad to be in town for a while so I can go regularly to the chiro and hopefully get my stubborn muscles to realign and hold the adjustment. 


Otherwise, life is good.  I, apparently, am capable of gaining weight.  Glad I can be home to resume snacking on celery and popcorn instead of chips and whatever people have at their houses.  :)

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Meredith- no tailbone pain yet, thank goodness! But I ache and creak when I get up in all sorts of places. I also feel like I'm getting shin splints sometimes, my shins hurt SO badly after a full day of work.  Re: sleep- she starts out in her own bed, and then if she's up often enough or seems mostly awake at some point I'll move her into our bed. My reasoning for that is threefold: 1, being cozied between two sleeping adults might help her sleep 2. if she's keeping ME up, she might as well be keeping my husband up at the same time, just to keep things fair and 3. my bed is way more comfortable.


Onemore- we've tried the melatonin. It knocks her out, even in the tiniest doses, but gives her wicked nightmares so we're no further ahead :/  We've been battling poor sleep with her since she was born, pretty much. She's been getting better the older she gets, but we're dealing with some pretty serious regressions it seems.


Jennifer- oh, I hate useless appointments! I had pretty much entirely useless appointments with my second (no midwife, just a family doc that I couldn't stand). Sorry to hear about the supply, it killed me too the first time it happened. Remind yourself about all the other great things you're providing her with- closeness, connection, healthy food options, etc. I also totally hear you on wanting to feel more movement.


KM84- love the robot!


Linnie- holy crap! To the bone!??! Eugh. SO sorry, that sounds horrible. I sprained my foot pretty badly when DS was about 6 months old and that was brutal, but nothing like 40 stitches. Can you take anything for the pain?


Lighthearted- I have to keep reminding myself that there WILL be good moments with a newborn, so it's not all toddlers and childhood. I find babies to very difficult.


I had my second midwife appointment on Friday, and it all went really well. We talked a lot about previous birth, went over the birth plan that they had me write up, and we're all pretty much on the same page (so far!) so I found that really relieving. I had questions I forgot to ask, of course, but I'll write them down to remember them next time. I was really scared they wouldn't be able to find a heartbeat. I've been feeling very very very minimal baby movement- a movement or two every day or two, very small shifting feelings- nothing like I was expecting for this stage, and I was worried something had gone wrong. So far it seems fine, based on that check. Heartbeat at 154. I have my ultrasound on the 12th, and I'm looking forward to that! The midwife talked to my husband about how important it is NOT to know the gender (I said I didn't want to know, and he said he did), and what a good motivator it is during labour and how it can help with the bonding process. Not sure how true any of that is but it was nice that she was backing me up.


Everything else is about the same as before. Nothing new in food, exercise, body changes, thoughts...








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Oh, LinnieThree that sounds horrible!  I'm glad it is over!  You mention the wait time, but we can have wait times like that here in the US and still have to pay for it all!  So I'm glad that they say you quickly, and you don't have a fat hospital bill, too! 


Hope it heals quickly! 

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@Astraia- I am only taking Tylenol :( My mom came over this morning and cleaned the wound and changed the dressing and I am a little concerned because there is a huge tender patch on the top of my foot that is turning light purple- I wonder if its just going to bruise or that it's something worse like an infection! I think that it's this tender area that causing more pain than the actual wound and the forty stitches (and yes- right down to the bone, my mom was watching the stitching and was shocked when the doc pulled it open to look for glass and it was all cut tendons and bone). When I try to put my foot down and the foot bends upward ever so slightly, the pain is incredible.

I LOVE my walker and its little seat- I hop with my walker into the kitchen and sit at the sink and do the dishes and make food for the kids. The kids and I are going to stay at my parents tonight so I can get more help. I miscalulated the amount of stairs in my house- 28 not 20 total that I keep having to pull my exhausted pregnant body up and down.

@forestmushroom- I had no idea that your hospital wait times could be just as bad! I was in and our in less than two hours (that included over an hour of just doing the stitches). It was the most amazing hospital experience that I have had and yes, I cannot be more thankful that it doesn't cost me a penny. I couldn't imagine going through insurance for this- what an additional headache!


Does anyone else know what I can do for pain relief? Is Tylenol my only option??? I should post a pic of my foot----- lol!

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Originally Posted by LinnieThree View Post

@forestmushroom- I had no idea that your hospital wait times could be just as bad! I was in and our in less than two hours (that included over an hour of just doing the stitches). It was the most amazing hospital experience that I have had and yes, I cannot be more thankful that it doesn't cost me a penny. I couldn't imagine going through insurance for this- what an additional headache!

Oh yes, they can be plenty bad.  I've been in the ER twice.  The first time I was bitten by a dog - he got a full bite to my face.  I walked into the ER bleeding from the face in excruciating pain, and it took something like 2 hours to be seen - and even then I think it was only because my friend went up and asked for some gauze or something because I'd soaked through the washcloth I had on the wound.  By that point I was literally curled up in my friend's lap, I was in so much pain (I was about 22).  Wound up taking something like 17 stitches to the face when they finally saw me. 


The other time, I had been under observation because I'd been having severe abdominal discomfort, and the docs told me to keep an eye out for black stools (which can indicate internal bleeding - they were suspecting appendicitis, and that would have meant rupture).  When I called the doc that night because of black stools, they sent me to Urgent Care, which then sent me to the ER.  This was around 9 or 10.  We didn't get into the room to be seen, for a simple test that took about 30 seconds to determine if it was indeed blood in the stool, until about 3 am (and if it had been a rupture, I'd likely have been beyond saving at that point).  We didn't get home until 4 am. 


Long waits in the ER are legendary.  And in big metro areas it's even worse. 

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