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First Pregnancy

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Hello to fellow women and mothers.  I am at 34 weeks pregnancy, first time potential mother :-) I occasionally visit mothering.com and decided to say Hi for the first time.  It is really wonderful to read such wide varieties of posts, and I am learning so much from this site. Thank you for offering such forum and opening the door for answers, especially so valuable for the first time motherhood experiences!

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Hi!  Welcome to MDC!!!


Wow, you're getting close.  For me, it was always hard once you got to about 34 weeks because it could be only 3 more weeks, or it could be 8 more weeks!


I hope you're finding comfortable places to hang out here.  Just in case you hadn't already seen it, I wanted to make sure you knew where the January 2012 Due Date Club is:



All the women who post there are due in January (or for some who know they go late--- December, or those who generally go early--- February).


Good luck and CONGRATS!!!

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Hi!  Welcome!  Hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes smooth as silk!



You have to tell me where your avatar picture is from.  Because it looks EXACTLY like a patch of woods near my home.  I call them "The Magic Woods" because it is this little forest preserve that comes out of nowhere in the middle of my little town and where the leaves in autumn are STUNNING.

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Hi. Thanks for the welcome.  Btw, the avatar is a photograph taken by my husband.  It is the patch of woods near his college. Its at Penn State York campus :-)))  It is beautiful :-)) 

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