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Dr. Bob,


I am due in February 2012.  We are having a boy.  We are delaying the circumcision to beyond 8 days after birth.  (Not here to debate circumcision.)  We are delaying for a few reasons.  Within that realm of reasons is the fact that we want to avoid the Vitamin K injection immediately at birth.   I would like to give oral/liquid Vitamin K for myself and baby (I am breastfeeding) and not have him injected with it at the hospital.  I'm wondering what your take is on this issue regarding avoiding the Vitamin K injection at birth, using the liquid form instead on my own, and delaying the circumcision.  By waiting eight days or more for the circumcision and giving Vitamin K liquid form from birth until then, there should be no issues with blood clotting at that point, correct?


In addition, will the liquid form be adequate if there is a traumatic-type birth?


Lastly, what is your view about the eye ointment (antibiotics) used for newborns in the hospital as well?  In a mother who does not have STDs, is it necessary?