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Weekly chat 11/28-12/4

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New week, let's chat!

I finally got a burst of energy today for about an hour or two! Thank goodness. I am past 11 weeks, and I can see the urges to nest and really just the energy on the horizon! Yay!!! I used it to clean and organize my sewing table and organize my fabrics for an upcoming swap. Hopefully I get another burst... My kitchen needs it! And my floors do too!

Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah and a baby on the way summer 2012
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i'm feeling way less nauseous in general, though DP still had to rush me my cereal this morning. 

i'm actually more tired though. i haven't been nearly as tired as i thought i would be. i'm fine during the day, just get tired really early in the evening.

i'm 11 weeks, 2 days and really need to make a midwife appointment! today i will call her and i mustn't forget!

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i have been having lots of energy. i am surprised i feel this normal at 9 weeks. i am pretty sure i have gd already but i am not going to do the test until after xmas. they wanted to do the test in about 2 weeks but i am going to wait just a couple more weeks. i have been watching what i eat anyway. i usually dont digest sugar and get hypoglycemic but when pregnant, i digest it and get super sugar energy. my house is clean for the first time in about 2 months. :) i still have tests strips so i have been checking it regularly. not too high most times. 


so glad i broke down and bought new maternity jeans. next i am going to get some nice boots that zip up! the ones i have tie and i am sure those wont work. i dont even want to bend over now to tie my shoes. lol. 


i am always hungry. 

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11 weeks today, and overall I am feeling much better. Whereas week 6-9 I felt sick around the clock, the last few weeks I have just felt icky in the evening and only threw up a few times (although the last time on Saturday was the worst vomiting I have ever had in my life, it was scary). My energy is pretty much the same. While with my 1st pregnancy I was incredibly tired but not very sick with this one I am not very tired at all (even though I am mysteriously waking up 2 hours before DH and DS every morning for no reason). I have not started exercising again (planning on walking and pilates, pre-pregnancy I ran fairly often) and I am not sure how to get motivated for that. Maybe it would be a good way to use those extra 2 hours in the morning. I still fit in all my clothes and haven't actually gained any weight despite having a noticeable belly but I am much more comfortable in maternity leggings so that is what I have worn most days for the past weeks. We saw the baby last week at an extra appt with the midwife because they wanted to check on him/her following the virus we had. Everything looked good although it took her a long time to find the heartbeat and I almost freaked out. Very much looking forward to the end of the 1st trimester! I hope all the food aversions go away soon like they did with my last pregnancy. It would be nice to eat some of the giant Costco bags of sweet potato fries that have been ignored in my freezer for two months...

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Ooh, those of you feeling better at 11 weeks is encouraging to me.  Only 2 more weeks to go then!


My 3 year old son said the sweetest thing yesterday.  We were talking about putting up the Christmas decorations outside and I told him I wanted to, but I was lacking the energy.  I told him that growing a baby takes a lot of work for my body and that's why I'm so tired.  Somehow his brain connected that to giving birth and he told me that when the baby is ready, he's going to catch her.  (He thinks the baby is a girl).  He said he would catch her so she wouldn't land on the pokies.  I asked him what pokies are and he said they're outside, that's why we have to wear shoes or sandals.  Not sure where he picked that up?  I don't require shoes or sandals outside.  And I'm not planning on birthing outside.  But, so freaking cute that he wants to catch the baby!  His daddy isnt' even interested in doing that.  :) 



LionessMom - I already bought some slip on winter boots from Lands End.  I've had tie ones through my last two pregnancies and I am not about to go through another one with them.





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This week I find myself feeling a little nervous about the idea that I will for real have another little person in my life.


I know things will be fine, but the ever-expanding belly and the realization that there's no going back is slightly freaking me out.


I feel like starting to get prepared might make me feel better and find myself looking at little girl clothes and carriers. Rationally I should really wait since I don't need much and will likely get the basics from a baby shower down the road....maybe just a onsie outfit to calm my urges....

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13 weeks now, learning how to manage symptoms better and this is keeping my anxiety to a manageable level. I'm taking Pepcid in the afternoon and evening for reflux, and Zofran as needed if that doesn't keep the reflux and accompanying nausea at bay. For the panic attacks, I am not forcing myself to do things, but I am stretching my limits a bit each day up until I just barely start to feel uncomfortable. Pushing myself all the way to panic mode was not helping anything and giving me more and more anxiety. The Pepcid doesn't work great for the reflux, but it's good enough that I can last until my next appointment on the 8th.


Otherwise, the cold air has gotten here and I can feel it a lot in my sinuses. I need to start doing warm sinus rinses to help that. I've had a sinus pressure headache off and on for a couple of days, and I have been trying to keep my head warm, but that makes me overheat. I think the fatigue is easing up so once I get the reflux well managed and my head feeling good, I think I am ready to start exercising again.

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I'm 11 weeks today. I had a really bad weekend as far as nausea/throwing up, but I started taking Zantac today and so far it seems to be helping my lunch stay put. I also took a Tums after lunch because I could feel the food in my throat feeling that always makes me so sick by 2:00 p.m. or so. I can still feel it there, but maybe not as much. We'll see.

Not much else going on for me. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday & can't wait to hear the heartbeat again.
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Let's see... in the past week, I've been even MORE tired, less puke-y, but MORE nauseous... started taking the Zofran, but haven't seen any huge improvements... told all my family and finally outed myself on FB... been sucking those cinnamon hard candies like they are going to stop making them. They help with that feeling of having too much saliva.


What would I love??? Well, to feel like a regular human again would be great, but I suspect that'll be a couple more weeks... I'd really just love to drink a big glass of water without feeling completely and utterly miserable for hours afterward!!


This week I'll have a quick u/s and get to see the little bean for the first time (and last time till the anatomy scan). I'm so excited. As sick as I've been, I'm not too worried, but after having experienced a miscarriage, it's always reassuring to see the babe kicking around in there before I can feel it.

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I am 12 weeks tomorrow but still feeling really nausea but not puking as much. I am eating really poorly lately but it seems to be the only things I want and can keep down. had KFC twice over the weekend and today DH brought me home 2 soft tacos from taco bell and they were heavenly. I am really looking forward to getting back onto my healthy eating plan again. I had my second midwife apt this afternoon and she said the ultrasound report from last week was good and confirmed my June 12th due date. Had blood work done and my blood pressure done (it was 134/86 which I am not happy about but she was ok with it. I have white coat hypertension and my BP is always way lower at home) I talked about having a VBA2C and she said I could for sure do it and that the risk of VBAC was on par with the risk of another c-section however she said my best chances of that happening is if I can grow a smaller baby then DS (he was 9lb 12 oz) and if we start doing everything we can to encourage labour starting at 36/37 weeks like acupuncture, etc. If I do not go into labour before 40 weeks then it will be another scheduled c-section. She said I need to be really strict with my diet (once the nausea is over) and exercise every day to encourage a smaller baby then DS. I am determined to have a natural vaginal delivery this time!

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the main thing i have right now is a runny nose. it doesnt run all over, just a constant drip that i have to keep blowing. so now i have dry skin cracks on the edge of  my nose.

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rebith and Jennifer - glad to hear you ladies are having more energy! 


becoming - sorry to hear you had a bad weekend :-( Hope things keep going well with the zantac


Karla - good luck with midwife appointment. Will this be your first one of the pregnancy?


Darci - sorry you are so sick, keep holding on to getting to see your LO at the appointment 


Scarlett - That's awesome that your midwife is so supportive!!!


Alexandria - Good luck finding the time for exercise. It's so hard between timing, scheduling, and dealing with the symptoms of pregnancy...but it's so important and always makes you feel better


Nicole - your little one is so smart and precious! He's going to be such a loving big brother!!


Laurie - I'm with you on the urge to shop! I think a onesie or a coming home outfit would be the perfect buy for now. :-)


Rhiandmoi - It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job staying in touch with your body and managing your symptoms. 

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I am 11w3d and feeling a lot better for the most part. I will say that Thanksgiving week SUCKED as far as feeling rested and healthy goes. It was 5+ days of socializing with family every single day. My daughter's naps and mealtimes were completely thrown off and she ended the week with a stomach bug. I am so glad that holiday is over and we can get back to normal eating and sleeping. I think that will go a long way towards me feeling a TON better.

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i keep waiting to feel the baby. i felt dd2 at 11 weeks. i know it wasnt gas. lol. i keep thinking that maybe i felt something but it doesnt seem to be in the right spot so i am sure it is gas. i am only 9 weeks and 3 days. i dont know if i will have to wait till 11 weeks again or if i will feel it earlier. everything seems to be happening earlier every time. 

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I'm 11 weeks 1 day and still haven't felt anything. Like you said, I've thought MAYBE I felt something here & there, but it's always too high to have really been the baby. I'm so excited to feel a REAL movement! It's been 4 1/2 years since I've been pregnant, and oh how I've missed baby movements!
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I'm 13 weeks today and thinking that my energy might be slowly returning. I actually cleaned and vacuumed  most of the house today. Now I'm resting before folding laundry and hosting a play-date with some neighbor kids (though I'm hoping actually the other mom might host - I'd like to keep the house cleanish for a night!)


I bought some nice warm and roomy ZIP up boots. Tying up my big sorrels seemed like too much work this year:) I had to get some as DS and I are heading out to Northern Alberta for a couple of weeks and they already have snow. I'm so excited to see my mom. She's great with DS and they will be inseperable the whole trip (so I get a bit of a break to sit in front of the roaring fire with a good book and cup of hot tea - ahhhhhhh) One of the things DS is excited about  (besides seeing grandma's horses and sledding on her farm) is baking with her. So... add fresh cinnamon buns to the picture of me by the fire :) I suppose I'll have to go to the city to visit other family too but if we're lucky we'll get snowed in there! 

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Originally Posted by Monkey's Mum View Post
I bought some nice warm and roomy ZIP up boots. Tying up my big sorrels seemed like too much work this year:) I had to get some as DS and I are heading out to Northern Alberta for a couple of weeks and they already have snow. I'm so excited to see my mom. She's great with DS and they will be inseperable the whole trip (so I get a bit of a break to sit in front of the roaring fire with a good book and cup of hot tea - ahhhhhhh) One of the things DS is excited about  (besides seeing grandma's horses and sledding on her farm) is baking with her. So... add fresh cinnamon buns to the picture of me by the fire :) I suppose I'll have to go to the city to visit other family too but if we're lucky we'll get snowed in there! 

This sounds absolutely wonderful!  Have a great time. :)  My husband wanted me to go to his parents' with him for 4 days while he worked and if the above was the situation, I'd be more than happy to go!  But...it's actually way more work for me to be there with "help" than it is to be home alone with the children.

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Ooohhhh, sitting by the fire does sound wonderful, with help of course!


Kuddos to Kate for replying to everyone, holy moly that's a lot.


So we spent the end of last week at my mom's and it was nice, she is a lot of help with my kiddies.  My step-dad however does things in a playful manor that he thinks are funny and my kids do NOT think are funny.  My 3 year old cried several times and told me that Papa was being mean to him and he didn't like him at all and could we leave.  He made my 8 year old cry a few times being too rough with him, and once I had to tell my mom that Bill was being mean to the kids and could she please step in.  UGH I hate that part.  And while he does love us, he's a spoiled rotten baby and plays video games with the surround sound on about as loud as it can get so we have to yell to speak to each other.  of course I'm always asking him to please turn it down and to please let the kids watch TV because it's almost bed time or something but he's never willing to "share" his toys.  So after about 48 hours he's ready for us to leave because my mom's focus is not directly on him.


After that we went to my dad's in TN ... they live on a farm in the country and have a wood burning stove as their heat.  They ALWAYS have wood in it and my hubby is so uncomfortable at their house because it's hotter than HELL (literally) there....so he complains the entire time.  Hubby has some kind of infection (sinus or other) and whined about being sick, needing to go to bed at 7:30p, and sleeping til 10a that I was ticked off at him the entire trip.  Then it rained at a steady pace, enough to flood everything, and keep us inside the hot house from Saturday until yesterday morning that the kids didn't even get to enjoy going to the barn and riding horses or anything.  Of course we needed to visit my grandmother's that are both in their mid 80's but one smokes like a chimney and I had to call to warn her to put the cigarette out so I could bring my kids in and hubby complained about the littles having a cough and why did we have to go etc etc ... UM BECAUSE SHE'S 85 YEARS OLD AND MY GRANDMOTHER AND WE WONT BE THERE LONG AND SHE WON'T DARE SMOKE AROUND THEM BECAUSE SHE LOVES ME!!!  Now, under NO circumstances would I subject my children to a home that's smoked in ANY other time but YES I do take them there because I know she can't walk and we might not ever see her again because she's old and sick.  There!!!!


Ok, more news .... SIL ... you know the one, the one that talked smack about our joke on April fools about me being pregnant.  Hubby and she have always had a rocky relationship, they fought like cats and dogs growing up, she's petty and childish and just about everything else you can think of.  PLUS she's always been pretty rude to me from all aspects.  She UNfriended us on FB on April 2nd after I emailed her asking her to be nice to me.  Well, occasionally she texts or calls him (he NEVER calls/texts her) and Thanksgiving day was one of those days.  His phone rings and we don't get reception in my mom's house so he grabs it and runs outside.  She says ... guess what, I'M PREGNANT, I'm 10w and due June 21st.  He responds with, wow that's great congratulations!!!  T is pregnant too, and 10w and due due 24th.  Her response?!  WTF are you kidding?!  They hang up and I send her a text from my phone saying "I am so so excited for you guys and wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and I can't wait to meet my niece or nephew.  She ignored me completely.  :(


And I had another bleeding episode while in TN, lots of bleeding actually.  Since I already know about the SCH, expected it to happen again, and had no cramping what ever I just went on about my evening but checking on things regularly.  All is better now and I'm kind of hoping that the bleed is gone.  I did agree to the NT scan and blood work after much deliberation and it's scheduled for Friday.  I will be going alone because DH has an interview, but that's ok too.  We'll probably get to find out the gender since a good tech can tell based on the direction the "nub" is pointing at 12 weeks.  DH is still on the fence about finding out so I might not even tell him LOL.


That's it for me, a bit nauseous now but guess I just need to eat.

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Just back from the doctor, where I had a BIG SCARE. My doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat on Doppler, so I had to wait about 10 minutes for an ultrasound. Very nerve-wracking, but baby is fine, just moving around like crazy! I got pictures smile.gif He/she actually looks like a BABY now!
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scares. eek. bleeding and cant find the heartbeat. very scary. glad it turned out fine. 


i did buy some nice boots. zip up, flat, and CUTE! now i want a coat that matches it better. lol. better get googling!

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