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Food safety

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I've always been particular about food safety.  Nothing over the top, just making sure that my stuff is refrigerated properly after getting it home from the store and being conscious of use-by-dates.  I've always been like this, not just since I've been pregnant.  Maybe it comes from living in a hot climate? where things can go bad very quickly if they're not kept cool.


I don't leave milk out on the counter and I write the date I opened things such as yoghurt or cream.  And, I defrost meats in the fridge, not on the sink.


Why then, when I go to other people's houses, do I see them getting their bbq meats out of the freezer hours in advance and then leaving them to defrost on the countertop or getting a birthday cake from the market with fresh cream in the morning, and leaving it on the counter on a hot day and eating it for dessert?


Do I need to loosen up?

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I am the same way. I will hardly eat food other people make because of this reason. Just the thought of the way other people handle their food skeeves me out. shrug.gif

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I do that normally, so don't feel bad. Having worked food service, I'm aware of what is safe and what isn't. My BIL has worked at a grocery store for ages, so I learned what is okay past the date, and for how long. For example, a day or two for milk usually. Eggs, on the other hand, don't normally "expire". Since we keep them in the fridge in the US, they can be good for a year past the sell by date. We also have our own chickens, so I know my eggs are safer than store-bought as far as salmonella and other things go.

My husband on the other hand...eek. I have to tell him when to toss things. I won't eat at his parent's house unless they get takeout or get all fresh ingredients. They just plain don't do a clean out of their fridge. Ever. I used to do it if I was helping out over there, but I just don't trust it. Their fridge keeps going out, too. That means the majority of the condiments in there have been exposed to being in a warm fridge for several days. ICK!

I feel the need to be more aware of where we eat if we do eat out, as well. I won't eat at a place if the tables, chairs, or booths are greasy. Same goes for dust everywhere. If they aren't cleaning the dining room, they usually aren't cleaning the kitchen well enough.
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Totally DDC crashing but I saw the title and had to respond ;-).  My dh works in food safety, as in he is a microbiologist for one of the largest food corporations in the country.  I hardly ever get to eat out :-(

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Meh... I don't worry about this stuff much.  Expiration dates are usually WAY conservative to cover the seller's butts.  I can smell if milk or meat is starting to turn or see if something has mold.  If it seems fine in look/smell/taste, then it probably is.  I'm very strict about our food usage normally, so our fridge contents get used up, not left for months, so that helps.  DH is a biologist so he'd get on my case if I was doing something unhealthy, so I guess not stressing just works well for us.  :) 

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My husband, on the other hand, must consider himself an amateur biologist. By that, I mean that he likes to grow things in our spare fridge. It drives me CRAZY. I don't go in there often since it is just storage for things like extra lacto-fermented pickles and frozen goods. I'll ask him to clean the rotten squash out for example, only to come back a week later with it furrier than ever. He used to eat anything that wasn't furry, too. That is, until he ate egg salad that I told him was bad. An hour later he was puking his guts out, and hasn't done that since.
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I've always been the same way.  I think it was just a product of my environment.  My family always put food away quickly and followed good food safety practices.  I don't think being concerned is a bad thing, especially with food prepared for babies/children.   It doesn't stress me out though because it is just normal for me to thaw my meats in the fridge and not leave anything out on the counter for long.  I also have a digital thermometer that I stick in most things I cook, even reheated foods.  I mean, it only takes a couple of seconds - why not?

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I'm the same way. When I visited my family a few months ago, I was stunned to see my mom leaving all this stuff out on the counter overnight! I was running around cleaning up after her, lol. But then again, I also live in a hot climate and will get sick if I eat stuff that has been out too long on a normal day in Guatemala.

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I think food practices are mainly a cultural thing. My mom always thaws meat and seafood out in the sink all day to cook it for dinner. She has done it this way since I can remember and before that, too. I have never once had food poisoning in my life. Your digestive system is an integral part of your immune system, and keeping things sterile will weaken your stomach. That is why when a westerner drinks the water in another part of the world, they may get sick, whereas the population of that place drinks it all day long and does ok. Some bacteria is necessary. Your immune system needs a chance to deal with it. I read a New York Times article one time that talked about how important it was for young children to eat dirt, so that they can get bacteria and even worms in their gut. That is why nature made babies and toddlers so that they want to experience the world with their mouths. I am in the club that thinks moderation in everything is good and sterility is an extreme.

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