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I'm going to be on both for the time being. Thanks for setting this up. Looks like I missed all the thread drama while I was on vacation.

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Hi!  I will try to be more active here.  I definitely have been feeling wary on MDC because of trolls.

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I was wondering why the board was so slow lately...I just realized we moved!

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saudade- glad you found it! i was wondering where you were....

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I uploaded a mosaic of all our avatar pictures. Can anyone else see it? I was hoping to make a candidate for our group's photo. 

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Rosie, I can see it but it is so small I can't really tell what it is, besides a nice abstract pattern. (I have old eyes, so maybe someone else will chime in :)


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what rubyjune said. but i like the idea. can the pics be arranged into a quilt type pattern maybe?

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Oh, by "can you see it" I was questioning whether it showed up for anyone else at all! :) The first one was based off of a tree, the second wasn't based off anything. I would need a very multi-colored but not too detailed background pic to try to make something discernable while getting all of us in there. 

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Oh, it was a tree... My 11 yo said it was but my eyes are too old i guess. lol.

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