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Also, my DDs have never lived with their bio-parents so the day was not a sad event in that sense. My oldest had two foster families before us when she came home in January 2010 at 5 1/2 months and the other lived with a friend of mom until she came into care at 3 months. I do think we will change it to family day as that is more appropriate and will continue to celebrate it.

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We have friends that call the day their Familyversary Day.   I think that's pretty cute.  I don't like "Gotcha." 


We don't celebrate it or make a big deal of it around here.  When we get to the time of year when we were in Korea, I like to get out our pictures and remember what we were doing that week, but other than that we don't do much.  On the day when we brought dd home, she seems to like hearing the story of our long plane ride and paging through her lifebook.  It's just an excuse for a longer hug than usual....and a chance for dd to rub it in to ds that he hasn't flown across an ocean. ;)


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DD is now 8, nearly 9, which is taking us into new territory. A school mate came over yesterday and talked about getting a DS (hand held video game, I think) for her "Gotcha' Day". She's from China and wrote about adoption for a public display, by choice, as did DD. This is where I think our method of using multiple terms helps so DD can see similarities where they lie using Gotcha' Day, but we can maintain a more neutral stance for DD (Family Day) to allow for any eventual discussion about the sad parts.

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