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Help! Newborn sinus infection?

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My 2 week dd is sick! She is my first so I'm worrying myself crazy. I have no idea what to do for her since she is so little. She has a very blocked up nose, is puffy around her eyes and nose, hasn't had a fever-but is sweating a lot at night, and is really cranky and fussy all the time. I'm thinking it's a sinus infection because the boogers look kind of dark yellow/green when I look up her nose.
So far we have tried saline drops and the blue bulb thing, and sitting in the bathroom with the shower on hot. Also I bought a humidifier yesterday, but I didn't notice any change in her this morning. We tipped our bed up so that our heads are tilted slightly up.
I know that taking things like vitamin C and eccinacea will go through your breastmilk and get to the baby. What about garlic (I heard that it will give the baby gas though)? Is goldenseal safe? Will my eating dairy cause dd to get more congested?
I would love any suggestions on other things I can do for her. Thanks!
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Hi Ishta
You poor thing, I really hope your baby improves quickly. Garlic is great through breastmilk and both mine had massive doses through my milk without problems (onlly cabbage gave them wind). You could also try a weak grapefruit seed solution (one drop in a cup of boiled cooled water and with a dropper up her nose.
I'd really reccomend you see a cranial osteopath though because there could be some compression in the facial bones which is making it hard to clear up.
Good luck!
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I would get off dairy for sure. Dairy is a major culprit to colds and sinus infections.

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Have you tried Grapefruit Seed Extract. I hear it is really good for sinus stuff. I am sure a healthfood store would carry it but if now this is where I get mine. www.diannecraft.org She has other great info on her site too.

Good Luck
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