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Enuresis Treatment Center

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I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has had success with the ETC program and can explain the process. My 7 yr. old is a bedwetter and doesn't quite understand why I won't let him go on overnights with his cousins and friends. I would love to find a solution to this problem other than "wait until he grows out of it" as suggested by his pediatrician.  Any comments would be appreciated.

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When DS was 7-1/2, we bought one of these bedwetting alarms:



After two weeks he was dry every night. I can't explain why it worked, because he doesn't get up to pee in the middle of the night now. He is a very, very heavy sleeper, though.


Anyway, I would certainly give this a try before I shelled out the bucks for that place.


Best of luck to you and your DS.


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I know there was a thread on this before...maybe do a search.

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Thanks All - we are scheduled to go to a chriopractor, which may be longer term treatment for other issues as well. But I am encouraged that you had results in 2 weeks with the alarm. I was initially cautious about the alarm because my son sleeps so deeply and doesn't wake to a normal (very loud) alarm clock. Likewise, I was curious about Enuresis's categorization of this as a sleep disorder. I read the older threads but they never explained how it really worked.  If the alarm works it would certainly be more cost effective and I would love to be able to stop buying pull-ups!

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I will add, my husband slept on the sofa (right outside DS's door) for the first week, because DS didn't wake up to the alarm. But DH did! Also, the alarm physically vibrates as well, which helps. And when DS did wake, he was so groggy and out of it that he mostly had no idea what was going on. But still, somehow, it worked. Best of luck.

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I just joined this site and saw this post and I had to comment.  My daughter just turned 7 and still wets the bed every night without fail, sometimes more then once a night.  I have tried everything I can think of but nothing has worked.  Her doctor keeps telling me that I shouldnt worry and that she will outgrow it on her own but I cant keep up with all the extra laundry morning after morning.  She also has some issues during the day, especially in the car.  Its a good 45 minutes to the grocery store and even longer if we go anywhere else (we live out in the country) and she usually falls asleep in the car and end up with wet clothes and seat but, when she is awake, she never tells me she has to go until its too late  Thats all after I try to get her to go potty before we go anywhere but she always denies she has to go and flat out refuses to even try!  For awhile I was buying pull ups but they basically stopped working and I had to wash anyways.  When I am desparate, I buy them when I am at the store but they are so damn expensive and dont even work.  I dont know if its her size/wieght or what but they just dont work.  On a good day, she is about 42 lbs.  I even tried those ones for older kids but they didnt work either and they seemed way too bulky and would sag because they were a bit too big on her.  It would be nice not to have to wash sheets/clothes everyday and was hoping someone here could offer any suggestions or at least tell me I am not the only one going through this.  Thank you everyone in advance.



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I have a 7 year old boy who is still bedwetting every night, multiple times a night. We've tried the alarms and they still don't wake him up. Did anyone have success with the treatment center?

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We have not tried the treatment center, but my 9yo has been seeing urologist which lead to treating underlying constipation and is starting to have dry nights :)

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