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Originally Posted by Chicky2 View Post

Thanks everyone!  Here's what I came up with.  

Cool! Well done. As are the others that pp have shared here...Sigh, I just realized it's already Dec. 1 and once again, ours isn't up and it isn't as if threads like this one haven't been giving me reminders. 



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Yes, those are tp tubes. 


Yes, exactly why I want to put them in the day of too!

Originally Posted by Tumble Bumbles View Post

Are those toilet paper tubes? How awesome! I saw the toilet paper tube idea *after* I made mine, but I may do that next year - or sew little felt pouches. Good job, especially in such a short amount of time!!


Also, the idea about adding activities one or two days at a time for flexability is a great idea, and we do that as well because some days I may not feel like making 2 dozen sugar cookies and other days I may be inspired, know what I mean? -- or we may not hear about an event until a day or two beforehand so I find doing it that way makes my life a lot easier and I don't have to think of 24 activities at once!

Ok, here's my list of activities...


Make a gumdrop tree!

Make snowflakes!

Bake Christmas cookies!

Decorate Pretzel sticks with chocolate and sprinkles! 

Look under your pillow!  (I'll put a piece of chocolate under their pillows)

Make gift tags!

Make dog biscuits!

Elf Yourself!

Make reindeer food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve!

Red, White, and Green Christmas Supper!

Family Game Night by the Christmas Tree!

Write a letter to Santa!

Make lanterns!

Go on a lantern walk on Solstice!

Attend a Christmas Event!

Go see Arthur Christmas!

Make birdseed ornaments!

Make and eat ice cream snowmen!

Read the Legend of the Poinsettia and make paper poinsettias!

Go on a Christmas treasure hunt!  Look in Santa’s hand for the first clue! (the treasure will be a pile of Christmas jokes)

Take a drive and look at Christmas lights!

Have a campout under the Christmas tree!

Watch a Christmas movie and have hot chocolate!

Decorate the Christmas Tree!

Have a Family Christmas Concert!


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I was reading on a couple of blogs that some families do "Random Acts of Kindness" Advent calendars.  LOVE this idea.  We swapped out a couple of our original activities for random acts of kindness.  Some of the ones we plan to do:


Bring coffee/hot chocolate and a baked treat to a Salvation Army bell ringer.

Bringing treats to the post office.  (Mail carriers get a lot of tips and gifts from the people they deliver mail to, but the clerks and mail handlers don't get nearly as much!)

We're going to leave treats by the front door of some friends that we haven't seen in awhile.  Anonymously.

Tape microwave popcorn to Redbox machine.

We're going to leave a couple of plates of baked goodies for the UPS guy.  We live at the bottom of a hill (our driveway goes down a hill, and there's not enough room for the UPS truck to turn around in our driveway, so he walks all the way down the hill and all the way back up to deliver our packages, and he's been here practically every day this week.)

Put candy canes on cars in a parking lot.


For the anonymous ones, we are planning to include a note that says something about this being a random act of kindness for the holiday season.

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