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discharge or fluid?!

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discharge.. Okay so i know its normal.. ive had it during other pregnancies i get that its normal.. but i have ALOT... maybe normal too? thats y im posting.. i felt fine so i wanted to clean a bit.. started putting laundry away and did the dishes.. (i know thats not taking it easy.. but it needed to be done.. im hungry and had to do dishes first..) Well i get this air from my vagina like the other day and a gush.. and this time its not all clear and milky like it was the other day. (that sent me to L & D bc i was freaked.. they swabbed me and it came back showing it was amniotic fluid but their microscope test said it was not..) its totally white and milky.. which does make me feel like its more normal.. but there is just so much.. i took it outside in the sunlight (weird iknow..) and its not tinged any colors.. but now im either crampy or its all in my head.. I hate nooooot knowing if what i feel is norm.. UGH.. dont think im dumb of give me a hard time for asking.. but anyone else expierencing this?!



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If you are truly concerned, and as I told you in the your last thread, you need to get to a Dr that knows what they are doing. Get the AFI numbers. This could very well be pPROM of some degree...or just vaginal fluid.

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