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biting? sigh...

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So, she clamped her gums right on the nippie say a week or so ago. I thought, it must be a fluke. Nope, she does it when she is done at the end of nursing (read up and down on Kellymom about this)...two days ago (before all the reading and still in denial land) she got me by surprise (and hard) I let out a cry...ooooh man..freaked her out so bad she started crying - hard! So now I know not to react and just end the nursing. She does give me a VERY cute look afterwards tho..like "look what I can do now" kind.


anyone else?

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Only in his sleep so far. ><


Not looking forward to him doing it with full energy!

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I yelp LOUD when bitten!  Thankfully hasn't happened yet but it can be a teething sign.  Fun times.  Some mamas end the nursing session right then and there, to drive the message home that No Biting is Allowed.  I did that with DD, but she was much older (around 6-7 months).  It worked.  She only bit me like twice, and then never again (and that was with teeth!)

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Okay so seems like I should *try* and take care of this before the teeth shows up. My nipples are already just recovering from the other week (pumping like a banshee), I cannot let this linger.


last night, I ended the nursing as soon as she clenched and had a disappointed look on my face. The last time I did she got frustrated and just yelled a little (no crying just a loud AYAYAY). So I gave her my pinky to see what she would do...she chewed chewed chewed on it. 


I cannot find the tooth she must be working on. I am excited and scared.

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Just started this a few days ago and it sucks. DS has been having some teething signs, so I think it might just be because he likes the feel of it on his gums. I've been trying to pull/push him in closer when I think he's going to do it or stop the nursing session if I think he's done, but sometimes he's too quick for me! 

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Mirah has only bitten me once at the end of a nursing session so I just ended it there. I have noticed though that she loves to chew chew chew if I offer her a knuckle or pinky finger! And I think it's funny, so I've been doing it often. Can't feel any teeth in there. She is a drool machine but that's been the same for a month or so.

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Charlie chews fingers so hard that his father started refusing to offer his - it hurt ;) Weenie!

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I have been bitten at least half a dozen times in the past few days.  It gets old fast!  My last one was a biter ( who laughed at me every time he bit!) but it didn't start until he was 6-9 months old!  What to do, what to do?!

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pj's kellymom has a useful section on this, in case you have not seen it yet. The suggestion is (as Carrie mentioned earlier) quietly stop the feeding as soon as it happens. This is where my advice ends since that is all I have for right now. 


DD also looks at me gives me the most heartwarming smile when she does it. just that my heart does not stay warm long enough to make the hurting nippie ok. :-)


hopefully we can all resolve this before teeth come in.

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Rafe is teething.  It's a race to see which are coming in first, the two lowers or the upper incisors.  Both are working their way in simultaneously.  He bit me twice the other day.  The first time I yelped a bit because I was so not expecting it.  Both times he was trying to go poop.  It was odd, I unlatched him for a bit and then went back to nursing.   So far so good.

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oK, after that one night of stopping feeding when bitten, this is day two of no bites - can this be it? can it work this fast?


if so - I am impressed!!

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It can!! I hope it's over for you!

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Oh the biting is back and so much more horrible now that he has teeth.  It's happened at least 5 times today and is shocking each and every time and so so hard not to react.  He gets frustrated for whatever reason and clamps down so hard.  I try to watch him in anticipation but that makes our nursing sessions so much less enjoyable always anticipating the next chomp.  I stopped the session each time.  Tonight I had to pry him off twice with my fingers.  He cried both times but I'm giving him a break right now as I type.  If this keeps up, I don't know what I'm going to do because pretty soon there is going to be some damage.  My boobs can only take so much of that pain.  YIKES!  We better come to an agreement very soon.  I love my boy--hoping we work this out soon.  



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Becky, I am so sorry to hear that! I saw his teeth on your FB pic, and while I bet he is in some pain, he needs to ease up on his mama!

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Well after said incident the other night he bit me one more time.  I tried the other method of pulling him into my breast to cut off his air supply at his nose so that he'd open his mouth.  I don't know if I did it "too forcefully" or what but it scared him.  He cried like he's never cried before and there was no soothing him.  DH, me or the boob.  He wouldn't go back on the breast to soothe or anything.  He cried so hard he made himself puke.  It was awful.  I felt awful.  We took a warm shower (to relax and wash off puke) and he cried there too which he never does.  Then I started to cry because I felt so terrible.  I felt like I just ruined the best thing--our breastfeeding time together.  Well after the shower he was able to calm down and did go back to nursing praying.gif.  He really hasn't bitten me like that since.  He will attempt to chomp down but it's super light and doesn't even hurt.  I just look at him and tell him no and not to bite momma.  Hopefully it stays that way and he doesn't regress each time he gets new teeth.

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Oh my gosh Becky, I'm so sorry to hear how upset his was! Hopefully he grows out of his biting stage real soon!

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ooh Becky, that sounds like a scary time both for him and you mama! Sofie cried her little eyes out when I reacted when she clamped hard about a week ago, and it is sooo sad to see them scared and crying. I am so happy he is back to nursing and have not been biting.

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Yes, I was worried.  I go to church with a gal who cried out the first time she was bitten by her DD.  Baby refused to nurse from that point on and had to go onto a bottle.  I know that is a bit extreme but that was definitely in my thoughts.  It's been going well since then so I think he's moved past it.  I'm just hoping this isn't something we have to go through each time he cuts new teeth.  Praying for smooth sailing from here on out.


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I'm so sorry! I'm glad you guys made up.

And hopefully he continues the gentleness :)

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