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Recommendations needed for organic and chemical-free mattress, thanks!

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My 3 year old boy has severe allergic cough-cold, which worsens after sleeping on our conventional 4 year old bed for a few hours. I am assuming its because of the off-gassing foam. 


I researched all the organic mattress options online and now thoroughly confused. 


Is the Organic cotton + wool mattress 100% free of all chemicals? I read somewhere on MDC that even the wool can be treated with chemicals Before it goes into the mattress, is that true? Should I avoid natural latex since i am not sure if my son is allergic to it? 


Does anyone have any experience with any of these vendors:


1) White Lotus (organic cotton and wool boulder firm mattress, they say its not organic wool but its never treated chemically). They have a 25% discount today and I so want to avail of that, however I am concerned as I cannot test them out in person :(. 


2) Pure-Rest cotton wool mattress. They say its 100% organic cotton and 100% organic wool certified by Oregon Tilth. The price however seems too good to be true. I have also not seen even one user review of any of their mattresses so not sure if I should trust their claims. 


3) Holy Lamb organics. I particularly liked their woolly down pillow. 


4) Shephard's Dream. They also have Premium eco wool which they claim is better than the organic wool. 


5) Organic Grace. I think they sell Pure Rest, not sure though. 



Please help! Do you recommend any of these and why?



White Lotus might just be what I am looking for, and I hope I don't lose their deal price! Should I go ahead and just buy their mattress at the deal price today? I obviously cannot test their sample now. 



Unfortunately I cannot try them out in person as we don't have any organic mattress stores in Dallas, TX.



Thanks so much in advance,





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Its 2.20 and the sale ends at 5 today! Anxious anxious anxious! 


Someone please reply :((

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Sorry, but I don't have any info on the companies you listed. I do know that I recently purchased a build-your-own Talalay latex mattress from Foam Factory.  So if you decide to go that direction you should look at theirs first. It was SO much more affordable than any other natural latex product I researched. It is also COMFORTABLE. I love it.


I bought the 6 inch FIRM mattress (link above). A 2 inch MEDIUM latex mattress topper and a 2 inch SOFT latex topper. That was probably overkill, but I do love a comfortable bed. I also purchased the stretchy Terry Cloth Cover that holds it all in. Foam Factory gives free shipping too! I haven't had an achy back, shoulder, or hip since I bought it.


I know it's hard dealing with allergies, so good luck with whatever you decide.


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I have wool pillows from Holy Lamb Organics, and have bought linens from them too. I really like their company. Willow (the owner) is great!
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i have the green cotton mattress and wool topper from white lotus.  i have to say it's not nearly as comfortable as my old serta but i sleep better knowing that it's chemical free.  i eventually want to get latex topper to try between the mattress and the wool to see if that helps.  i had no problems with the company but it took a loooong time to get our mattresses.  if you are on the mailing list you'll see that the company has sales all the time.  i ordered ours on earth day when everything was 40% off.  

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My plain ol mattress store carries several "green" matress options. You don't need a fancy store. I used to own a GreenSleep and it was the most comfotable ,atress evr. It got damaged from flooding in the house. Bummer as it was a $4000 mattress. Now we have a LifeKind mattess that was for free from an old woman that had bought right before se died (kind of sad). I think it is latex and organic cotton and wool. We cover it with 2 different wool toppers as I have little kiddos and need the waterproofing. They protect the bed 100%. All our beds have these wool pads, no nasty vinal for us.
I would say that it isn't as comfortable, but DH loves it because he thought the other mattress was too soft. Eh and I am not that picky.

I have seen many times organic mattresses listed on craigslist for super cheap, so if money is holding you back, try there.

OP, I see that this was started a week ago, so what did you end up picking?
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Am I wrong, or isn't it true that even "green" mattresses in the U.S. have flame retardant on them unless you purchase with a doctor's note?

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Have you looked into Dust Mite allergies??

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Thanks everyone. I haven't picked up yet. I have ordered a sample of White Lotus Boulder firm organic cotton and wool mattress. Does anyone have any experience with this mattress or this company? They seem like nice people.


Their wool is not organic though. Should that be a concern? Would it have any kind of chemical treatment before this company gets the wool? They do not do any chemical treatment to wool at their facility.



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Originally Posted by kfillmore View Post

Have you looked into Dust Mite allergies??

kfillmore, this is the second time in 2 days I heard this term. I never knew there would be such a thing as dust mite allergies. Haven't tested him yet, he is just 3 so not sure if a test is possible. What to do to reduce that possibility?

Thanks again,



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I just wanted to share that my dd always had a cough at our old place and it was way worse when she was sleeping. I cut out dairy as an allergen, and only then did the cough go away.
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