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Hi Ladies! I spoke to the mw I'm going to use already. She said she'll see me at 9-10 weeks when we can hear the heart beat. Sounds good to me! Not much you can do during early pregnancy!


We found out gender with DD, but this time I've decided to wait to find out the gender at birth. DH isn't really interested in the whole labor and delivery thing. It just makes him squeemish so he is supportive, but not interested in seeing the baby come or catching it. So I hope I'll be able to catch her (her? I typed that not realizing it!!)  myself, bring her (or him!) to my chest immediately and discover the gender myself. Although it sounds like I've already decided what the baby will be. lol.gif



Thebyr I also enjoy warm drinks every now and then, but not plain coffee. I was at Starbucks yesterday and asked them to recommend a decaf, dairy free drink. They suggested a vanilla latte with soy. It was yummy! Also, my second pregnancy was a blighted ovum. My first pregnancy I didn't have ANY caffeine and did everything "right" and had a m/c. So, the second pregnancy I decided a little caffeine would be ok. After all, I did everything "right" the first time and that didn't work out. Still, I had a blighted ovum. So, 3rd time (the charm) I just took everything in moderation.


Ninetales that does sound like a lot. I would be frustrated with it too, especially if she didn't explain what all she was ordering and why. I want to be an informed patient and I want my care provider to know and respect that.


Jamie getting a new car sounds fun! DH and I have said long before we got our BFP that we will need a bigger vehicle when we have two LOs. We are hoping to get a suburban late next summer/fall but that will depend on how the year goes with farming.

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Anyone else have appointment dates for me to add to the "calendar"? As we start getting more actual EDDs, I will probably create a Master Roster / Due Date" thread and ask for it to be stickied.

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Eh, I know the reasoning behind all their dumb tests, I just don't think their reasoning applies to me. I don't like being treated like I'm too stupid to know about toxoplasmosis and what my risks actually are, etc.

But I've decided to pick my battles. I will refuse any procedure I consider harmful or too risky, but if it's not I'll humor them so I at least appear more cooperative. There are much bigger things down the road and I'd like them on my side.

I'll do the test as ordered but probably closer to my next appointment in a few weeks.
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Texas - I'll be seeing my midwife right at 8 weeks - I guess we'll hear the HB then. I don't wanna know the sex before either and DH is staunchly against knowing.

I guess everything in moderation is always the way to go. That's what I'll be doing. But I'm not even going to try and have coffee until my 2nd trimester. Til then - I gotta either forget about it or find a substitute.


CM - My important date is CNM appointment 12/27


I feel you ninetales - let them feel like they know what's best until they try to take it too far. lol

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We didn't find out the sex before Elsa was born. I liked doing it that way, the surprise was fun. But I didn't feel connected with her when she was born and I don't know if that's because of the section and all or if it happens to a lot of people anyway but I admit I mourned a little for the baby in my belly and didn't feel like they were one and the same. There's a tiny voice telling me maybe I should find out with this one so that I can at least have that part to bond over.
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Baby willing, we are finding out. I don't do well with big, big surprises like that. Plus, I want time to prepare if it is a boy, because my heart already cries out for a girl.

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We're about to start shopping around for a homebirth midwife.  There are very limited options here in Chicago as only CNM are legal,  so we'll just be meeting with three and picking our favorite.  We meet with the first midwife 12/3 another on on 12/12 and the third and final on 12/20.  Hopefully we'll have made a decision by Christmas, which will put us right around 8.5 weeks!

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I had some ginger tea on deck (yogi) - then I realized it had licorice root in it. It was on the no-no list I found. I had some yummy white tea and lemongrass - lemongrass is also on the list. I need to go buy some more peppermint tomorrow. I had a little english breakfast the other day - but I felt bad because it wasn't decaf. So I stopped drinking after 2 sips. I looked up some coffee alternatives - I'll see what they have at the store tomorrow.

I got some absolutely delicious decaf candy cane green tea from Trader Joe's yesterday. It's wonderful!

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I already had my appointment with my CNM on the 29th and it went well.  Just blood work and 'getting to know each other' type of thing since she took over after my old MW retired.  I'm not sure if I'll go back around 8 weeks and try to get a heartbeat (ya know, confirmation before sharing the good news at Christmas), or if I'll wait until I'm 10 or so weeks.  Have any of you heard of the HR being picked up on Doppler at 8 weeks? 

I'm kind of hoping for a girl, because we have lots of girl stuff and DD#1 was a July baby, so we wouldn't need many new clothes.  Of course, I don't care if it's a boy - I'd be in love with a little Mama's boy!  We're planning on having one or two more kids after this baby.  


I didn't have an ultrasound with DD #1 and I don't know if I will this time either.  Even if I do, we want to keep the sex a surprise!  


Ninetales - I was convinced I was having a boy with DD#1 and petrified at the thought of having a daughter. I didn't want to know the gender because I would've been devastated when I found out "he" was a she.  Instead, giving birth and having my husband cry out that it was a girl was unbelievable - I was crazy in love!  So maybe it had to do more with your section??  I don't know, just sharing my experience. :)  I can see where you'd definitely want to prepare yourself this time in case you'd have a similar reaction. 

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We didn't find out the gender with DD either (or DS, technically, as we didn't get the call until he was already born!) and won't with this one either.  I guess it's hard for me to understand having such a strong preference for one or the other (not snark - I just really don't get it) so the surprise is fun either way :)


I have my first appointment with an OB in the morning, hoping to see if I can get an early u/s to get dates as I am totally CLUELESS about my EDD.  I have long cycles so LMP doesn't work well and I wasn't charting to know when I ovulated.....


After this initial appointment with the OB and if we see that this is a viable pregnancy, I'll start shopping for a midwife.  I hate doing it - as you always have to tell someone 'no'.  I know that it's their job and no one takes it personally, but I am such a people pleaser that it makes me uncomfortable.  Plus, there are a lot more choices here than there were back where we used to live, and I don't want to interview all of them - but I also don't want to miss out on 'the one'...if that makes any sense.


You ladies feeling good?  I've been much more sick this time around than I was with DD, and it's hard taking care of the littles when I feel so vommy.  Bleh

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Is anyone else totally excited about having an Olympics baby? This will be my second one and I was hoping it would work out that way this time too. But this time I'll make sure to DVR for longer. I was hospitalized longer than I expected and missed women's figure skating with Elsa. Summer Olympics are my favorite so no way am I missing anything important this time.
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lol- so I kinda hadn't realized that they still did summer Olympics. I used to love Track n Field. Perhaps that will keep me busy when I start maternity leave before the baby comes.

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Didn't even put that together until now!  Maybe there will be some great Olympian that will give me inspiration for a name! :)

Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post

Is anyone else totally excited about having an Olympics baby? This will be my second one and I was hoping it would work out that way this time too. But this time I'll make sure to DVR for longer. I was hospitalized longer than I expected and missed women's figure skating with Elsa. Summer Olympics are my favorite so no way am I missing anything important this time.


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I'm another one that won't be seeing my midwife till well into the second trimester. It skips a lot of the tests and I've kinda got this whole pregnancy thing down by now. I will refuse the glucose test, mostly by just not showing up for it, since it's require by law here for her set me up for one. I did that last time and it worked fine. I've taken 6 of those things hated them all and had no diabetes problems. I'm also in much better health this time so I'm just not messing with it.


I'm kinda hoping for a girl because I have five boys and only two girls, but I have always wanted more boys than girls and I just adore having a lot of boys, so it won't break my heart either way. I also have a name I've really wanted to name a boy every since my last was born and I'm not in love with any girls' names right now. LOL My girls will want a girl though. We'll find out at the ultrasound. I can't wait.


I also knit....any other fiber people on ravelry?



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Stormimay- I bet you do have the whole pregnancy thing down!! thumb.gif Love it!



I'm on Ravelry! I'm IntuitiveJamie, as I am here, Pinterest, twitter and everywhere else on the net. :) Find me since i don't know what your name is there. I crochet and have found all kinds of super cute (girl b/c that's what I'm hoping for) stuff to crochet. I may even get started soon, even though that's risky. I'm the kind of person that doesn't "cry over spilled milk." So even if it's a boy and i've crocheted a bunch of stuff, I'll just find someone to gift it to that is having a girl. It won't hurt my feelings.

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I go in for my repeat beta tomorrow morning - trying not to get too nervous about the results. 

I have an appointment with the CNM in my ob/gyn office on December 15th - I was scheduled for an annual exam with one of the ob/gyn's but switched the appointment because I'd much rather see the CNM since I had my preconception appointment with her and she said she'll recommend some homebirth midwives to me. Also, if for some reason I need a hospital birth, she seems like a good fit.

I think I might want to find out the sex, but I DO NOT plan to tell my family. I honestly hate the gender stereotypes that are put on babies before they are even born.


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good luck with your betas tomorrow eleuthia.


LOL Storminmay - I do think you probably have this pregnancy thing down - maybe you can pass down some of your knowledge to this newbie.


My midwife appointment isn't until the 27th (at 8 weeks) - anxious.

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Baby willing, we are finding out. I don't do well with big, big surprises like that. Plus, I want time to prepare if it is a boy, because my heart already cries out for a girl.

Amen. Since before we started trying to conceive, we've been convinced we'll have a girl. We just can't imagine anything else. It's like she's been around us for months and is finally coming our way.


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I have third hcg Monday, forth hcg Wednesday, then I'll let you know I think they'll do an U/S next week, too.


I am just bummed I'm sick right now. I think I did it to myself by not taking any antihistimes, then going to school with a raw throat and swollen nose and having my sick students all around me. Trying to pull through this cold and not let it develop into a sinus infection or bronchitis, I have moderate/severe asthma and that's a huge no-no. But next week is parent conferences so I think that'll be draining, too.



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