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Holiday gifts for preschool teachers?

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My DD is in preschool/daycare full day, five days a week.  She has two teachers both of whom she is really close to and we really appreciate and respect. 


I'm trying to decide what to give as a holiday gift.  I know we won't do a class gift; DD was with the same group of kids last year and no one arranged it.   Last year we gave cash and DD made each teacher a card.  I'm fine with that option again... but not quite thrilled with it.  In part because her teachers this year are both more professional, older and have families of their own.  It seems inappropriate to give them cash somehow...   (Still, I prefer cash to gift cards as gifts.  I don't feel a need to show loyalty to a particular store or potentially give money to a store that may or may not get spent.) 


So, the other idea I was considering was a donation to an organization like Heifer or Oxfam.  I *think* both teachers would really appreciate the gift and I know DD would like giving that gift-- I mean what greater gift could a 3 year old give than A flock of chickens to a family!   But, I'm worried that maybe her teachers count on cash gifts the way waiters count on tips...  I know that day care/preschool teachers are not generally paid well.  Though I also know that her school pays well above average.


For those of you who don't do a class gift, what are you planning to do for teacher gifts at holiday time?  And, what are your thoughts of giving to a charity in someone's name?

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I've never given cash gifts to a teacher. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure there have been rules against it in some places we've lived in. Although I have given gift cards to coffee shops and book stores, and I guess that isn't too different, but somehow it feels different. 


A charitable donation is a good idea. I know a few teachers who have suggested that they would prefer families give books to the school library, rather than a present to the individual teacher. 


My only personal guideline is to give something that is consumable like coffees and teas, gourmet jams, vinegars, etc., so that it won't clutter up their classrooms or homes forever. I figure even if the teacher doesn't like it, s/he can serve it to guests or leave it in the staff room for others to enjoy. I have given potted herbs, which doesn't quite follow the "consumable" rule. The only other exception I've made, that I can recall, is to give a Christmas ornament if I knew that the teacher celebrated Christmas. 


Mostly, I think a card or a note of appreciation from you and your child is enough. 





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Thanks!  Great point about giving something consumable-- I hate to force clutter into someone else's house.  And,  I love the library idea too!

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