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Looks like only approved members of a social group can post in that social group. Group leaders can approve membership and ban members. Group leaders cannot, however, moderate posts. 


I wouldn't be opposed to a movement toward social groups. Anyone want to be a group leader? (Which I assume is a commitment to being online and able to approve members somewhat regularly...)


I'd support a move towards social groups as well, with the hope that everyone who posted their EDD and info in one of those two big threads would be welcome.  Its sad, though, because I was really excited about getting the last DDC.  Its possible to have more than one group leader as well, right?   If we do it, we need to put something regarding civility in the little "purpose statement" thing and be self-regulating.   Okay I'm going to get off of here for a while and let others give their two cents. 




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I spend WAY TOO much time online (don't believe me ask my sweet husband sometime LOL), and would be happy to be a group leader. If it will provide us with a little more protection from such things then I'm for the move.

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I'll move with the herd smile.gif

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I know I don't post as often as I want, but I love being a part of this group and would like to go wherever y'all do.

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I don't post a ton, but I am always online, if I am not at work (my poor husband would agree). I am willing to be a leader too. I think we can have a few.

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I think we should give the Social Group a try.  Do we have to start all new threads, or can they be moved?

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I don't know, I can contact them and ask.

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Im happy to move too if you all are going. When its gets up can we make sure to make a thread saying about the move with a link so all can find it? 

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They can't move our threads, but she is opening us a Social Group. I've asked them not to close the DDC, so we don't lose these threads. I asked that myself and zuzusplace be leaders of it, and for it to be closed. That way we can control membership, and limit posts. It will be harder at first to get everyone in, but I figure we can manage. winky.gif

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noooo!!! dont go. :(


 i hate change, stay here with me. :)joy.gif


of corse, i will follow you if you go, but ill still beg you to stay. :)

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I've gone ahead and accepted my "invite" to the group, and I'm sure we can invite those that regularly participate (and can probably go through the EDD list and invite those that aren't as frequent contributors). Anyway, I'm sure the transition to a private group will take a while, so I personally will be hanging out in both until the majority of us transition.

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I don't post a lot,  but I'd like to make the move with everyone else.  How do I get or request an invite?  I hate that we have to do this because I've often found useful information in other DDCs when searching MDC. 

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My feathers haven't been ruffled.  I've been around MDC a long time, and am glad that if we're moving, we're at least moving within Mothering.  Count me an bumpkins (who had a NORMAL and HEALTHY ultsrasound yesterday!) in on the move.

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I will start a continuation thread for gender guessing once I find my way into the group. Maybe we can try to port some of our threads over? 


It's unfortunate to have to move, but we were going to have to do it anyway once April came around, so doing it now won't be too different. I'm all for the move if it makes us more comfortable and secure in out DDC!


(I will miss some of the insightful DDCCs we get, but they are infrequent, for sure.)

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I've accepted my invite too, and will figure out how to get everyone else in soon. I am at work now though so won't be able to do much for about 5 hours. But we will get everything straightened out in time, and we will then have our place, without outside commentary.


In one sense, its probably best to do now anyways, rather than after we all have babies. Too much work to figure it all out, AND master the art of "newborn" lol.gif

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Dealic, I know how to invite people, but until there are "group leaders" formed within the group, we'd be having to have the lady who formed the group for us accept everyone...so I've been holding off. I'm guessing we'll have everyone invited within a day or two, hopefully the largest portion of the group by tonight (I've got time to send the invites) if we get leader access established.

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Are the invites by email or PM? i don't always check my email but i will if that's where it is. Thanks :)

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Hey ladies. I was pretty horrified at the thread and tried to post what I thought was relevant to what the OP, chiro was asking for. But things just got.... yeah. So. I am fine with moving into a social group within Mothering. I honestly can't believe that the thread wasn't closed earlier, but I guess that goes along with what you were saying about how MDC used to be. 


Make sure to add me to the new group! I really love our April DDC gals and their stories. Being pregnant with my first and living in a rural community, this has been my only outlet to what I consider "normal" parenting. 

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I think we can take some of the threads with us by way of copy and paste. I can volunteer to move the ginormous name thread and the before baby comes lists since I starte dhtose and really like them. If rosie moves the gender guesses and someone can move the stats and full list of April members,

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I'd like an Invite if that's ok.  I know I don't post a lot, but it would be nice to be invited.

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