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Hands Off OB (does one exist)?

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Well, my other two babies were home births.


Having a bit of trouble this time around with finding a midwife.  My home birth midwife was forced out of practice - at least temporarily.


I really really want another home birth, however, my choices are very limited.


I am trying to do my due diligence here.  I'm looking for someone who doesn't view pregnancy as a sickness needing to be treated.  I would get along with someone who views a healthy pregnancy as a gift - that should be left in peace and harmony.




I don't want to fight.


Edited to say that I live in Montgomery County MD.  Not sure about traveling hours while in labor, but might consider it for the right person.

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Are you looking for a different home birth midwife or specifically an OB?


If you're interested in home birth or birth centers, have you looked through the Birth Options Alliance list yet? Here is a link: http://www.birthoptionsalliance.org/MidwifeList.pdf


For a hospital birth, I would suggest looking into the Wisdom Midwifery practice at George Washington University Hospital. Even some of the OB's at GWU are supportive of natural birth (if you're specifically looking for an OB) and the hospital policies have been influenced by the strong presence of the midwives there. There are also CNMs that work out of Shady Grove, Washington Hospital Center, PG Hospital, and probably a few others too.


Hope that helps!



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Ideally I would like a midwife, but that's seeming to be difficult.  I'm visiting my only choice tomorrow (not that it's not a good choice).  Don't know.  I still don't know how insurance is going to work, so that's sort of scary.


Not sure how to find a midwife who is underground, to maybe just attend the birth, if I got my prenatals another way.  Not sure that's even an option.  Probably couldn't find her anyway.  It's not like you can google underground midwives.


Another option I thought of was trying to find an ob or midwife group attached to a hospital, but I'm very wary bout that.  Not sure why.  My gut says no.  It's really hard going the other way.  i've had two really beautiful homebirths.  It's hard thinking about going back to the medical establishment.  As I look at these websites, it's of no comfort to me when I read, you have access to state of the art equipment, Neonatal ICU unit - and so on and so forth.


To me, it's just scary.

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PM'ing you.

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Thanks guys.  I'm almost thinking the midwife is a lost cause.  I've called everybody on this list, and they don't come to me.


It's amazing.  They say they serve Montgomery County, and I am part of Montgomery county - yet it's too far.


Birthcare is full for my due date month.  I am on the waiting list, but they won't see me until they have an opening.


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Have you checked with Special Beginnings or Bay Area Midwifery?  Both are birth centers, I know the drive isn't great, but I drove the 40+ minutes there last time to avoid the hospital environment.   I understand the struggle, I am in a similar boat, though I still have a few months to figure it out.  

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I think Shady Grove may be your best option if you can't do home birth - http://www.midwiferycareassociates.com/physicians.html

I know how awful it is and I pray we can pass the legislation to legalize midwives in MD...


Also see: http://trustbirth.com/about.html

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You could try the DC Family Health and Birth Center, if you're close enough in that it would make sense to go there?

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Good luck in your search :)

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Riverside midwives might come to you from WV nz
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