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Forgot to update. We had our first ultrasound at 7 weeks 1 day and found out we are having identical twins! They are developing beautifully and we detected heartbeats on both of them. One was 128 and one was 129. One measured 6 weeks 5 days and one 6 weeks 6 days (totally normal). I am having a second ultrasound on Tuesday because I'm carrying twins (particularly since they are identical) so they want to have lots of monitoring. I have no objections :-). I will share the update Tuesday. Also, hormones are where they should be, bp is perfect at 120/80 and I've gained 2 lbs at 7 weeks which I think is just about right for a twin pregnancy.

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First off, Congratulations to deborahbgkelly!


I mentioned this in another thread, but I'll put it here too. Friday was the interview appointment with out new LM and her assistant. We spent 3 days together in Aug 2011 (I was a doula at a birth) and just loved both of them. When they got here it was like catching up with old friends. DH seemed to like them as well and I'm looking forward to the great things they will bring to this birth. 


Our next appointment with them is Jan 6th at 3:00 pm. I love the fact that all the appointments are in my home (not so with my last CPM). 


I have an ultrasound on Tuesday (Dec 13th) at 9:00 am to check for fibroids. If the do find some, I will call my herbalist to discuss safe options to at least keep them from growing. 

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Thanks Lactomom! 

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First appt with the midwife was yesterday.  I liked the feel of the clinic - it seemed like I place I'll be comfortable.  And we got to hear the heartbeat!

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Had the ultrasound today. Baby looks great and no fibroids! I'm so happy. Now I will have to wait until birth to see baby again.joy.gif


Baby bean 3!

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Baby looks great and no fibroids! I'm so happy.


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Had appointment Tuesday. 1 baby, right at the size it should be. 5.6 cm corpus luteum cyst on the right.. bigger than the gestational sac. That would explain my ongoing right sided soreness.

Met the OB and her practice, everyone is nice and I didn't hate the nurse like I did at my last OB office. Got 6 vials of blood taken at the lab afterwards, I turned down the AIDS test and the CF screening. Am wondering if I am anemic because I am much more tired than last time.... but also 5 years older. Told the dr. I might stay home with a midwife if I make it to 37 w, and she didn't freak out.
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11 weeks-

First appt with the midwives today! Brought the whole family along. My two children enjoyed being a part of the appointment and getting to be right there to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Baby was making it hard to chase down for a heartbeat, but we heard it, not long enough to get a good count. All sounds well. Im measuring well. Havent gained any weight, but i am happy that I am not losing as I was having a weight issue this summer and was losing TOO MUCH weight. So i am happy that I am staying steady at a good weight. We are still looking at July 9th-ish for a due date, but wont know more till probably the 20 week sonogram. We discussed having an unassisted birth with the midwives, and talked them about our wish for them to participate after the baby is born. I would also like to deliver in water this time.

Enjoy the picture of the party (lol) !


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I forgot to update about our second ultrasound which we had at 7 weeks 6 days. Pictures are included. Babies are still doing great! Still 2 and 3 days behind respectively and heartbeats of 155 and 161. It's nice when the doctor tells you "keep doing what you're doing, you are growing those babies well!" We still haven't found a membrane between the two of them, but we are very hopeful that we'll see one soon because the babies are giving each other plenty of space. I have an ultrasound on Thursday at 9 weeks 1 day and then I "graduate" to my OB. The RE will still monitor my hormones, but everything else will be done at the OB's office. Also, I had a blood draw yesterday to make sure my hormones were staying on target since I had to stop my Estradiol patches due to an allergic reaction and they were great!



7week 6day Ultrasound-.png

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Great pictures, everyone! Thank you for sharing!



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You are welcome LindyGirl! 

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I had my first appt today with a CNM.  I don't think I will continue with her, though.  She was great, but the office didn't seem very clean and I had to wait a really long time.  Plus, she told me her vacation is scheduled for July 1-14, 2012- so that is the main reason I will go with someone else.  


We heard a heartbeat, it sounded strong and clear.  She spent a long time searching for another heartbeat, though.  She didn't find one and told me that either there are 2 or else I am a month farther along than I thought!  I should be 11 weeks 2 days today, and I am 100% sure about the date of my LMP.  It wasn't a spotty period, either, but a full normal period....and I POAS like the day before I started and it was neg....so it's not possible that I am a month farther along than I thought.  AND I don't think it's two, because I only saw one on u/s at 8 weeks and when I carried twins before I started showing much earlier than this time.  So I don't know why my uterus would be measuring (as she said) "at least 16 weeks" when I am only 11?  I will go back for an U/S on 1/5, so I guess we will know more then!  

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Had my first visit Monday night!  I love having my MW come to my house, even more so this time with a toddler!  I'll c/p from a post I posted in the VBAC forum...  nervous about HBAC but really want to, to sum it up!  



I am 12 weeks pregnant and just had my first visit with my HB midwife.  I worked with her during my last pregnancy and birth, and we love her to pieces.  So much about my pregnancy and labor was in my hands, down to to call of transferring to the hospital after 70 hrs of labor and 15 hours of involuntary pushing, and even down to the c-section itself, because we had a great back-up OB who even left that call in our hands.  Overall my entire birth experience, while 100% not what I expected and a pretty traumatic amount of pain, was still MINE and I appreciate that so much.  


This pregnancy I want to plan a HBAC.  I worked as a doula for 10 years and counseled women through this process, but it's so different when it's your own body and your own risks.  With my last birth, I have some things that make HBAC more likely to be safe/successful, and some things working against me.  I know I have a low, double stitched horizontal incision and I am young and healthy.  The reason for my c-section, however, was something that could repeat-- the labor was not stalled or ineffective, he was truly stuck and not descending.  It was CPD-- his head circumference was actually off the charts and he was 9 lbs 4 oz and I am 5'1 and petite.  Nonetheless, I had absolutely no fears of birthing that big baby and thought there wasn't a chance in hell my body couldn't push out a baby it grew.  I also went to 42 weeks with him and he seemed to grow quite a bit at the very end.  


This time, I may try to think about the baby's growth more in terms of how much protein ( a LOT last time) and white carbs I'm eating and how much I'm doing at the end to naturally push things along a little sooner.  I'm also doing more chiro and PT this time to loosen my ligaments, which seemed very tight at the end of my pregnancy (I went to a Webster chiro last time).


That being said, I think things could go in either direction.  I could have a nice easy labor, a long drawn out labor, and I could need a c-section.  I'm mentally prepared for any possibility.  


What I'm having the hardest time thinking about are the risks to HBAC.  I do have 2 great options other than HBAC, one (which I don't want to do) is transfer care to the OB who did my c0section, who has a 90% VBAC rate.  It would be in a hospital close to me, which would help with child care (but not as much as a HB would!).  One complicating factor here is that he does not take insurance, which probably means I'd owe somewhere around $20,000.  Of course, I don't have that money.


Another option to to continue working with my CNM and if we decide at the end of my pregnancy or during my labor that the risks are too high (but it's not an emergency) we can transfer to a very VBAC friendly hospital where she would remain in change of my care.  It is an hour away, however, so we could not do it in am emergency.  I like this as a back-up plan because then my pregnancy/labor is still under the care of someone who is just so respectful and responsive.  A downside to this hospital is that while it does have an actual waterBIRTHing tub (not just laboring) and it does have private recovery rooms, they are 100% insistent that they take the baby away for exams, including one close to birth.  I cannot do that!  Even after my c-section my son never left my side.  That hospital has since closed or it would be the obvious backup choice.  An emergency backup would mean going to the nearest hospital and being treated like crap for being a HBAC transfer.  On the financial side, I will still owe a good deal of money after my out of network insurance kicks in, but not tens of thousands of dollars.  


How can I be comfortable with the risks of birthing at home?  A rupture that injured or killed my baby would not be something I could ever forgive myself for, clearly.  Another case of CPD that instead resulted in stuck shoulders and nerve damage and CP would be unforgivable.  I want the experience of delivering at home so badly, and I want a birth that gives me the best chances of success.  


How does one live with these risks?  


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There are always risks to everything! When we get in the car we risk an accident. We we plug in an appliance we risk fire. When we make a decision we risk being wrong.

Bottom line for birth, if your not comfortable with your birthing environment it will be a negative experience! It also sounds like you have SO MUCH emotional stuff to work through before you can really decided where to birth.

Typically our bodies will not grow babies we can't birth, thought there are exceptions. My mom 5' 3" gave birth (vaginaly) to a 10 lb 4 oz baby. Small women can birth large babies. Now I don't know your situation to a T, there is still so much I don't know (and don't need to know). What I do know is fear and undealt with emotions negatively affect birth. Take care of yourself so you can take care of baby. ((HUGS))
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Our ultrasound went beautifully. We found a membrane, so we are officially carrying mono-di twins (much less risk than mono-mono). Both had heartbeats of 180bpm and are still measuring 3 days behind for Baby A and 2 days behind for Baby B (well within normal limits). I have graduated to my OB!

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Good news, Deborah!



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Altair, in the event of a true emergency and a hospital transfer, could you just show up at the hospital and say that labor was moving quickly, and here you are to deliver? Do you have to go in and announce to the world, "Hello, I was trying to have an HBAC, and it didn't work?" It could mitigate crappy staff attitudes...

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We had our first appointment with the midwife on Tuesday. It was mostly doing paperwork, going over the financial part of it( which our insurance will not cover midwifery care...go figure),  going over nutrition and different exercises that are good to do. OH and listening to the heartbeat :) 166 BPM!! I will be 12 weeks Saturday, I have gained 4 pounds and my BP was 106/64!  My friend is about 20 weeks and had her first u/s today and found out it was twins!! There are so many people  I know that are having twins due in the summer of 2012 , my husband is a little freaked out..hehe

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Okay- Had my last ultrasound with the RE's office yesterday and have officially "graduated" to my OB, though the RE will be monitoring my hormone levels still.  Twins each have a hb of 180 bpm and we found a membrane! That means they are mono-di twins and our risk went down considerably. My BP was 120/76 yesterday and I forgot to mention I was down a pound from the first appointment. I think maybe some of the water weight is diminishing (that and I had a couple of rough days in there). You can really see the little ones in the ultrasound from yesterday. I am posting here, but want to warn you that Baby A is the bottom picture and is sideways since I was having trouble orienting the pictures in the scanner. By the way, you can see the yolk sac in Baby A's picture (Baby B has one too, but it didn't show up in the picture).



9 week ultrasound.jpeg

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We had our very first appointment back when I was 8weeks with the midwife that attended my daughters birth, just did labs and discussion type stuff. Found out my iron is extremely low(no surprise there as I was almost passing out quite frequently), I tested positive for group B strep-that was a Big surprise, and also have a bad UTI lol. Apparently I'm falling apart! But since that appt. we have moved across the country (literally from east, all the way to west) and I haven't found a midwife yet. I have an appt. for jan 4 for one more we want to try, and we're really praying it works out because we are running out of options! Oh and the guess date is 7/13 :)

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