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Welcome Tenley Harper!  Love her name!  I pushed for 4 hrs with my first...after being in active labor for over 18 hrs.  The good thing is that you only have your first baby ONCE ;)  Happy Babymooning! 

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I worked a 14 hour day yesterday , and am on my way back in.  i deserve a latte this morning over my usual homemade coffee pot french roast.  my boss got fired this weekend, and there is a hug job to get out, and none of it is done, i dont know why but it isnt, and its all falling on me.  i deserve a raise haha. 


jenine-Congrats on the baby!  im so excited!


hopefully all the working will work the baby right out, 37 weeks tomorrow, so im fine with it.  : )

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Azadehhast~ No, the one in new West, it's a few blocks from my lawyer and the neurologist's office is right by RCH... but now that I took DH out to to the Keg to celebrate his job last night, we might just hit Subway or something. His company's Christmas dinner is in Friday, and I don't want to blow the budget in restaurants!


Congrats Jenine! Can't wait to see pics!


Avery~ I hope the test comes back & says things are okay.


Hi Jeannie!


Carseatqueen~ it's so weird being able to feel the head, isn't it? I'd be taking that bath advice to heart, too! 


Both my kids are home sick today... DS has a fever and DD is borderline (I think she might be okay, she's having breakfast) DH was up in the night, too but he went to work today anyway. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing and I don't get it. Everyone keep your labour vibes away from me for the next few days, please! Our supper last night was pretty interesting... a few moments after we sat down, we heard the couple at the next table start to argue. The topic was "It was okay for me to cheat on you because you cheated first." We got an earful until the server came back and DH asked for us to be moved to another table. The manager came over and was telling the couple to quiet down or get out, and that there were small children at the next table. The woman was adamant that she wasn't bothering anyone, because he wouldn't name names. I was just praying at that point DH would keep his mouth shut, and trying not to laugh at 9 year old DS quietly commenting that this isn't the time or place for yelling. Anyway,we got moved to another table, and they comped us about 20% of the bill!

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Congrats jenine! What an adorable name!

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Yay Jenine!! joy.gif You did it! Soooo happy for you and Tenley!
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Welcome Tenley and congrats Jenine!!! =D


@Mummoth - that's hilarious! DH and I are total eavesdroppers, though, so we love listening in on other people's conversations in public and using them as springboards for our own conversations. We're people-watchers, too... just something interesting about what people do and say in public, and the insight that can spark. We probably would have had a (very hushed) conversation about the topic throughout the entire meal!! lol.gif

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aeterna~ DH did a status update about it on FB and it sparked a conversation there... I said that if he and I were going to have a public fight about cheating, we'd have to go to Quizno's because it'd be a short one! Neither of us would stick around if the other did that.

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OK, this baby is welcome to come anytime this weekend! I know I'm only 39 weeks, and my other babies were born at 41 weeks.. but I think I am finally ready! I don't have any big papers coming up, just a couple online tests and I can totally handle that after the baby is born. 


I have plenty of contractions, they are obviously doing something since I'm dilated so much. I'm feeling more and more ready. 

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does anyone know what happened to insidevoice?

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Originally Posted by rustydaisies View Post

does anyone know what happened to insidevoice?

Nope! Hope everything is OK!

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I've been concerned about insidevoice too...


Congrats Jenine!! I also pushed 2 1/2hrs with my first...my second I only pushed 15mins :-)


I had my 38wk appointment yesterday with the midwife that I hated...I must have just got her on a bad day last week because yesterday she was really sweet and friendly and gentle and respectful...what a relief!!!


I literally have everything ready for this baby and I'm going nuts waiting now lol...and it doesn't help that everyone I see keeps telling me how hard it is for THEM to wait...oh well...I hear I won't be pregnant forever, but, seriously it feels like it!'


OH YES!! I was SO EXCITED because I managed to by a Moby off my friend for $20; it was something I really wanted but don't really need so I just couldn't justify paying $40-$50 for one...so I am just so happy!!



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I also pushed for 2 1/2 hours with my 1st. 30 mins with my second. Hoping this one will be 5 minutes! 


My parents are coming to visit tomorrow afternoon and bringing some baby stuff. My mom ordered some NB prefolds for me, but we both realized that she should have had them shipped to my house and not hers. Because after tomorrow I have no idea when I will see her next! Hopefully sooner than later after the baby is born, and she can bring them with her then (She is about 8 hrs away). 


I thought I was ready this morning, until I went to class. I have to rewrite a bunch of our research paper, and not excited about it. So, now I am worried about getting that taken care of before the baby comes! 

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I wish we would hear from insidevoice too... 


Congrats jenine!  Glad everyone is home.


Glad your appointment with the mean midwife was better than expected lilmomma.  That's a big relief.


rusty, I can't believe you're still working and so much.  I'm so tired today I might just cry myself to sleep tonight and all I did was a crappy job of going grocery shopping.


A job in my field just opened up.  I can't decide if I should apply or not.  We can only realistically afford me staying at home until July/August, which will be here sooner than I can comprehend, I think.  Good jobs are rare enough that it seems dumb to pass it up.  OTOH, I don't want to find myself in the position of being pressured to start a few weeks after giving birth... even if I start working before July, I'd at least like to be home until April.  eesh.  


Did I mention I'm tired today?  whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.  I'm full of curse words too.  I had to go back and edit almost every sentence.  And I hate all of my pets.


Yay, 36 weeks and 5 days!  It's such a joyous, celebratory time.

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Sierra my MIL order some stuff for us and she asked it to be shipped to our house but then it arrived to her house so now she just re-shipped to our house...crazy!!! She will be here in a couple weeks but is coming by plane and doesn't want to bring everything with her. She's being silly though because she won't allow us to open any of it - even things that would be really useful as soon as baby is born. Oh well.



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my GBS test was negative yayay!!! im almost done working yayay!  and i tried to check my cervix yesterday in the shower, and its low and squishy and i could totally feel the babys head!!!  so COOL! I made DP come feel it to Sheepish.gif

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Today dd1 was looking at my belly and declared it was "a mess" (pointing at my belly button).  She did say my hair was pretty though.


I'm so excited for all of you still waiting on your babies.  I'm a little sad that I don't plan on having any more children.  It's amazing how fast you forget the discomforts of being pregnant.

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Mental Note: 9 year old son does NOT appreciate when I change the words of 'Santa Baby' to "Blobby Baby, Hurry down my vagina tonight!" 2whistle.gif

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Originally Posted by Mummoth View Post

Mental Note: 9 year old son does NOT appreciate when I change the words of 'Santa Baby' to "Blobby Baby, Hurry down my vagina tonight!" 2whistle.gif


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Originally Posted by Mummoth View Post

Mental Note: 9 year old son does NOT appreciate when I change the words of 'Santa Baby' to "Blobby Baby, Hurry down my vagina tonight!" 2whistle.gif



So I bought more RRL tea today which I am drinking like crazy and I'm just baout out of EPO...hoping not to have to buy more lol....I am SOOOOOOOOO beyond ready!!!!

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I haven't had any RRL tea. I drank it like water with my previous pregnancies. Maybe because they are different seasons? I like it like iced-tea better than hot tea. I've not done EPO this time around either... although being dilated to a 4 and fully effaced, I don't think I need EPO. 


My parents came up to spend a few hours with us.. they brought some winter baby clothes in 0-3 months size, so that was nice! My other 2 were warm weather babies so I didn't have much in 0-3 for winter time. 


Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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