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Yep, I just started using a pillow between my knees too. i haven't been on a good sleep schedule since the first weeks with the afternoon drowsiness and exhaustion. The sad thing for me is that just before i got pregnant, I had finally gotten into a good rhythm and was doing just fine on 6 hours! Oh, well. I guess that wont happen again for another few years.

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Originally Posted by csekywithlove 



All this talk about student loans has me apprehensive. I'm still in my undergrad and I want to get my MFA. DH has never had the ability to go to college and he honestly wouldn't know where to begin. I keep telling him that he needs to figure out what he wants to do. I would honestly support anything as long as he put the effort into it. I know that even with me teaching at a university after my MFA, my salary alone will not be able to provide for us and the kids. He has a while (3 yrs if my prof makes me stay that long) till I graduate so he could really get his gen eds and even one degree under his belt. I just don't know how to get him to figure things out. He is a great husband, father, etc. He just never had parents that pushed him in school but he did graduate with a 4.0 from high school so it's not like he's not academically inclined. He does read and loves problem solving... I dunno. Sorry I just went on and on, but this is really on my mind lately. I plan on having some in depth discussions with him during winter break... 



My DH got his degree online, from St. Leo University.  There's an actual campus in Fla and satellite in Atlanta, but he chose a degree that was offered completely online, that way he was able to finish without interruption, despite changing jobs and relocating.  It really has done him a world of good.  Getting him started, however, was difficult.  I literally called his enrollment advisor, picked a few basic classes, signed him up, ordered his books, and let him know when he was starting class.  he had done all the prelim work, like applying for acceptance and researching the college, etc, he just couldn't pull the trigger.  Maybe you could reassure DH that he doesn't really need to "know" what he wants to do, or what degree he wants, immediately, he'll have almost 2 years of basics before it really matters...sometimes a little push (or a big one-in my house) is all they need...


sorry for all the mama's losing sleep.  It's miserable!! good luck and I hope you all get some rest soon!!!!


in other news, i took a mental health day today...kept dd home from school, I've been missing her something awful, and we just played all morning.  it's been so good for my mental state.  i think the uncertainty about dh's job and hormones are finally starting to get to me, and it's all just a little overwhelming....

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thanks, I will update the post as more is complete.


sleep I have finally started sleeping better and it is so nice but I know it won't last, so I will just enjoy it for now. Sorry to those who aren't sleeping, it totally sucks

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So.... It's a girl!!!!!



Ultrasound was crazy long because of all they have to measure and what not. I was so relieved when they let me go use the bathroom. She weighs 13 ounces and I am measuring 20 weeks and 2 days! The placenta is posterior and apparently she likes to keep her hands near her face.  I'm so happy and I did cry when they told me, I was expecting a boy! Totally ready to hear that and not, girl! I'm going to go get some sleep, six came too early this morning. winky.gif



Thanks for the advice ladies, I hadn't even thought of him going to school online! duh.gif

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chiro it is SO nice to just stop sometimes.

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Lots of good news today!


cesky, yay for girls! 


and chiromama, good for taking a mental health day.  They feel so good. 

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Right now I'm REALLY glad I got that ultrasound 4 weeks ago. Apparently baby had a growth spurt and is definitely vertical, because I"m measuring 6-8 weeks ahead. My midwife says 8, the trainee midwife says 6, but still. BIG. EEP! No wonder I thought I looked 7 months pregnant today.


I'm pleased that everything else is boring. Heartrate 156, BP 118/60, etc.

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so I have completely enjoyed my mental health morning/day.  I still worked this evening (just 3-6) but I was so refreshed by the time I got there...it felt so nice to let go of some of the *crap* surrounding my life right now.  I even stressed out about paying for childcare (for today) that I didn't use, because it seemed wasteful, but I guess you just have to let something go, right??


Courtney, thanks for the interest and the support in the monstrous thread whose name I shall not mention, (and that Thank You extends to all our April DDC members).  I truly did find the "other perspectives" I was looking for with regard to discussing the issue with DH.  As many mama's pointed out, it will be up to him to convince me why we should allow such a horrific procedure (I watched a video today) to be performed on our newborn son.  This shift in mentality has made all the difference, since ultimately I would have to sign the surgical consent form (not going to happen).  DH takes his finals next week, so I'll let him get through that week before I start really pressing the issue.  So, in the end, at least *one* good thing came of the otherwise disastrous thread.  




I hope all is well for everyone, and you're all sleeping better and that we can all take a moment to enjoy this pregnancy, despite what life may throw at us.


I hope the content above doesn't incite another monstrous thread...sigh

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Originally Posted by chiromama01 View Post


in other news, i took a mental health day today..


Yes! Except it was just me and the cat today. I've been simultaneously tired constantly and yet unable to sleep the past few days. So I flipped the mattress, washed the sheets, and snuggled with kitty for the morning. And took my first bath in a while. I felt a little guilty knowing that's one less day I can use in April with baby, but it was worth it (right now).


sunflwr- woah for baby growth!! Good everything else is boring.

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okau i will respond but i have to take the kids to school liek now. has anyone else found that when you have sex it seems the relaxin gets flowing and your pelvic bones seem to loosen, almost weirdly uncomfortably so?

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TG - I've noticed that my body feels very *different* but not exactly how. I'll pay more attention next time and report back! I do find that it is very much easier/faster to orgasm than normal. thumb.gif

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Courtney, not this time yet, but in other pregnancies I've noticed that at times.

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wow sunflower 6 weeks, crazy!


autumn, it is important right now, sometimes that's just what you need.


I'm so glad I got laid this morning it's been too long. It sure is hard to find time with all the kids. It almost didn't happen this morning b/c our 8 year old came in when we were getting stated, luckily she just hung out for a minute before she took off. Of course the alarm went off right as we finished. someday we'll have more then 10-15 minutes snippets of time. I told him I wish we could go away for a night and just do it like we sued to, all day stretches of laying around in bed and on couches, talking, laughing, doing it. life before kids. LOL. I'm feeling nostalgic after telling the kids about some of our dates and our wedding when we went to the park yesterday. (we got married at the park and had some dates there) obviously I didn't share the all day in bed dates. anywayafter that nostsalgic trip back to the issue. So after words it seemed like my pelvic bones and even my knees were loose or something..that or it was just that awesome. (sorry I am very jovial after finally getting a break last night, my sister took me out to a movie and i was really needing it since Hubs is usually gone for 12 hours every day for work/travel/cleaning the kids school. so I am feeling light and fluffy, PLUS you can see Coraline kick form the outside now.




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Quick question about Braxton Hicks--are they supposed to feel crampy?  Basically, is there any difference between Braxton Hicks and regular contrax?  Having some crampy BraxHx this morning, but usually i don't notice Braxton Hicks unless I'm touching my belly and feel it get hard.  Not really worried, just curious.  Going to chug some water and take a nap with DD....

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you don't feel braxton hicks? hmm I wonder if I have had some. ( sorry I am no help I have never had braxton hicks atlhough now i think i might have.)  and by the way can anyone stan dthe name braxton? I just think of braxton hicks

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Checking in...Been off MDC for a couple of weeks b/c of being too busy @ work to check it, and looks like I missed a lot!


Hope everyone is doing well.  We're ok here, lots of kicks and movement, hit 20 weeks yesterday.  :)

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Thursday Girl - Seeing the kicks is the best! I stared at my belly for a long time yesterday just waiting for the next time baby would kick!


For me the Braxton Hicks I can feel a definite tightening sensation. The first one weirded me out until I figured out what was going on but since then it's happened at least once a day. It's not uncomfortable like a cramp for me, though. And it's not the same kind of tightness like a cramp that I'd feel only if I move in the "wrong" way. My stomach gets super hard and protrudes out noticeably, but doesn't hurt in the slightest. I was under the impression that a bit of discomfort is OK but that it shouldn't hurt. Baby kicks around like crazy afterward, as if to try to express a dislike for being squished in for those few seconds.

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Thursday I must have missed it earlier, or maybe not and you're being discrete. Coraline is BEAUTIFUL. It's on top of my second-girl list (first girl gets a family name). Well, it's kind of the only name on the list. love.gif

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Originally Posted by Thursday Girl View Post

you don't feel braxton hicks? hmm I wonder if I have had some. ( sorry I am no help I have never had braxton hicks atlhough now i think i might have.)  and by the way can anyone stan dthe name braxton? I just think of braxton hicks

I have to catch myself and correctly type "braxton hicks". DH started calling them higgs bosons when a friend was having them way back, and it has stuck now that they're happening to me. Half the time I forget the real name of them. 

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Braxton Hicks always sounds like a Country music duo to me.

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