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Baby weight

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Hi ladies, at 30 weeks, how much does your baby weigh now? Mine is now 2kg, isn't that too big?? How much will he weight at birth at this rate?stillheart.gif

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Dang, thats pretty big. DD weighed in at 3.4 lbs (2kg is 4.4lbs, right?) at 34 weeks last time! I heard once (im really not sure if its true, but it was true for DD) that you can take the babies weight at 34 weeks and add 1/2 lb per week between 34-36 weeks and a pound for every week after that. SO, DD was 3.4 lbs at 34 weeks, 4.4 lbs at 36 weeks, and 6.4 lbs at 38 weeks when she was born. When she was born they told me that if I had held her to 40 weeks she would have been over 8 lbs, and I think that was probably accurate. My reminded me of DDs weight last time I went in for an appointment because I asked how much the baby would weigh at my US (34 weeks) and she said 4 lbs was average.

Honestly, all babies are different. Did you OB say anything about it? How did they measure that? Ultrasound?
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Hi, yes that's 4.4lbs at 30 weeks!! OB just said the baby was big, everything is fine. Measured via ultrasound.babyboy.gif

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My babe was estimated at 2 lbs 11 oz at 27w3d.  Big but not huge.  75% percentile.  (And, I think pretty much DD's growth curve too.  They both have big heads!)


Did you get a percentile?  That would help you gauge the comparative size better.

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My baby measured 3 lbs 12 oz yesterday and I will be 30 weeks tomorrow. She is in the 80th percentile. However my other daughter measured so small at 20-28 weeks that they thought she had intrauterine growth restriction and she came out 10 lbs 3 oz. I put little to no stock in what they "say" she is measuring. They can be off by 16 oz in either direction.

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At 27w3d baby A was 1056 grams and Baby B was 1100 grams they were right on the 50% percentile for their GA

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OB didn't give me percentile, will surely ask him at my next visit. thumb.gif

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gosh, my midwife just feels my belly, says the baby is growing right on target and that (s)he has plenty of amniotic fluid and is very comfortable.  She can feel position etc. but she doesnt measure or weigh the baby... 

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Franny, in the US its typical for the baby to be "weighed" at an ultrasound. Have you had an ultrasound recently? Often times the weight is on your ultrasound picture, but they dont tell you unless you ask. I wont know until 33 weeks.
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@Adaline'sMama - standard there are only two ultrasounds here in the netherlands - one around 11 weeks and again at 20 weeks and that's it.  We had one extra at 13 weeks because we opted for the NT scan.    So, its been 12 weeks since I've had an ultrasound!   I wish I could see the baby but I think it is also fine this way.   The midwife is so good with her hands and I kind of love that she roots around all over my midsection with her warm hands, kind of smiling as she goes, as opposed to cold gel and the u/s technician's wand!  I have confidence that the mw can feel what is going on.   Plus she laughs when the baby kicks back at her hands :)

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Some of us, haven't had any ultrasounds :)

Regardless I know my baby is the perfect size for me to birth when it's time <3 And the same goes for you lovely ladies

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I'm having an ultrasound in about 3 weeks, to see how big this baby is, I'm really looking forward to it! DS was 10lb 5 oz, so I'm really hoping this baby is smaller.  I look much smaller and have only gained 21 lbs. so far.  I don't feel like this baby is as big as DS was either.  Really hoping for a smaller baby so I can have an easy VBAC! I'll update after my ultrasound in a few weeks!

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With my first, they told me the baby was around 8 pounds, but then, he was born at 6pounds 11oz, so this time I just don't even want to know. (Being told my baby was big would really make me freak out.)

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I don't trust ultrasound weight measurements any longer after going through IUGR concerns and frequent ultrasounds. He always showed small on the ultrasounds until the last two when he showed a huge increase in size. The ultrasound the day prior to his birth showed him as 7 lbs 2 ozs, and he was born at 6 lbs 4 ozs, which was still well above the threshold for IUGR/SGA. 


I do love my midwife this go around. I've been measuring perfectly, and she also agrees that this little one is currently on the smaller side but well within normal. LO will be the perfect size for his birthday :-)


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