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Originally Posted by Aletheia View Post

My feathers haven't been ruffled.  I've been around MDC a long time, and am glad that if we're moving, we're at least moving within Mothering.  Count me an bumpkins (who had a NORMAL and HEALTHY ultsrasound yesterday!) in on the move.

joy.gif  Hooray for healthy!!


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I thought it was weird that MDC highlighted that thread. I avoid any discussion of circ'ing like the plague so I had no idea it got so carried away.


It is a bit of a betrayal. Participating in a forum of like-minded people is nice, but haters moving in and blasting you is not!


IDK about moving. There's no 'safe' place on the internet. Period.

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zuzusplace, I asked her to make you and I leaders. I don't know if that's done or not, and am not sure how to check (still at work for an hour so I am not investigating now). But its possible that you can approve people already.

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No, we're not leaders...if you go to the homepage of the group it identifies her as the only leader. I sent out a large batch of invitations for all the people I could think of right off the top of my head (about 15 of us...and I know at least one tried to accept her invitation and has to wait till it's approved), and so far it still says there are only two members in the group (presumably you and I). So I guess we'll have to wait and see when people start getting accepted as members.

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I'm the other member, I'm pretty sure. I tried posting a new thread there but I couldn't. Apparently not. I did accept my invitation.

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Ok, well I guess we have to wait for that then. Oh well. I wasn't sure, but I had to leave just after I asked for it to be opened so I couldn't check on what happened after that.

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I'd be interested in joining, but I will leave that decision up to you ladies since I was a voice of dissent on the circ thread (I am anti-circ but supported the discussion). If the deciding factor is agreeing with the majority on moderation/discussion, then I probably don't belong. If not, I'd love to be a part of it.

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Well I think the deciding factor isn't your opinion of that thread. Its whether or not you are pregnant, and due April-ish smile.gif My goal is for our due date club to be a place for us to discuss whatever we want, and in that sense I am for the discussion. My concern there was mostly the random posters (not due in April, and not even regular members chiming in with an opinion) with 10 or less posts, joining JUST to comment on that thread. Then subsequently, how our concerns about that were handled. If people IN our DDC want to discuss it, then all the power to them. Discussion is how we learn, and we don't all start from the same spot. Going to a social group doesn't limit OUR ability to discuss. It limits trolls from joining Mothering, just to crash our threads.


I'd invite you, if I knew how. Give me a minute, I will try.

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I invited you. You can't join until Cynthia approves it, or makes zuzusplace and I leaders though, so we can.

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I haven't been involved in whatever you are talking about, but if we move somewhere else...I will follow. This is pretty much the only board I frequent  on MDC anyway, so it's no loss to me.

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Dealic, as one of the people making the most noise about how that thread was getting out of hand, I agree with you completely. The fact that we were getting people who weren't in our DDC effectively trolling, and Mothering publicized this angers me. If people in our DDC want to talk about circumcision or not (in a respectful, non-stupid, non-trolly manner) I'm all for it. I was totally fine with that thread until that one guy showed up.

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Can I please be invited as well?

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I know its a lot to do, but once we have the Social Group going, would it be alright for someone to go through and make sure that we've invited everyone who needs to be invited?  Maybe just going through the chat/name/ultrasound/bigger threads and picking up everyone with reasonable posts.  I'd hate for anyone to be left behind.  I'd do it but I'm leaving soon and need to pack, etc.



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justKate, that is my plan. Not tonight though, because I worked late and I am too tired for the job tonight. But I will

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I joined way early, but haven't posted much due to time constraints. I would love to be invited to the new social group though if possible. I promise I will try to be more active!!!

P.S. - I have learned to not join in a circ discussion that is not based in the main circ arena. I have been severely jaded by other forums.

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I sent a request to join the group. I'll stick around here until my request is approved smile.gif
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I've been accepted to the group and I have tried to post a reply to the first thread, but haven't been able to. Anyone else tried?

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Originally Posted by csekywithlove View Post

I've been accepted to the group and I have tried to post a reply to the first thread, but haven't been able to. Anyone else tried?

Same here. I wonder if we have to be "okayed" or something before we can post.

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I'll look into the posting problem, and I think the general plan is for dealic and I to go through just about everything...anyone in the EDD list will be invited within the next 24 hours, then from there it may take a little longer to find people, but if someone has contributed in some way to the group they will not be left out.

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Okay, we're officially group leaders...no one else had been "accepted" yet (memberships were still pending), so I just went ahead and approved a bunch of people and am now going to go through the EDD list...what else is there to do at 2:00 in the morning LOL

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