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Was supposed to have my 30wk today but got a call right before that she needed to reschedule. Went ahead with my us since I was already on my way. Baby is breech again and tech said she was pretty wedged in there. Not surprised with all the movement I am feeeling behind the pubic bone. Starting to get a little nervous...I think all my others were head down by this point. Going to try some spinning babies, get to the chiro, try the pool, what else???


Good luck! My breech baby was found breech at 30 wks and we tried it all (except acupuncture) to no avail! I'm about 29 weeks and this baby is moving all over the place. I've added acupuncture this time hoping to cover all of my bases.

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Just had my 30 week appt today, as well as a follow-up ultrasound (for growth because of the single umbilical artery that was found at the 20 week scan).  According to the midwife, everything is looking fine.  I'm measuring small but within the range of normal.  I'm still low on iron, so I have to take take a high-dose iron pill to get my iron levels up in order to stay with their practice.  


The ultrasound was not very exciting.  It was just to measure sizes (and I know it's not accurate), so we didn't really get any good face shots.  The baby is breech right now, so I need to figure out what to do to flip this baby around in the next couple months.  Although, she moves so much I think she goes back and forth orngtongue.gif

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Saw acupuncturist last night. It was only my third visit and I don't know him super well, but he comes HIGHLY recommended for his insight and innate talent as a healer. The first thing he said to me is that he thought it was very likely (based on the slope of my belly) for the baby to come before EDD. I don't want to fixate on that b/c of course then I'll be really insane when my due date comes and goes....


He told me he rarely detects such a healthy fetus so just keep doing whatever I'm doing. That was comforting. The only concern is that I should be getting more sleep (but we acknowledged the challenges of that) and work on improving my lower body circulation. Something about the way my uterus is positioned or baby is positioned is restricting circulation. (I have noticed that even my butt falls asleep when sitting for a while and when I wake up, my feet are a little tingly.)

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I was having a lot of sciatic and hip pain, so I finally bit the bullet and visited a chiropractor for the first time in my life. What a huge difference he made, wow! After one visit, both my sciatic and hip issues were resolved. Unfortunately, they were replaced by terrible tightness and soreness in my hip flexors, which I've been dealing with by stretching them periodically throughout the day. Sore hip flexors are definitely a small price to pay to be able to sleep through the night without being woken up by terrible hip pain, let me tell you.


Round ligament pain really hit me like a ton of (sharp, pointy) bricks this week, though. It's pretty aggravating that it's so painful to walk, especially when I want to get some exercise, or, you know, walk to my car after work so I can go home.

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Thanks for the support! I've got a follow up appointment on Monday so we'll see how it goes. I did call and talk to the office manager about it, and she asked me to meet with him and talk about it so we'll see. After this week, he'll be off the rotation for my appointments so I won't have to worry about it. I've also got an appointment with my OB directly before so I'm going to talk to her about it as well. People are jerks sometimes. It just stinks to be on the receiving end of a situation like that.

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Just done with my appt...my blood pressure was higher than usual last time (but still normal) but it was back down again so good with that. Baby is good, measuring right on schedule. Next appt. on the 16th, then vacation for a week with my family and kids. So excited!

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I had a great appointment last night.  Baby was head down, left occiput posterior.  When she got out the doppler to listen to the heartbeat (which was 136), baby kicked like crazy!  I don't think he / she liked it, lol.  Everything else was normal, except I keep getting tiny, quarter-sized rashes on my feet / ankles.  They are hardly red at all, but do itch.  The midwife thought that maybe my liver and kidneys are a little stressed out, and encouraged me to eat a little "cleaner" so to speak, with less processed food.  That's tough, we've been on the go a lot lately, but I will try.  All in all, things are very good, and now I have appointments every two weeks.  It's getting so close!

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Well, I had my 1-hr glucola test this morning, and I failed it. GRAR! So, I have to go in on Monday morning to do the 3-hr. I'm really not looking forward to that, even though I know GD wouldn't be the end of the world.


My BP was still great at this morning's appointment, 118/69. I have to say that I'm way more concerned about developing pre-eclampsia than I am about developing GD, so that was a relief at least.

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Good Luck on your 3-hr glucose test!


My last appt was last Wed.  Everything was pretty normal.  Baby's heartbeat, my BP, belly measurement - all normal.  Found out I passed my GD test.  All other tests had come back fine.  I had to get my Rhogam shot.  I am kinda shocked at myself about that, honestly.  I thought I was getting the shot 2 weeks earlier, but still had to get a antibody screen to be sure I needed it, so got the shot this past week instead.  2 weeks ago, I was all ready to get the shot - I had all my questions in my head (which I did ask) & had all the info fresh in my mind.  Then, when the time came to get the shot, I completely forgot to ask to see the package insert - so I have no idea if it had thimerosal.  I doubt it, but I wanted to check for myself.  Oh well, it's done - can't go back!


My next appt is with the other midwife at the practice - I still haven't met her! 

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Appointment today


pee test was perfect

blood pressure was 110/73

heartbeat was 153

fundal height was 31 (ill be 31 weeks wednesday...)

This baby has been the very most "perfect" for measurements out of all of my kids.


No worries about baby, very very active.


Midwife sent me home with a bag of boy clothes, since we don't know what we are having. She wrote in my file "Let (husband) check gender at birth", we had already discussed it before but she had forgotten so she wrote it down so she doesn't forget.


We have our birth kit now.


I'm so excited!

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Appt this morning. Brought DD. We were 10 minutes late and DD claimed she had to go to the bathroom (false alarm). Next appt must have come in early so we had to wait for OB to finish with 8:15 appt. DD was good while we were waiting but had run out of patience by the time OB came in so it was a little annoying to have her there.


BP was good, Urine was good.

Measured 30cm.

HB was in 150s


We discussed how my EDD keeps changing by a few days. Which in the grand scheme is not a big deal, but I keep thinking I'm making my appt for a certain week gestation and then I get there and they say it's different. All paperwork now has EDD of 7/9. That made me 31w1d for appt and it's not that crazy to measure a week off.


She totally avoided telling me baby's position. I have a huge (firm) bulge in the top front of my belly and I was like, "What's this?" and she said, "I don't know...maybe an elbow?" The baby would have to be 10lb if it were an elbow. Heartbeat was heard in the bottom of my belly.  Maybe baby has a firm butt? I know I need to let this go, but I just want the baby to be head down! Ok, it just made me feel better to say that.


ETA: I think I'm going to check out this site: http://labspace.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=450494&section=11.5.1

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29 weeks 4 days - regular OB appt.  All looks good. Baby's heartbeat was 154 and they took a quick look with ultrasound.  They check for fluid and heart rate.  We had a special treat as we got to see baby open and close his mouth several times, probably taking in a drink.  He's starting to move to head down position so I'm glad for that.  He was transverse and now his head is pointed to my left hip. 

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Had my 30wk OB appt on Thursday.  Measured 30 cm, heartbeat 138. My blood pressure is always perfect.  I was worried about GD last time, but everything's fine, I assume, cause she didn't say much!  It was a rough month, so I guess everything's better now -- started the month with a yeast infection, cleared that up then had to go on antibiotics for some bacterial infection that showed up in my 26wk labs.  Miraculously kept the yeast away after that.


Baby is moving a TON, and doesn't seem to want to pick a position yet. She seems to be breech when I wake up in the morning, then slides down for a while.  Lots of poking out around my belly button, so maybe she's head down part of the time, too -- I can't tell!  I swear she's doing pirouettes in there!


Tuesday I see my midwife, who just had a baby of her own 10 days ago. :)  Maybe she'll tell me where this baby is facing.

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I passed my 3hr glucose test! I was pretty sure that I would, since I was so close to the line with the 1hr. So, I got to sit in the lab waiting room all morning, and then I got to take my FINAL FINAL OF NURSING SCHOOL YAY, and then I went home and took a nap.


I was having some stinging/burning epigastric pain in the left upper quadrant of my belly, and it was kind of creeping me out. It seemed to be getting worse, and was pretty regularly-timed with whenever I'd eat, about a half hour to an hour afterwards. The midwives had me come in to rule out pancreatic issues, and all of my labwork came back normal, so they're thinking my gallbladder might be a little sludgey, as is pretty common in pregnancy. They want me to keep an eye on it and cut back a little on fatty foods.

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Congrats !

Originally Posted by scarykarrey View Post

I passed my 3hr glucose test! I was pretty sure that I would, since I was so close to the line with the 1hr. So, I got to sit in the lab waiting room all morning, and then I got to take my FINAL FINAL OF NURSING SCHOOL YAY, and then I went home and took a nap.




I had a chiropractor appointment last night - no specific issues, just maintenance. She suggested baby has head in lower right pelvis. Makes me feel a little better that what I am feeling most of the time is probably butt and not head.

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Congratulations, scarykarrey! Sounds like a pretty darn good day overall!

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Congrats scarykarrey!

I had appt today (32w3d) and measured a little small, 31 cm, but dr is not worried. My weight gain is at 13 lbs, so a little low but all I have been wanting to eat is fresh fruit & veggies. Everything else is still ::meh:: to me, though I do make sure to get in enough protein each day, usually in powder form, mixed in with a fruit/veggie shake lol.

Bp was normal for me (low for most, though) at 93/58, baby's heart rate was 148 and "strong"

My care provider has like flipped with how often I see her. I was going every 2-3 weeks from about 14 weeks on and at 27 w she told me 4-5 weeks to come back, and 4 weeks she told me to come back today lol. I will almost be considered full term by then. I'm not complaining, though...

I hope everybody's pregnancies are going great!!!
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Had my 33 week today and hopefully final ultrasound. Baby girl is head down and turned more to the right now. She has stuck her feet up by her face though. Bp was good and measuring right at 33. Discussed my birth plan and she was cool with all of it.Next appt. I am going to see one of the midwives since my ob will be out. need to ask but I  am hoping that if I go into labor on a night my ob is not there, that maybe I can get the midwife on call instead. 

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Had my 33 week appointment Wed.

Everything looked good. My next three appointment are going to be in my home so that is cool. Its an hour drive to see the midwives.

So I need to gather my supplies and really clean the house before the next appointment.

Its not much longer now, I'm getting excited.:)

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I adore our midwife. This is the third baby we've had with her, and we have total trust and fantastic communication, and I have nothing bad to say about her. And yet this time appointments are kind of a pain in the butt. I drive an hour each way to see her. She knows exactly what tests I'm doing and not doing. Baby is consistently measuring perfectly. My BP is stable at about 100/60, and really I could test that in any pharmacy in town. I''m well aware of baby's position, which is head down LOA already, yay!! It just kind of feels like a bit of a waste of time. It aso got me wondering if anyone in our DDC is going UC, and how they came to that decision.



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