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no naps

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So, it looks liked Ive given birth  to another no-napping child!!! I have friends whose children nap for hours - even at 4 yrs old.  Am I doing something "wrong"?   Pediatrician said not to worry - my only "worry" is I get nothing done at all and the house will fall apart!!!

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Just wanted to send hugs hug2.gif


My boys both nap, DS1 is down to just 1 nap most days, and DS2 is beginning to get into a regular 3 nap routine, but some days they tag team so there is always someone awake and needing me constantly. Those are days where I feel like nothing gets done, and I'm still trying to unpack a month after moving into this house.


I don't think you've done anything wrong. Some children are born good sleepers and some are not.


I do know that both my boys have a harder time napping when they get too tired. DS2 also sometimes needs to be held and rocked to get to sleep and some days that same thing keeps him from sleeping, and I have to just put him down in his bassinet while he is awake. I've also noticed for my boys that when they have gotten overtired and they cry from exhaustion that they both will only go to sleep if I lay them down and leave them be. They both will usually cry for a minute or two then go to sleep. If I hold them they will keep waking back up and keep crying. But this is what works for my boys and I know other people's babies will be different. I also have boys that need lots of sleep, which is different for different children too.


I think the main thing is to just figure out what works and what the needs are for your children and go with that. As for house work, it'll still be there when your LO's are older, you'll never get these early days back, so try not to stress too much about chores and just enjoy all the time you get to enjoy with your LO's.

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no worries there - my chores are minimal at best :)- Im so much more about getting outdoors and spending time with my daughter - and son.  


My daughter was not a napper but has slept through the night - a good 12 hr stretch- since 1 yrs old - and still does at 4 1/2 almost 5.  My son has been sleeping really well at night as well - there's so much activity and noise with a big sister but even on quiet days he just dozes and is up again.

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If they sleep that long at night I wouldn't be concerned about naps too much. Some babies only need about 12 hours of sleep, and the benefit of them getting it all at night is that you get a good sleep at night too.


It is so easy to compare babies, but they really are so different. Mine are the opposite in that they love to sleep and both take naps easily. Unfortunately I also have problems getting out for walks as it requires them to be awake at the same time. We do however have a covered & screened patio at the back of our new home, and living in South Florida this has become our playroom for DS1, so we do technically get outside everyday, just not always for a walk.

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that sounds really nice - we have the same setup but live in NH and can only use it three seasons - winter requires some coordination to get out!

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I just posted this( http://www.babble.com/baby/baby-sleep-solution/no-sleep-experts/ )on FB too but it makes sense



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