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Was I just tired?

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I am 34 1/2 weeks pregnant with my third child and have been having BH every so often, but nothing major. Then Saturday I woke up with pretty strong BH that lasted pretty much all day. Yesterday same thing but then close to bedtime they switched from just being in the top of my tummy with no pain (just shortness of breath) to my lower tummy with sharp vaginal pains. I was like "woooo baby, not yet!" and had dh rub my lower back while I soaked in the tub and drank like a gallon of water. :LOL
They went back to normal BH feeling and I went to bed and then other than having to get up to potty every 2 hours or so : I slept in today until close to 2p.m. Now there is no BH or anything, back to normal. My baby is still moving around great.
So this is what I wonder, since I have been getting around 4-5 hours of sleep a day (the potty thing and I have a hard time getting back to sleep after waking up) could I have just been really tired?
It seems really strange to talk about, but when I was in the water it just "felt" like my baby was wanting to come out and I kept rubbing my belly telling him all the reasons he needed to wait just a few weeks longer. I read that and it sounds like I am a freak, but that is just the way it was. I had an u/s at 33 weeks (was measuring small) and at that time he weighed 4 and 1/2 pounds about half the size of my other 2 babies. I am horrified at the thoughts of going early, my other 2 births were very medical and we have a wonderful natural, low intervention birth planned this time around and if I go premature that dream will be smashed, and it scares me to death to think of all the things that could go wrong with my baby boy if he went this early.
Is there something more I could be doing? I have been resting as much as possible (not sleeping, but just kinda lounging around) and drinking plently of water, is there something more I dont know about? Should I call my CNM, or wont she just say, well come on in and so on and so forth. I had opted to not have any vaginal examinations until I was in full labor, but now I wonder if maybe I should go ahead and get one the next appointment, this Thursday, what do you all think????
Thanks for any input.
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I ended up having to go to the hospital when I was having about 10 contractions (like menstrual cramps) an hour for several hours. Drinking water and taking a warm bath didn't help at all. I ended up having 3 shots of Terbutaline and brought meds home to keep it away (and ended up back there the next day for the same routine before the contrax slowed to the 2-4 an hour I have now).

I was always told to call if I had anymore than 4-6 an hour and especially if they were painful (which I hear BH aren't, but I'm not sure).

Sounds like you are doing the right thing (especially if they stopped on their own) true PTL stops for no one (except drugs occasionally as far as I know).

Definately mention it to your MW. I have my fingers crossed that your little one stays inside for as long as necessary to be healthy.

BTW- I was checked and no dilation or effacement so far. Your MW may or may not think it's necessary to check.
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I am sure that you were pretty scaried! I would have been too.

I would definetly mention this to your CNM.There is a test that they can do to determine if you are in danger of going into preterm labor soon. I am not sure what the details are, but I think that it is non-invasive.

Are you eating enough protein? I would try uping the amount that you are eating. They say that you should be getting 100 grams a day, but I always felt bad unless i had more like 120 grams.

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Called my CNM and she was so wonderfull on the phone (I can still not get over the difference of going with a midwife this time unlike the traditional ob's I used with my first 2). She said that I did great and exactly what she would have told me to do had I called her last night, she then followed up by telling me that she was proud of my presence of thought! Did I mention that I love my midwife? lol
She seems to think that I may have pulled a muscle or been extra tired. She told me that if it continues and does not let up after doing the things I did Sunday to call her.
I guess I was just nervous about calling her before because I was so used to the bull they would tell me when I still was using the OB. Like when I had a 3 hour GD test and was feeling numb and dizzy....I called the OB and he said "Well...I really cant tell anything over the phone, come in and we will check your cervix." What the heck!?!? Anyway, I guess I should just learn to trust my CNM more, she is one smart nice lady!
Thanks to all : )
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