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AIDS 2012 - Call for Abstracts.

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This could be an opportunity to ensure that objections to circumcision (on medical, ethical and economic grounds) are tabled at the conference.


Excerpt from the "Track Scope and Objectives" Page:



Track C: Epidemiology and Prevention Science



Topics of particular interest include interdisciplinary and/or combined prevention approaches, efforts to promote preparedness and introduction of biomedical prevention technologies, with particular focus on HIV testing, treatment of HIV infection to prevent transmission, pre-exposure prophylaxis, adult and neonatal circumcision, microbicides, vaccines, community viral load-based approaches, prevention of HIV transmission from HIV-positive individuals (“prevention for positives”), practices, behaviours or technologies that increase individual risk of HIV infection,. use of electronic and new media, and other methods.


Excerpt from the "Track Categories" Page:


Track E - Implementation Science, Health Systems and Economics

    * Sexual and Reproductive Health
    * Male Medical Circumcision
    * Effect of HIV Funding/Programming on Other Services
    * Implementing HIV Programmes in Resource Constrained Health Systems
    * Data Systems to Support HIV Prevention and Care
    * Designing and Implementing Health Systems for Quality HIV Programmes
    * Designing and Improving HIV Prevention/Treatment/Care Systems
    * Financing and Payments
    * Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Programmes
    * Working with the Non-State Sector
    * Modelling of Programmes
    * Human Resources
    * Governance
    * Health Service Models
    * Economic Issues
    * AIDS National Programmes and Responses
    * Measuring /assessing the impact of operational research on policy and practice
    * Operations Research in Response to HIV prevention and Treatment
    * International Responses and Funding



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"AIDS 2012 Abstract Deadline Approaching" blog.AIDS.gov 10 February 2012.








The deadline for submitting abstracts for the conference is Wednesday, February 15.


For U.S. authors, please note: the strict midnight deadline applies to Central European Time (CET), or 6:00 PM (ET).


All submissions must be made online through an individual’s conference profile. If you have never attended the International AIDS Conference before, you will need to create a profile.

Wednesday, February 15, is also the deadline for submissions related to other activities at the conference. For more information, visit www.aids2012.org.



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