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I had my 32 week appt earlier this week. 


BP was good.

Baby's heartrate was 150.

Measuring at 31cm - midwife didn't say if that was odd, so I'm assuming it's OK.

Baby is still head down.


I have now met both midwives (CNMs) in the practice - they are like night & day.  One is super calm & speaks slowly & doesn't say much; the other speaks faster & is more chatty.  I have no idea which would be better during a birth - I guess I really don't care!  She did tell me, though, that they will both be out of town on the same day (1 day) 1 week before my due date.  Um, baby better not decide to come then!!

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I went to a maternity fair at the hospital where we are planning this birth. We got a tour and heard some information about their philosophies. It was exciting to hear that they are in the process of getting their Baby Friendly Hospital Credentials. They said 100% of their babies room-in. I've actually never roomed in with my kids. They never had formula; the nurses just brought them when they woke up. I'm sure it will be fine, just different for me. The rooms all have their own whirlpool tubs. I didn't look in the bathroom, but DH thinks there is no shower which kind of unnerves me. I did not use a tub at all for my labor, just the shower. Baths generally make me less comfortable instead of more. Maybe I expect too much from them. There was a video tour of the OR and we discussed with the touring nurse that we had had both a natural birth and a c-section. She was like, that's so great, you're going to do a trial of labor - she was very cheerful, so it seemed genuine, but not a fan of the terminology. Not sure how that left me feeling. One woman in our tour group is having a homebirth, but this is her back-up hospital.


DH timed the trip from home to hospital since he's been concerned about the distance. It was approx 26 minutes with no traffic and very few red lights. I tried to explain that it's kind of lucky that we have so many nearby choices. Not everyone has that. He reminded me that I was not a fan of having contractions in the car. Thanks.


The post-partum rooms were really nice. Very homey. I'm glad we switched hospitals/providers. It was nice to see all of my providers were there, too. One even remembered DD and I brought her over since we are seeing her again this week and DD always fakes shy when she sees people. Maybe it will make it a little easier.


Hope it's ok that I posted in Appointments...it seemed closest to that category.

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Had my 31 week appt.  It included a growth check ultrasound and everything is looking good.  Baby boy continues to grow consistently 1 week ahead.  HB = 147.  Weight gain 18  lbs.  Blood pressure 124/78. 


I am being monitored also by Alan Beer Center for immune issues and so happy to say I can discontinue my blood thinner shot (Lovenox)!  Still taking baby aspirin daily until week 36. 


Due to insulin use, my current clinic wants to start monitoring 2 x week.  I will go there through the first week of June, then look to transfer to a more natural-minded OB/hospital for remainder of pg as long as everything continues to look good.  Why wait?  because this new OB is 45 minutes away vs 20 minutes away.  DH is very nervous about going so far for baby's birth.  First baby took only 1 1/2 hours between water breaking and birth and he doesn't want to have a baby on the side of the highway.  I am looking forward to a water birth with an OB who is familiary with hypnobirthing/hypnobabies and the nursing staff provides essential oils there to help with birth!  So no fighting or arguing about using my own essential oils.  I think it'll be good.  Just not looking forward to 90 minute round trips for standard  OB appts. 

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34 week appointment yesterday (well, I was 33w6d). Measuring right on 34, BP was high when I first went in (133/86, I believe) but they took it again on the way out because I had been in a rush and somewhat panicked by traffic and running late when they first took it, and it was 120/68. I'm pretty worried about preeclampsia so I'm going to continue monitoring at home. For now, midwife said it was following the expected pattern (closer to your prepregnancy BP at beginning of pregnancy, low in the middle, then coming back up to your prepregnancy average at the end) so she's not worried. In this hot weather I did get a reading of 130/80 at the drugstore last weekend, when it had been 105/70 or so for weeks (my prepregnancy BPs were usually somewhere between 110/70 and 130/85), so it's hard not to worry. (Granted the drugstore cuffs are technically too small for my arm, and we were in a hurry when we went in there--usually I only use those once in a while to try and make sure my home cuff is in the same ballpark.)


Anyway, I will definitely call the triage number if I see a trend of higher numbers. I also asked to come for my next appointment in 2 weeks instead of her suggested 3-4, to be on the safe side and also because my mom already thinks I'm not having enough appointments. I worry enough on my own without taking others' worries on board. smile.gif Baby's HB was in the 140s. MW confirmed that my GD test and other tests had come back good, and said I would be tested for GBS at 36w.


Midwife said baby was lying along my right side (same as at my 28w appointment), head down and apparently anterior based on the heart sounds. Baby seems to like that position. Even with my big belly, I can often see a bulge on the top right, and sometimes I can feel her back running along my side. She's moving a lot most days and some of the movements are quite dramatic... feels like she's rolling all over the place in there sometimes. I prefer to think she's getting peeved because it's getting to be cramped quarters, so she's sort of heaving herself around and throwing elbows and stuff to try and make room. smile.gif

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35 weeks... met with one of the cnms today since my ob was overbooked and going on vacation tomorow. BP was good, I am getting varicose veins in my hip/thigh area which are painful at night, first time this has occured. Heartbeat was pretty high in the 170 range so they put me on the monitor for 30 minutes. She was kind of al over the place but did seem to be averaging 140 to 160. Lots of good kicks.Midwife said to start coming in weekly now just to make sure she is doing good. OB is still out next week so I will see the midwife again Monday. Hopefully no issues between now and then. She is still head down.

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OB this week, took GD and CBC tests. I'm 32 w. The blood work was all fine except my hemoglobin was 10, a little lower than they like. They told me to take iron pills.. I am going to start eating beef twice a day instead. Because slowing down my digestion any farther would be bad.
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Had a good appointment last night...  The preterm labor stuff has calmed down quite a bit, and I'm getting a lot of regular Braxton Hicks, but those are fine by me!  I measured 36 cm by fundal height, so one week above where I am supposed to be.  Midwife said that I have plenty of fluid in there and I will need to be diligent about my positioning so that baby doesn't move around too much. He or she was LOA...  I haven't had too much issue with fetal positioning so far, knock on wood.  It is still unnerving any time I think baby may have floated out of position.  Blood pressure was good and weight gain is alright, although I've gained about 35 pounds so far.  My midwife cautioned me to avoid excess sugars and refined flour, as that could cause a bigger baby.  I will try, but fruit sounds super awesome right now!

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I know what you mean about fruit. It is ALL I want to eat! It sounds like a pretty good appt and hooray for the preterm labor issues seemingly gone! 

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I could really go for some fruit too right now eat.gif.  I got some delicious peaches and strawberries from a farmer's market last week, and I want more now.


We've had quite the run of appointments recently.  Our 20 week ultrasound found a single umbilical artery, so we had a 30 week ultrasound to confirm that the baby is stil growing well (she is).  But that one found a cyst in her brain, so the midwives recommended following up on it to see what it was.  So last week, we spent all day at a children's hospital doing an MRI, another ultrasound, and a fetal echo, plus a consultation with a neurologist - yikes!  But all went well and it turns out she just has Cavum Septum Pellucidum, which is a normal varient, and not a cause for concern.  I was surprised how nonchalant all the doctors were about our planned home birth!  Every one we spoke to said that nothing they found would make it dangerous to give birth at home, and we could continue with that plan.


Meanwhile, my 36 week midwife visit is coming up this week, and I seriously cannot wrap my mind around how close I am to being done.

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Glad everything is going good with your LO. And I know about how we are so close! Less than 5 weeks over here, I know some are even closer because my EDD is the 7th!

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Had my 36 week today with another midwife. I was supposed to see the same one from last week yesterday but she had to go to a birth. Everything was fine, baby hr was 155. Had my gbs. Scheduled for next week with my ob again.


Got home and had a call  saying they did not have results from some thyroid test that was supposed to be done back in March. No idea what they are talking about but I guess I have to go get more blood work so they can check it off their list. 

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Had 33 week appt which was an NST only yesterday.  Baby is doing well.  I had NST + BPP last week for the first time, also baby doing well.  I'm not really on board with the plan to monitor twice a week.  I am looking at switching practices and hospitals in a week or so.  I met the new doctor and toured the new birthing suites and it all looks great.  He is much more natural birth friendly than the hospital I'm at now.  However, the hospital I'm at now is the best in case there are serious issues like premature birth.  I feel that once I hit 34/35 weeks, the risk of preemie issues starts going down, so I'll feel better about switching then.  The big issues is the drive.  I'll be changing from a hospital that is 20-25 minutes away to one that is 45-50 minutes away.  DH is more nervous about it as he'll be doing the driving.  Also, it makes it a bit more challenging on how to handle our 3 yr old.  Blood pressure, water retention, blood sugars all doing good.  Next appt is in two days - another NST & BPP with OB check.  


Looks like babies are doing well!  And soon I anticipate we'll start reading birth stories.  I look forward to that.   

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Sorry Cheryl, not remembering, but you have gd or something else? Glad your baby is doing well. Hope the plan for the new dr works out for you.


I did not have any reason to believe we would be early but was really glad when we got passed the point of needing to be at one of the other hospitals for nicu. We are good to go now for the one we want to birth at unless some major complication comes up. 


And I forgot to say earlier that when we stopped on the way home at the grocery the most adorable set of newborn twins was in front of us. Beautiful heads full of dark hair. 

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Had my weekly appointment with the perinatologist yesterday and things went well. I've been stable on my insulin for the last 5 weeks, which feels pretty spectacular. Having a growth scan next week but the past few have been good and my blood sugars have been where they need to be, so I'm not terribly concerned about it- she was in the 75th percentile for size at our first and 63rd at the most recent, so her size feels nice and average. Macrosomia, Schmacrosomia. ;) Best of all, the babe finally turned head down and has been down for the last two weeks so we're hoping she stays put for the next month. BP was a bit high but nothing too extreme- I was on BP meds in the past before losing a significant amount of weight, so it's not as much a concern because it's probably just my actual BP running a bit on the high side and not related to pre-eclampsia, which is less worrying. No significant swelling, protein in urine, or other issues that might indicate a problem.The nurse commented that the babe "seems very happy in there" and the doctor commented that I looked very peaceful - that I have a very calm face (?). So I'll take that as a good appointment overall!

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Glad things are going well for you smile.gif


I just got home from my 36 week appt.  Nothing spectacular, and everything is looking good. The cervical check showed that I'm not thinning or softening at all.  But wow - both the strep b swab and the internal exam really hurt! blush.gif  I know it was just a q-tip, but it felt so rough, and the internal exam hurt a lot too.  I really wasn't expecting that.  I've done just fine with speculums and regular internal exams.

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I just got home from my 36 week appt.  Nothing spectacular, and everything is looking good. The cervical check showed that I'm not thinning or softening at all.  But wow - both the strep b swab and the internal exam really hurt! blush.gif  I know it was just a q-tip, but it felt so rough, and the internal exam hurt a lot too.  I really wasn't expecting that.  I've done just fine with speculums and regular internal exams.

Sorry to hear the appt was not easy. I was surprised with my Group B Strep swab at my appt yesterday. I'm only 35 weeks and I thought I had another week to go. I have to say it was the least bothersome thing. No stirrups or anything. Maybe I was a little distracted blubbering on about my breech baby, though. I had kind of hoped I'd get to keep my pants on through that discussion!


BP was fine

Weight was fine

Urine was fine

Measuring 35cm

Baby's HB was 153


I did pass on the cervical check.

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Had my 36 week home appointment yesterday.


BP ~ good.


Babies heart rate~ good, can't remember the number.


Measuring just under 36weeks.


Urine was good but at the time I was dehydrated, so working on that.


Last night sucked though. Woke up around 3:00 with a nasty painful cramp in my thigh. OMG

Then I had lose stools for a few hours, before finally being able to sleep.

My youngest woke in the night and first thing this morning started throwing up and complained of headache.

He's feeling better now and playing normally.


I am going to take a soak in the tub and try and up my calcium and magnesium and do stretches before bed.

That cramping was intense and a bit scary.

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Also had 36 week appt today. BP was good (103/70-something), weight was a little low (135 from 137 last appt) heart rate was 127, baby was head down. I had GBS test. I have been doing hibiclens washes for the past week, so REALLY hoping for the negative there.

I don't go back for 2 1/2 more weeks! I will be 37 1/2 weeks by then. Hoping to make it to at least 39 weeks, especially since I'm measuring at 34 weeks, when I'm almost 36...
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33 week appointment today. I barely go this pregnancy. Aside from some early bleeding there's never been any concern, and it's my third pregnancy with the same midwife, an hours drive away, so it's hard to make a priority.


Anyhoo, everything was great and it was good to connect. Baby's heart rate has been consistently low, like between 124-138 every time. Anyone believe the whole gender/heart rate connection? I'm getting such a strong boy sense lately and I'm trying to balance wants and evidence. Hearts and minds can be pretty tricky.

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37 weeks, bp was good, baby's hr was good, gbs was negative. Nothing too exciting on that end but we had a crazy weekend here with tornados and wildfires. 

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