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CIO poem

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I'm looking for a CIO poem I read a while back either in a Mothering magazine, or a blog, I just can't remember. It was from the baby's perspective, talking in first person about how her mom wasn't picking her up anymore when crying, etc.

Would anyone know what poem I'm talking about?


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I do know what you're talking about!  But a cursory search of the site didn't yield anything.  Maybe someone else will be more resourceful.

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Thanks. It was so well written, and brought tears to my eyes at the time... I really wish someone can remember...

Thank you.

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I never saw the poem, so I have no idea if this is it... but it sounds similar. It sure brought tears to my eyes! I don't know who it's by, I found it on another site. 



With these four walls around me
they do not breathe with life
they do not hold me tight
they do not hush me softly
and warm me through the night
With these four walls around me
I lie all alone
I try to find you, try to call you
but still you do not come
I scream to cut the silence
Can't you hear me?
Can't you see me?
...nothing... no warm embrace
no swaying pace
where are you?
With these four walls around me
I withdraw, I recede
I let exhaustion take me
into a lonely sleep
This is not peace
This is not peace

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